Hot Rocks Rolling Stones Tribute in Ellicottville, NY April 11-12

Stones fans from as far away as Florida gathered in the ski resort town of Ellicottville, NY to hear the Philly based Stones tribute band Hot Rocks play two consecutive rocking nights at the Depot Restaurant & Lounge on April 11 and 12, 2008. The fan weekend was graciously hosted by Stones fans and Depot owners Moose and Vicki, who outdid themselves with the food on the B stage buffet (Cold Italian pizza, Sticky Fingers, you get the idea) and decorated the stage to match the Beacon Theater in NYC for this Shine A Light Weekend. This is an annual event, but I was an EVL virgin. Not anymore!

Hot Rocks has been playing nationally & internationally since 1981, but recently their shows feature a total multi-media experience. Hot Rocks line-up features look-a-like front men Mick (Keith), Keith (Bernie) and Ronnie (CC), as well as Pauly on drums, Rob on bass, Billy on keyboards, Joe on horns and percussion and the lovely Valori on vocals. Costume changes are part of the show and the band visually & musically re-creates a very credible Stones show of the late 60's through early 80's period. Many more photos of the Hot Rocks weekend can be viewed on My Space under Pics.

SETLISTS for the two nights were as follows:
Setlist Photos courtesy Gimmelildrink