We Got The Silver in Boston!

Blue Lena attended her 68th Stones show last night in Boston at Gillette Stadium. It was the Stones 96th show of the Bigger Bang Tour. All the media attention was focused on the stadium not being totally sold out the day before the show & the ticket prices being reduced. The fan attention was focused on Mick not attending rehearsals, and not even singing at soundcheck before the show.

Well, they can all shut up now and so can the setlist whiners. This stadium show rocked! The stadium was basically sold out by showtime, Mick's voice was in fine form and despite a few rough edges here and there (which I kinda like), the Stones were in fine form for their 5th trip to Boston in less than 15 months. Welcome back to the States boys!

When have the Stones ever opened with Paint It Black? Never, I'd venture to guess! The first 8 songs just took my breath away: PIB, Live with Me, Monkey Man, Sway, Sweet Virginia, Streets of Love, Ain't Too Proud to Beg, Midnight Rambler...WOW, WOW, WOW.

After the standard Tumbling Dice & band intros came the moment I'd been waiting for. I kind of wished I hadn't gotten the setlist before the show, but even though it wasn't a surprise....it still was a surprise. I had commented not too long ago to someone that even though I love Keith's set as it stands, I wish he'd do little T&A since he hadn't played it since '82 and that I'd love to hear You Got The Silver again. He DID them BOTH. I died and went to heaven. Keith stood in front of the mic without a guitar (when has THAT ever happened?) and sang with such passion and emotion, while Ronnie played the acoustic slide...it was to die for. Then he rocked it up with Little T&A, and who cares if he messed up the words a bit, it was a solid A for effort and the attempt at a whole new set. Thank YOU Keith!

See my Boston Photo Album!

Then it was onto the B stage without Miss You (thanks for that), and a dusted off Under My Thumb! Onto Rough Justice, and JJ Flash on the B stage-cool. I didn't actually go out to the B stage this time, which is rare. Then we got the usual Honky Tonk Women, Sympathy (the fire works were HOT in our faces), Start Me Up and the encores of Satisfaction with a grungy new Keef riff start and the ending with Brown Sugar. Keith wore 2 scarves for the final now, one was from me...it was silk with blue, white & black skulls. I didn't see a single unhappy fan after that show ended.

Keith wearing my scarf for the final bow

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