Slavery in the United States

Chapter 1

Slavery is as old as mankind.

It started before recorded history. Slavery as we know it was and is controlled by the Arabs. They are the slave traders of the world. Slavery to the new world started in 1502. First the Portuguese ships. Then the Spanish, followed by the French. After the English controlled the seas they took over the trade. Slave trade was centered in the Caribbean. Slaves were brought to markets in the Caribbean and sold to buyers. Most of them went to South America. The percentages were as follows. Brazil received 41%, Spanish American Empire 47%, Dutch, Swedish, and Danish 5%. United States less than 7% or from 600,000 to 650,000 slaves. Records show that 9,900,000 slaves were sent to the new world. The United States received very few of the total only 600,000 to 650,000.

Chapter 2

Slave Survival

Survival rate of slaves was very poor except in the United States. Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, and the Caribbean required constant replacement. In the United States slaves flourished due to good food and living conditions. By 1825 the slave population was 1,750,000 in the U.S.A. almost all American born. The first African slaves came to the English colonies now the U.S.A. in 1619 they numbered only twenty. At that time there were thousands of slaves in the colonies, but they were white. They became free in 1776. American born slaves much in demand; they had better strength, better health, and spoke a common language. The African slave came from so many places they could not talk to anyone as they all spoke a different language. Most African slaves came from near the coast. It was too difficult to go inland for them as transportation was not good. Slaves were sold to the traders by the tribal chieftains some were captives taken in raids. The slave traders did not capture slaves as it was far easier to buy them from the tribe leaders. Most slave ships carried 50 to 100 slaves. Some newer ships could carry more. There is one recorded incident of slaves thrown overboard. It was by an English sea captain that failed to provide enough food and water. They ran out of water and the slaves started to die. The cargo was insured but not for starvation. To cover his loss the captain threw the cargo overboard. A total of 132 slaves. That is the only one on record. There was some illegal slaving after it was outlawed. In most slave communities the living conditions were better than those of the factory worker in the north. The slaves food was also better. In general the slave's owners took very good care of their people. A sick or hurt slave was nonproductive. They watched over them quite well. In slave communities there was no tight family. The mothers were the care takers without a father's help. The men were notoriously promiscuous. Rape was almost unknown; perhaps because the women were very submissive. Women were willing participants in sexual activity. The average woman had 8 children during her child bearing years. Often by several fathers. In some it was a source of pride to have a white man's child. About 10% of the slaves were household slaves. Some of those had a family unit.
Slavery ended in the U.S.A.
Pennsylvania in 1776
New York in 1789
All states in 1865
Slavery ended in Mexico in 1829 
Cuba in 1886 
Brazil in 1888
When the emancipation was passed there were 4,000,000 slaves altogether in the United States in 1865. No slaves had been brought to the United States since 1808. You would think that after 389 years they would all be Americans. They have had 132 years of freedom. How can they still be Africans with so little African Blood. I guess it is their choice to be called Africans. I would rather be just American.

Chapter 3

After the Civil War

After the Civil War ended most of the slaves returned to the land where they had been slaves. However the South had been devastated by the war. The scorched earth policy of Sherman left little behind. The crops and livestock gone. The livestock stolen. The buildings burned. When the owner's that were left returned they had nothing. The slaves wanted to stay but there was no food. It was a hard time for all. After Lincoln's assassination the Washington policy became one of punishment for the South. The carpet baggers had Washington support. The law was military. The local property owner's received no support from the local government. Most former slaves remained loyal to the south. As in all people there were some lawless former slaves. These activists did harm to all blacks. The inability of the people to get protection from the law caused the formation of the K.K.K..

Chapter 4


The K.K.K. was formed to stop looting, pillaging, and rape. In the early stages it did much good. Later the K.K.K. became controlled by a element no better than the ones that caused the formation. The carpet baggers raped the South. They devastated both black and white. If Washington had helped the South it would be far different today. The carpet baggers with the help of Washington stole the land. If it had been divided among the former slaves they could have remained people of the land. Land is the true wealth of any country. After a 132 years the harm of the carpet baggers remains.

Chapter 5


We must learn from the immigrants that came to our shores. The United States of America is the greatest country on earth. Millions of people are trying to become American citizens. When they arrive here in ten years they are wealthy. It is easy to do if you work and sacrifice to obtain your goals. Forget false leaders they only want power for themselves. Pick heroes. The people that achieve greatness have a education not a degree. George Washington Carver, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and William Gates, Microsoft net worth 20 billion dollars. Larry Ellison, Oracle Corp net worth 7 billion dollars. All of the above had little schooling and were dropouts. They did have an education a self education. Forget talk shows or movies the entertainment industry is over crowded. Forget basketball, football, baseball, and other professional sports. The odds on winning the lottery are better than those of becoming a top sports figure. Start at any job you like and learn all you can. Start your own business or rise to the top of the one you choose. To do this you must be the best. Remember you are not African if you were you would be living in a mud hut. You are American a mixture of African, Asian, and European blood as we are all mixed. We need each other to keep this country great. This is the land of opportunity for all. What is needed in the U.S.A.. We need craftsmen. Learn a trade a good carpenter, plumber, or mechanic making $50,000 a year is worth twenty basketball, football, or baseball players or other such people. We hear about celebrities giving to African American causes. There should be no African American causes only American causes. Discrimination has reversed in the last forty years. It hurts all. The right to be an American should be earned. Demanding a priority because of ethnic origin is against the principles of freedom that made this country great. If the same amount of energy was put into learning a trade as is put into playing basketball you could earn $50,000 a year and be a credit to all.

Chapter 6

Our Education Systems.

