1964 CSS HPP 426W
This is a near perfect example of a Custom Sport Special with the High Performance Package. This CSS came with bucket seats, console, heavy duty gauge package, full width rear window, racing stripes, and the High Performance Package consisting of the 426 cu in street wedge, torque rods, dual exhaust and push button transmission. A good web site for general information on dodge trucks is the 61-71 dodge truck web site.
This truck is located in the Walter P. Chrysler museum.
Heavy duty gauge package includes tachometer, oil pressure, water temp, amps and speedo.
426 Street wedge.
All photos by Andy Mikonis © used with permission.
This is the data plate and SERT sticker located on the driver's side door jam.

SERT is an acronym for Special Equipment Release Truck
and if any special equipment was put on a truck dodge would
affix this sticker to aid in replacement parts ordering.

The SERT sticker is a reliable way of authenticating the validity
of a truck and its equipment from this year truck.
For reasons of maintianing the originality of these truck SERT part numbers
are withheld to discourage piracy of non original CSS trucks.

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