It shouldn't really be any doubts about the quality of this band or their debut album "Nordavind". What can really go wrong when Satyr of Satyricon and Fenriz of Darkthrone share their musical powers, and on top of that we have Kari's voice? Nothing... These questions were answered by Satyr in March.

When did the idea about Storm start?
-The idea came one or two years ago. I wanted this most unusual project to come true. I wanted to have Fenriz in it too because I knew he was really into Norwegian folk music. Later I found a pity little girl with the name kari Rueslåtten, though she had a beautiful voice.

Your debut album "Nordavind" was released in February. how has the reactions been from abroad?
-No reactions from abroad except the man from Malicious rec. who loved it. It's really too early to say anything. I'm waiting.

And how has the reactions been in Norway?
-The reactions has been very good, and we have got a lot press coverage. The lefties do of course hate us since we hail our nation. Storm is intelligent, grim music for intelligent Norwegian citizens and everybody else who has some interrest in Norway and this type of music. If we were a bit more simplistic and pathetic I guess the rock scene in Trondheim would love us, hah!

And what about the Norwegian music press? -It's a bit early to say anything. The 3rd and the mortal fan from the Norwegian christian music paper "puls" (ko)Mode Steinkjer has attempted to drag me and Fenriz down in the mud. If I become dictator in Norway one misty morning, people like him will be the first to die.

Is Storm only going to release this album or will you go on?
-April sees the release of an EP. One new song, one from the album and probably two special mixes. This piece of art will be released on digipack with a beautiful sleev. Support rare releases!

 Is it important for you to distance Storm from Black Metal?
-Yes it is. I do not wish to distance Storm from Black Metal listeners by any means, but the music is not black metal. Neither is it Nazi rock as some lefties have accused us of being due to their lack of knowledge. Storm is not a political. It is Norwegian atmospheres, back to the roots of this country. Heathenish, Antichristian, National romantic lyrics.

Could we find any Black Metal elements in "Nordawind"?
-Yes, I guess you do. Comes natural when me and Fenriz have our backgrounds in the art of the night, Black Metal.

 Storm started out being only Satyr & Fenriz. Then you became a trio when Kari joined. Why did you want her to be a full member of Storm?
-Well, I could have made this a hell of a long story but I won't. I wanted Kari to join because she's very talented musician. She was very dedicated to the concept, and she also wrote some of the lyrics for "Nordawind". She got the advance tape in November 94 and told me and Fenriz all the time that she was extremely satisfied. In the end of January she got the CD from me two weeks before it was released here in Norway. She said that the booklet was very nice and she utterly expressed that she was very satisfied. Then suddenly when the album was released she told the entire garish music press in Trondheim, meaning two newspapers and some radio's that we fooled her into singing. Hahaha, how is that fucking possible? She told the journalists (friends of her I guess) that she dod not know anything about the aims with Storm before it was released, and now she had found out that Storm was a project with Norwegian Antichristian values. She felt very sorry about that, indeed. Poor girl, being folled by two nasty Black Metallers into writing lyrics, rehearsing and recording an album. I presume that all readers of Nordic Vision is aware of the fact that singing on an album without reading the lyrics is of course impossible. She even claimed that we added new "demoralizing" lyrics after without she knowing. How the hell is that possible when the album was mastered, the CD pressed and then released. It's extremely easy for me to prove this. Just ask all people involved in this. The CD factory, the studio, the mastering studio, the design firm, everyone of them can confirm my words. Seems like this moral thing is a phenomena that is weeping Trondheim, Kari told me that The 3rd and the mortal have found themselves a christian vocalist. Do not support! Anyway...i don't wish to backstabb Kari like she did to us, meaning me and Fenriz. I have told her exactly what I think of it and that's it. She can do whatever she wants, I am not going to do anything to fuck up for her, but if she doesn't stop now I will pray for someone to drop a bomb on the entire city of Trondheim.

Is there a special aim with Storm?
-To create Norwegian atmospheres and express our feelings for the musical roots that me and Fenriz share, meaning tunes from our own shores and roots as norsemen.

Do you think "Nordavind" will create pictures in the mind of the listeners?
-Definately. I guess our listeners can confirm this.

I think it is remarkably strange that "Storm" has been an unused moniker for so long. It is a genuine band name. Did you use this name as it is a symbol for musical storm or just because it sounded "good"?
-Storm was chosen to represent the musical storm behind it, and the raging storms here in Norway. Storm in Norwegian is also storm in English.

 Have you thought about playing live? Any gigs as promotion for your debut album?
-I don't think you will see us live. We have received offers but it is not possible to play live since we handle so many instruments at the same time in the studio. Just listen to Nordavind and the upcoming EP instead. Alt for Norge (sitat. Norsk enkroning)