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Elvis is one of the most widely, if not THE most widely, discussed entertainer on the Internet -- a mirror of his tremendous, pervasive, and global influence that extends far beyond the boundaries of any musical form. The following are but a mere sampling of some of the Elvis sites that capture part of the continuing magic that is the legacy of Elvis Presley's life...

Elvis Presley's Graceland
...the "official" Web presence, via Elvis' burgeoning Estate (not that Elvis would necessarily approve of some of the Estate's profit-driven actions and philosophies, perhaps exemplified by an ex-wife who runs the show but who cultivates the appearance of one who couldn't care less about the man who was at its center...you might want to read her telling of her life with Elvis and a book called "Child Bride" for more on that and judge for yourself where the truth lies)

Apache Elvis
...one of the best of the best, including great photos and RealAudio

Elvis Presley Superstar
...includes RealAudio and RealVideo

The King's Realm
...another excellent site with multimedia resources

The Canuck's Elvis Pages
...some of my most favorite pages -- he includes a collection showing Elvis' "sartorial splendor" for the jumpsuit junkies among us.

Silvester's Elvis Pages
...another superb site for photos of Elvis and his stage and off-stage threads -- one of the very best out there.

Elvis Presley In Concert
...lots of concert information, including thousands of photographs, reviews, and much more from the '70s

Memories of Elvis Presley
...includes some MP3 sound files, a concert database, and lots of other good stuff (one of the very best of the best, is this site)

Elvis A Presley -- Reviewed
...an excellent site with studio and concert information and RealAudio clips -- my frequent jumping-off point for other sites, too

Flaming Star
...excellent pages from the official Norwegian fan club (great photos, too)

Elvis Information Network
...a great fan-club and RCA-BMG site from Australia

Jordan's Elvis World
...includes extensive RealAudio resources and LOTS more -- one of the best around and now better than ever, following an extensive redesign.

If I Can Dream: Elvis-The-King.com
...truly excellent site with lots of information and RealAudio

Lex' Elvis Pages
...another classic site that now includes RealAudio

For Elvis CD Collectors Only
...another one of the very best from Willem Kaauw

Master and Session
...an excellent source of recording session information, still under construction as it's refined and added to all the time; this is one of the best Elvis-related resources on the Web and lots of hard work has gone into it

First German Elvis Pages
...with photos and information on records and sessions as well as RealAudio video and audio samples (including a complete live concerts from 1970, 1972, 1974, 1975, and 1976).

...from the person who brought us the popular, RealAudio-laden, and now-defunct "Keep Him In Mind" Web site comes a new one, a work in progress dedicated to telling Elvis' story

The Elvis Presley Kingdom
...photos, sounds, and lots more

The King
...nice RealAudio files from the '70s

Paul's Elvis Page
...includes links to tons of Elvis photos, including some that he has collected

Elvis World Japan,
...pages from from Haruo Hirose that have up-to-date news and an awful lot of excellent information about Elvis.

Steamrollin' Over Finland
...another version here

Sami's Elvis RealAudio site
...I haven't been able to find this site lately, but this works (actually, more recently, THIS works -- try 'em all!)

Always Elvis
...in German, but a very nice site even for those of us who don't read the language.

From Memphis To Germany
...another very nicely-done German site, complete with lots of multimedia resources

Elvis Line
...another nice one from Argentina

Patrick's Page
...what is it with these Germans? As with the above, this page has photos, audio, and more

Mr Misery
...rounding out our little pocket of German sites with another very nice entry, albeit with a less-than-happy title

How Great Thou Art
...another page with some excellent Elvis RealAudio

Per's Elvissida
...not in English, but you'll probably get the gist of it all

Profile of the King
...a fairly new site that includes lots of pictures, RealAudio, etc

The Rehearsals
...dedicated to Elvis' excelent July and August, 1970 rehearsals

The Elvis Tapes
...lots of great live and studio information and sources here.

The Las Vegas Years
...a spectacularly well-done site

Elvis In Hawaii
...very nice site that focuses on Elvis' extensive Hawaiian connection

Elvis Presley News
...lots of very interesting items here

The Girls' Guide to Elvis
...some great information and photos, not just for females!

Elvis Net
...this Internet-based Fan Club has some great officers, members, and always a lot of stimulating topics of discussion (it's also home of the superlative Elvis FAQ, still in progress).

