Original 14th CVI Photographs

Regimental History and Souvenir Book

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Regimental History Photographs

The Battle of Antietam

Kimball's Hill Antietam

The Burnside Bridge in 1861

Another view of Bloody Lane

Antietam Creek where 14th forded

Bivouac by Boonsboro pike Sept 15-17, 1862

Bloody Lane since the war

Burnside's Bridge

Corner of Mumma's Orchard

Cornfield and Mumma's building

Fence corner extreme left of 14th in the Cornfield, Antietam

Glimpse from Cemetary Hill near Sharpsburg

Monument of the 14th at Antietam erected by the State of CT

National Cemetary, Antietam

Roulette House 1862

Roulette House, Headquarters of the Society of the 14th, 1891

Roulette Lane, leading to the Sunken Road

Spring House where prisoners were captured by Company B

The Famous Cornfield

The Plowed Field, Bloody Lane in rear

West view of Roulette's House since the war

Where General Richardson fell

Where the Regiment supported Brooke


Harper's Ferry

A street in Harper's Ferry.

Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, with Bolivar Heights in the distance.

"Jefferson Rock" overlooking the Shenandoah River.

Harper's Ferry Engine House

Where the Regiment forded the river.


The Battle of Fredericksburg

Where the pontoon touched the Fredericksburg shore.

Major Lacy's Mansion.

Where the Regiment crossed the Rappahannock.

Caroline Street, where the Fourteenth rested December 13, 1862.

The Church and Signal Tower, Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg.

Old Depot. Prussia Street.

The Sunken Road in front of the Confederate position.

The Causeway over which the Regiment passed on its way to the charge.

The Division Hospital

"The Fair Grounds," where the Fourteenth charged.


The Winter at Falmouth

The Shore of the Rappahannock picketed by the Fourteenth during the winter of 1862-63.

On Picket - Making Coffee.


The Affair at Chancellorsville

The Chancellor House.

Society of the Fourteenth Regiment C. V. on the occasion of its visit to Antietam, Sept. 17, 1891.


The Battle of Gettysburg

The Barn at Meade's Headquarters.


Position of the Second Corps at Gettysburg.

Meade's Headquarters on Taneytown Road.

A Portion of the Field at Gettysburg.

Hay's headquarters.

Marker fro the Bliss Barn site at Gettysburg.

The Knowlton Marker at the site of the Bliss House.

The Monument on the right is that of the Fourteenth Regiment.

The ground over which Pickett's Division advanced.

Headquarters at Gettysburg after the battle.

Spangler's Spring.

The rebel Girl.

From a picture taken from the hand of a young rebel just after he was killed at Gettysburg, by Russell Glenn, now of Bridgeport.

Mouth of Devil's Den.

The Two Round Ttops, Gettysburg, from the west.

The Hagerstown Pike, 1891.


Stony Mountain and the Battle of Morton's Ford

Morton's Ford, Buckner House in the distance.

Stony Mountain from Stevensburg.

Brigade Camp, at Stony Mountain, from a drawing by Geo. W. Hill of Co. G.

Stony Mountain in 1891.

Morton's Ford from the south.

Buckner House at a distance.

A nearer view of Major Buckner's House.

Headquarters of Pickets near Morton's Ford.

Morton House and surroundings.

The scene of much coffee cooking at Stony Mountain.


The Wilderness

Brock Road, Wilderness, VA.

Orange Plank Road, Wildernes.


Other Photos

Society of the 14th. Sept. 16, 1891 Gettysburg, PA

14th CVI Monument Gettysburg 1891









Reunion of the Regiment on the Field of Antietam,

SEPTEMBER 17, 1891

Compiled and Published from Original Photographs taken on the Field, by Comrade A. F. Hall (of Co. H), Meriden, Conn.


   To my comrades of the Fourteenth Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers, and their friends, this Art Souvenir is respectfully dedicated, with a desire to place in your hands some suitable memento that may serve to commemorate our delightful and long to be remembered excursion to historic battle-fields, so ably planned and so successfully executed by our able Committee of the Regiment, Comrades John C. Broatch, Chaplain H. S. Stevens, J. W. Knowlton, Samuel H. Moore, Geo. N. Brigham, W. H. Tubbs and Benj. Hirst.

   The pictures here presented are produced by the Meriden Gravure Co. from photographs taken on the field during our visit. The selections are made from over one hundred views taken by the author and others, and covering such prominent features of the different fields as may be of especial interest to us, and those of the Second Army Corps, who with us touched elbows on those bloody fields during the dark days of the Rebellion in 1862 and 1863.

   Space forbids me to follow the desire to enlarge upon the vivid memories presented by our presence on the very spots where almost thirty years ago most of the survivors present took active part. The description by Capt. Long, Col. Broatch, Chaplain Stevens and others, the visit to the position of the 14th Connecticut Volunteers near Bloody Angle, at Gettysburg, Devil's Den, Round Top, Cemetery Hill, the Peach Orchard and Wheat Field, where so many brave men gave up their lives that the nation might live, the Reunion on the 17th of September on the field of Antietam, at the Roulette House the scene of our first engagement, the great battle of Antietam, the view of that grand scenery at Harper's Ferry, and our camp at Bolivar Heights and at Fredericksburg, we can never cease to remember.

Fraternally Yours,

A. F. Hall, Co. H, 14th Conn. Vols.



Group of Survivors 14th C. V. and Friends

Cemetery Hill Sept. 15, 1891.


Gen. Meade's Headquarters.


Stone Wall, Monument of 14 C. V., BLoody Angle, Round Top in the distance.


14th C. V. Monument, Chaplain Stevens Explaining the part the 14th C. V. took in the Battle.


Marker showing Right of 14th C. V. during the Battle.


Lane through which 14th passed to Capture Bliss Buildings.


Close-up of Lane.


Scene of Pickett's Charge.


House occupied by Reb. Sharp Shooters, Bullet Marked.


Jennie Wade and house in which she was killed by a shell during the battle.


"Devil's Den."


Round Top from Devil's Den.


Survivors of 14th C.V. Re-Union at Roulette's house, Sept. 17th, 1891.


Roulette Farm. Position of 14th C.V.


Roulette's House, Re-union of 14th C. V., Sept. 17th, 1891.


Spring House, Roulette's Farm.


Bloody Lane after the Battle, Sept. 17th, 1862.


Bloody Lane in 1891.


Burnside Bridge, and Heights from which rebel were driven.


Burnside Bridge.


Dunkard Church after the Battle.


Lodge, and Entrance to National Cemetery from Sharpsburg Cemetery.


Shay House. Lee's Head-quarters. Corner House.

Harper's Ferry.

House used as a Hospital by 14th C. V. in 1862.

Harper's Ferry.

Pen Mar.

On Blue Ridge Mountain, overlooking Cumberland Valley.


Street Scene at Fredericksburg.



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