1)When did the fan club begin?

1964 in Scandinavia/UK and 1999 in the USA

2)Who runs the fan club?

Charlotte Schultz is fan club secretary in Scandinavia. Blue Lena aka Tamara Guo is the fan club secretary in the USA, and Stones author Massimo Bonanno is our secretary from Italy. Award winning music writer Christian Diemoz is our staff writer from Italy.

3)Can you send my fan mail to the Rolling Stones?

No, we do not forward fan mail or answer fan mail to the Rolling Stones. The Stones have no address email, or otherwise for receiving fan mail.

4)Can you give me the addresses of Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie?

NO, we cannot and do not have their home addresses.

5)Can I get addresses of their management from you?

No, we are not authorized to give out addresses, phone numbers or email of Stones' personnel out of respect and privacy for the band.

6)Do the Rolling Stones fund this fan club?

No, this fan club is supported entirely by membership fees and run BY fans FOR fans

7)Are you making money off this fan club?

No, we run this fan club because we love the Stones and the membership fees cover our printing, mailing, design & labor costs for Stones Planet Fanzine, as well as web fees & server costs. We also fund several contests per year. We do run this club as volunteers in our spare time outside of our "regular" daily jobs.

8)Can you get me good tickets to a Stones concert?

No, we do not handle ticketing.

9)Can you get me a backstage pass?

No, we do not handle passes or tickets.

10)Who can join the fan club?

Anyone who sends their $35 payment. The USA club handles membership in USA, Canada, South America, Mexico. The Sandinavian club handles membership in Europe, Asia, Australia and all countries not listed above. Membership entitles you to FIVE issues of Stones Planet Fanzine per year.

11)Can I buy back issues?

Yes, but only if the issue you request is not sold out. The cost is $8 per issue including postage. Please email us before sending money to reserve your copy.

12)What are your email contacts?

Currently you can reach us through or

13)What are your snail mail contacts?

PO BOX 2264

BOX 280

14)Have you met the Stones?

Each of us, Charlotte, Massimo and Blue Lena have met one or more of the Stones at some point in our lives, but we are not friends or even acquaintances & cannot pass messages to them for you or get their autographs for you.

15)What do the Stones think of Stones Planet Fanzine?

Keith Richards' office receives multiple copies of each issue and have been very supportive of the fanzine. Charlie receives a copy of each issue. But so far their has been no specific response from Mick or Ronnie. Stones Planet is also read by several Stones office personnel, as well as Stones piano player Chuck Leavell & backup vocalist Bernard Fowler. Stones author Stanley Booth, photographer Bob Gruen and Beggar's Banquet's Bill German also read the fanzine.

16)Do you have a chat room?

We are currently designing a Stones Planet chat board.

17)Do you have a message board?

Yes, feel free to read & post Stones related news at:
Message Board

18)Can I submit articles for inclusion in Stones Planet?

Yes, email with your ideas. Fan submissions are always welcome.

19)Do you have contests?

Yes, we have had several and plan to continue.

20)Do you have fan gatherings?

Many of our members attend fan gatherings around the globe. So far the fan club has only held two gatherings, one in Amsterdam, Netherlands in May 2001. A second was held March 16, 2002 in San Francisco, CA.

21)Can you get me an autographed picture of the Stones?

No, sorry. Your best bet is the catch the Stones during tour time at their hotel or just be lucky by running into one of them in an airport or hotel somewhere.

Frequently asked questions will be added as they arrise... Copyright 2003 ROLLING STONES FAN CLUB OFFICE