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Soft Maple Design BellStrips


     As a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, Mary Ellen Tyner spent 17 years in the industry designing skiwear in Colorado and Montreal and also drafting commercial manufacturing patterns. Since founding Soft Maple Design in 1987, she has specialized in creating UltraSuede® wardrobes for private clients across the country.

     After designing a BellStrip as a gift for her mom, Mary Ellen began to receive requests for similar items. With the help of her entire family, the Holiday Series exapanded into other lines, including the Racing Rubber Series envisioned by her son, Andrew. Her dad, Jim, builds the tradeshow displays, daughter Erin assists with computer work when home from college, and mom Isabel does a lot of everything! Brother Tom, an industrial designer, is a consultant and sister Eileen is the West Coast representative.

     The staff expanded in 2000 with Erika, who is invaluable! A graduate of Bryant & Stratton Business Institute and an office professional for over 7 years, she brings with her a background of knowledge in computers and desktop publishing. As an executive assistant, she keeps the paperwork and technology flowing.

     The Soft Maple team also includes Chris, graphic design; Sue, motif design; and Gail, VP of numbers.

     Soft Maple Design is characterized by a recognition of customer individuality and a commitment to quality. The business has a solid reputation in design and offers unique and distinctive products.

UltraSuede® BellStrips are the ultimate gift!

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