...set up by the Motion Picture and Television Fund, one of hundreds of organizations (and individuals) that benefited from Elvis' generosity and still receive residuals from some of his movies -- the focus of this site is on the great 1970 documentary, "Elvis -- That's The Way It Is"

Elvis Presley Virtual Database
...includes more multimedia resources and lots of other good stuff

...a great resource to browse through -- all the latest news and views

Solid Gold Elvis
...lots of CD information, etc

Elvis Rocks

Elvis Remembered Fan Club
...British club page that's loaded well with information

Elvis in Astrodome
...a Brazilian fan-club page that also includes photos of Elvis' 1970 and 1974 Houston appearances

Elvis is in Istanbul now
...excellent pages from the Turkish fan club (includes multimedia resources)

ELVIS - The Concert Years
...informative site focusing on live performances 1969-1977

December 27-31, 1976
...information about Elvis' last tour of 1976, less than eight months before his death and arguably one of the highlights of his concert career

Elvis for Everyone

Elvis Online
...in German -- lots of broken parts last time I checked but worth a look if it's up and running again

The First Russian Elvis Site
...a nice one, too, that includes a weekly picture

My Elvis Presley Photo Gallery
...a very nice site from by Maria Columbus, fan club president from way back (unfortunately, she seems to have bought into the "fake-Lisa-Marie" thing -- great Elvis photos, though!)

Elvis For Everyone

The 1968 TV Special
...an excellent web site devoted to what may be some of Elvis' all-time most perfect performances

Joni Mabe
...Elvis artist from North Georgia who's got quite a collection.

Elvis Lives In Evil Levis
...this very nice site has a lot of interesting things about Elvis in the '50s, as well as photos and links to other Elvis sites.

Elvis Presley -- The Early Years

CYBERCLOUD.COM presents Elvis Presley...a 1957 interview from Vacouver, Canada

Elvis Presley: Rare RealVideo

The Elvis Home Page
...this was the big one on the Web -- updated frequently, it has a lot of stuff about Elvis and a lot of links to Elvis and related web pages, including this one with celebrities' quotes about Elvis.

ELVIS is still #1
...a tribute page with nice photos from Graceland

Elvis Presley's CDs

ELVIS - The King

Worldwide Elvis
...this site includes interviews with Ernst Jorgensen, charged with much of the cataloging and release work at RCA-BMG over the past few years.

Elvis Collectibles On The Net
...its name says it all!

The Day Elvis met Nixon
...a site from the US National Archives and Records Administration that documents in great detail one of the outright strangest episodes in Elvis' life

FBI Documents Regarding Elvis Presley

Elvis is still the King
...lots of tapes, CDs, and information

The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Denmark
...also known as Elvis Unlimited -- their new pages are nice and they have the officially-sanctioned FTD Collectors' Label CDs at a fair price

Essential Elvis (UK) fan club

...loaded with links upon links.


Sattnin -- For the Love of Presley
...also has a lot of info on Lisa Marie

Rags To Riches

James J. Curtin Archives -- "THE ELVIS EMPIRE"

Elvis and Joe Esposito

The Elvis Presley Diary
...trying to piece together what Elvis was doing on any given day

If You Looking For Elvis
...great Danish site

...an Elvis search engine!

GoMemphis.com -- GoElvis
...from the archives of Memphis' own The Commercial Appeal

Elvis 4Ever

Tributo a Elvis
...in Spanish

The Elvis Presley Site

Tiger-Man Elvis

Elvis -- The Legend Continues

John Wilkinson Website
...dedicated to the man who played rhythm guitar for Elvis from 1969 to 1977

J.D. Sumner and Elvis Presley -- Music Legends
...the late gospel singer JD Sumner, "lowest bass singer in the world," befriended the adolescent Elvis and sang backing vocals for him from 1971 to 1977

The Sweet Inspirations
...who provided female backup vocals for Elvis from 1969 to 1977

The Official Kathy Westmoreland site
...Kathy did soprano backing vocals on stage for Elvis from 1970 to 1977

Why Elvis Matters
...good reading and listening

Elvis In Print

Elvis lyrics
...Elvis had a patented way of mutilating a lyric, such that it's sometimes surprising -- upon reading the sheet music -- to see just how far our perception of what Elvis sang can be from the reality. See how far you were off by checking these lyrics to some of Elvis' songs, courtesy of Lex Raaphorst's impressive lyrics collection.

Elvis: Electrifying!
...guitar chords

Bringin' It Back -- The Elvis Presley E-Zine
...has some excellent articles and other resources

Elvis Specialties
...selling the rare, unusual, and expensive (and not-so-expensive, as well)

B & K Enterprises
...if you've got a few thousand, pick up an authentic Elvis jumpsuit from these guys (made of the same material and to the same specifications as the ones ordered by Elvis) and if you've got any cash left over, get one for me (please)

Elvis sightings
...there are many who claim Elvis is still physically alive. Although the possibility is always there, much of the attendant emotion is more religious than anything else. Many claim a resurrection based on alleged sightings of Elvis since his 'alleged' 1977 death

Hot Wacks Bootleg Guide Books

Speaking in Tongues: Dead Elvis and the Greil Quest
...one of many scholarly treatises on who Elvis really was, though I'm not sure Elvis would ever have identified himself as a "post-Protestant Dionysian god" in denial.

All Shook Up -- The Movie
...weirdness in Florida!

Elvis Aron Presley and the Universe
...Elvis is (allegedly, that is) channeled

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