No child should pass the 6th grade without learning to read, write, spell, and do simple math. Why do we have high school graduates that cannot do these things. No child should leave the 9th grade without learning American history and world events and be able to read at a college level. Be able to do math and start to prepare for their long term goals. No child should leave the 12th grade without being prepared to enter a trade school or engineering school or be prepared for college. College is not for every one. Examples Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Ellison (Oracle Corp), Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and so very many more. Education is more important than any college degree. If you chose a trade learn it well be a craftsman. If you decide to climb the corporate ladder be prepared to keep your nose the proper shade of brown and an eye on the ones yapping at your heals. It is seldom the best that reach the top. The best remain in the ranks or start their own company depending on their own ambition. Can you imagine any one speaking Ebonics going any where in this world. Be American, Ebonics is the language of ignorance. To remain ignorant when you have the opportunity to learn is stupid.

Chapter 7

Starting From Nothing

If you are on welfare or other public assistance. Do keep yourself and your house clean. It does not take money to clean your home and surroundings. Read and learn so you well be prepared to enter the work force and become independent. You do not need television or alcohol or drugs they are no help. If in public subordinated housing report any one doing graffiti vandalism or drugs. Report gang activity and unlawful acts. Make your neighborhood safe. When you can get a job support yourself. If you have a family and are the head of the household. Teach them to be self sufficient. When they are old enough make them get a job and contribute to the home support. You can go to school and still work; be a credit to yourself. It takes a mother and father to raise a child. Examples to start getting ahead. Father's labor $11.00, Mother's house-cleaning or other $8.00 hour, 3 children fast food or other minimum wage position $5.00 x 3. Weekly income $1,160.00. Yearly income $68,000 (sixty eight thousand dollars). This is easily enough to buy a home or land or farm. From here you can only go up if you work together.

Chapter 8

What is Wrong

To see what is wrong you only have to look at cities where the so called African Americans have taken control. Washington D.C. is bankrupt with the highest crime rate in the U.S.A.. This is not good. Detroit Michigan perhaps the finest city in the U.S.A./ Beautiful location, fine buildings, part of the Great Lakes. When I was young the best place in the world to live. During World War II the African Americans started to take over. This continued so the good people were pushed out. Property values plunged. Taxes went sky high. People just left there homes and moved. Detroit became the murder capital of the U.S.A.. Buildings were vandalized and had to be demolished. Detroit became bankrupt. It has many acres of vacant land that were once beautiful homes. The city now owns this land it earns no income and no one will buy it as it is not a safe place to live. To correct this we must all become Americans. It has to start at home. Eighty percent of the alleged African American are good law abiding people. They must stop the bad element; not support them or excuse them. Thirty percent of the black males have a felony record. It must stop before any progress can be made.

Chapter 9


Discrimination is a major cause of the problem. It must stop. When discrimination stops it will be safe to walk in any ;neighborhood day or night. We must try to understand one another. If you think the government owes you a living you are wrong. No matter how hard an American slave's life was the pioneers had it much harder. In the early years whole towns disappeared during the winter. Thousands of pioneers and gold seekers died trying to reach a better life. In the Utah Territory a whole wagon train was slaughtered by the Mormons just to get their possessions. They were innocent victims. The American Indians also received similar treatment by the settlers and the army. The pioneers did make this country. It is up to you to do your share. After 132 years of freedom you cannot blame anyone except yourself for failure. If O.J. had been a male white Caucasian the DNA alone would have convicted him. To support such a man is wrong. When he had it all, he did not support you. It is time to become American! 

Chapter 10

What you should do.

You should thank your tribal leaders that sold you into slavery because you had the good fortune to become Americans. The envy of the whole world! Do not deny history. The songs and history of the South tell of a life to be remembered. As a youth I would walk at night to the colored church a few blocks from my home just to hear them sing. The beautiful voices and songs will always be remembered. Do not deny the songs of Steven Foster they tell of a life long gone; but not forgotten. Do not deny the black faced actors it was a form of envy. We need to remember actors like Hattie Mac Daniel and Stepen Fetchet they speak of life. Rodchester was a class act and hard to follow. It was not racism it was good. Be or become a proud American. Do become colorblind. All colors are good if you let them be.

Chapter 11


Some people will nit-pick anything. Their were exceptions to the general theme of events. The standard punishment for slaves was a whipping. At that time it was also the standard punishment for minor crimes in the whole country regardless of race. Flogging was standard on all ships at sea for disobedience. Hanging was standard punishment for major crimes. In all of the new world. That's the way it was. As in all things some slaves were mistreated but not as a rule. The picture portrayed in books; as like all pulp fiction is with a very little truth. At the time of the Civil War slavery was no longer economically feasible. It was over and could have died a natural death without the war. The war will always be a black mark on our history. When all minority areas are clean; no vandalism or graffiti and safe to walk in day or night; there will be no discrimination. Poverty is no excuse for filth. It does not take money to clean your environment; only the desire to want a better life. Law enforcement cannot stop drugs. Only the home can stop it and mothers should can stop it and mothers should not tolerate any family member or neighbor using drugs. I favor the death penalty for all drug pushers regardless of age. Only death will stop drug dealers there is too much money involved. During the depression of the Thirties people still kept their environment clean. It is time to clean up our act; become a assets to your race. Only you can improve you. Not government or laws. If the mothers continue to tell their children that they are discriminated against they will be. They will extrude mistrust of all whites and they'll receive mistrust in return. This will be the mother's fault. Anyone can make it in the U.S.A. if they try. This is never easy. Marches and following false leaders had done much harm. You as a person must earn your way; if you don't things will only get worse. Welfare always hurts if you are able-bodied. You need a hand up not a handout. As Saint Peter said give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life. Learn a trade. Be a father to your children; support them and teach them to be all supporting. Keep your environment clean and safe. You owe the U.S.A. pay your way.


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