So why's he still here?


Herbert? Who's Herbert?
Why is Herbert your god?
So what did Herbert do?
So why's he still here?
Goristavistania? Never heard of it.
So what went wrong, exactly?
So what happened? Get on with it man!
Is that all?
What do you mean?
Ah. Well then. Aren't you special.
My Report on Herbertism
The Bible of Herbertism
The Annual Herbert Congregation!!!

Here's where it gets complicated. Because of our blasphemy, Herbert had to be born on Earth to be able to visit us and make right of the world. He found a host in a large rubber duck hat named Mrs. Herbert. To keep his onmipotence, he had to keep a magical head feather on him at all times. As long as he had it with him, he could leave Earth at any time. But something went horribly wrong. It all started in the country of Goristavistania.