Special Edition
August 20, 1999

American Airlines Slams Flight Sim Community

On Wednesday, the Flight Sim community was stunned by the announcement from American Airlines that no longer would it permit the use of its logos and trademarks on aircraft designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The reason behind this move was because American had sold the exclusive rights to its logo to a commercial software manufacturer, rumored to be Papa Tango. As a result of this sale, many prominent Flight Sim sites such as Flightsim.com and Microwings.com were ordered to remove all American Airlines and American Eagle aircraft from their sites. American Virtual Airlines, a VA based on the real airline, was ordered to cease operations.

The reaction to American's move has been swift and severe throughout the Flight Sim community. If the hundreds of posts at such places as the rec.aviation.simulators newsgroup and the Project Freeware Forum are any indication, the majority of Flight Sim fans are appalled at this act of what amounts to - in the words of many posters - "corporate greed." Many Flight Simmers are calling for an outright boycott of American Airlines and the rumored software company that purchased the rights - Papa Tango.

Apparently, the whole situation has caught American off-guard. The AVSIM Online Newsletter has been investigating the whole situation, and the details can be forund here

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The Flying Colors Special Edition - August 16, 1999
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