December 18, 2008


Why not celebrate Keith's birthday today by making his favorite Shepherd's Pie, from his Mom's own recipe! Don't forget to eat it with HP Sauce!


Here it is, a recipe for shepherd's pie from that well-known gourmet, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

Shepherd's Pie

3 pounds potatoes, "Tumbling Diced"

1 tablespoon butter

Salt and pepper to taste

2 pounds ground beef

2 large onions, chopped

2 large carrots, grated

1 12-ounce can beef stock

1 tablespoon cornstarch

Place potatoes in large saucepan; cover with water. Bring to boil, reduce heat, simmer until tender. Drain. Using electric mixer or whisk, mash potatoes and butter. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

Heat large skillet. Add beef and onions. Season with salt and pepper. Add carrots and stock. Mix in cornstarch, cook 10 minutes. Pour meat mixture into pie dish and top with mashed potatoes. Place under broiler until potatoes begin to turn brown. Eat with HP Sauce.

December 6, 2008

Keith Featured on Two Tracks by Lee "Scratch" Perry

Keith told us in August in his note to Stones Planet that he was working with Lee "Scratch" Perry and now Perry's new album us released featuring 2 tracks with Keith.

The bulk of Perry's commentary centers on his spirituality and the timely topic of monetary malfeasance, such as the atmospheric dub "Jealousy." "Heavy Voodoo" tackles the same territory and is a highlight featuring rhythm guitar by Keith Richards and female vocals by up-and-coming MySpace darling Erica Iji. Richards returns to less effect on "Once There's A Will There's A Will" where Perry begins with, "Special thanks to Mr. Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones" and... that's about the gist of the song, talking about his guest musician (though he does drop the funny line “Hello, Mick Jagger/ I am the cloak and dagger”).

Lee "Scratch" Perry, "Scratch Came Scratch Saw Scratch Conquered" Track Listing 01. Having A Party 02. Heavy Voodoo (featuring Keith Richards) 03. Saint Selassie 04. Scratch Is Alive 05. Jealousy 06. Yee Ha Ha Ha 07. The Game Black 08. Headz Gonna Roll (featuring George Clinton) 09. Rolling Thunder 10. Rastafari Live 11. Once There's A Will There's A Will (featuring Keith Richards) 12. Sinful Fuckers 13. The Seven Wishes Of Lee "Scratch" Perry

Keith Richards to release easy listening album Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones guitarist and wild man of rock 'n' roll, is set to release an easy-listening album.

November 23, 2008

By Ben Leach Last Updated: 3:30PM GMT 23 Nov 2008 Keith Richards to release easy listening album

The album is rumoured to include a jazz version of the Judy Garland classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow from The Wizard Of Oz and Perry Como's I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now. The revelation emerged after more than 20 never-released covers by the Rolling Stones guitarist were leaked onto the internet.

Other songs on the list include an homage to country star Tammy Wynette in the song Apartment No 9 and Andy Williams's Let It Be Me.

Richards, 64, has also recorded Big Band composer Hoagy Carmichael's The Nearness Of You, Fats Domino's Blue Monday and Jerry Lee Lewis's She Still Comes Around.

The songs came to light on, a website run by Stones fan Greg Van Dyke in New Orleans.

In an online chat with fans Richards was asked whether he would consider releasing the tracks.

He replied: "I've never planned it before but maybe now I should; I'll think about it."

Such sentimental tracks are a far cry from Richards's usual image. He famously declared "rehab is for quitters" and was once given six months to live.

In 2007 he claimed to have snorted the ashes of his father like a line of cocaine, and in 2006 he needed brain surgery after he fell out of a palm tree in Fiji.

Some of the recordings are unfinished and would need reworking. But Richards will have time to polish them as the Stones will not be recording a new studio album until next autumn, with a world tour pencilled in for 2010.

October 29, 2008

Keith At Musicians Hall of Fame

News Video clip of Keith at Musicians Hall of Fame last night.

You Tube video clip of Keith playing with The Crickets

In the Schermerhorn Symphony Center’s posh Founder’s Hall, Keith Richards sat at a round table with The Crickets’ J.I. Allison, Joe B. Mauldin and Sonny Curtis, swapping stories and talking about the days when Richards was an English teen and The Crickets were a worldwide phenomenon.

“When did the first record come out? 1957? I heard them first in 1957,” Richards said. “ ‘That’ll Be The Day.’ Coral Records, I believe. It cost me money, too.”

With that, his eyes darted up to The Crickets, offering a glance that suggested the Rolling Stone felt he’d gotten more than his money’s worth. Then he went back to talking, punctuating his gravelly words with laughter and the occasional wave of a hand.

“They got me, one after the other,” Richards recalled. “It’d be ‘Oh Boy’ or ‘Maybe, Baby’ or ‘Peggy Sue,’ and it was like hitting you like a hammer. Relentless. To me, and to England and Europe. See what you cats in America don’t realize is that this is probably the first global, international band, group, of all time. These guys wrote ’em, sang ’em, recorded them. It so impressed us in England. There would be probably no Beatles or Stones without them. And who thought that would come out of Lubbock?”

Allison was asked whether he got a lot of fan letters at that time from British females.

“No, but we got letters from British drummers and guitar players,” he said.

“The impact from my point of view, and I think from any musician of my generation is, ‘These guys are streets ahead of us. We have to catch up. Something has to be done,’ ” Richards said. “You learned the songs. If you didn’t know The Crickets, you’d never be able to play a school dance. You might as well not bother to turn up.”

Mauldin said his band’s success didn’t make his family any more comfortable with the notion of a professional life in rock ’n’ roll.

“My mom told me, ‘Get a job you can rely on,’ ” Mauldin said. Richards replied, “You did.”

In the early days of The Crickets, and even the early days of the Stones, there was no real model for growing older in rock music. The stars were all young, and the notion of someone rocking into their 60s was fanciful.

“If you’re on the cutting edge, on the front line, who’s to say how long you can do it?” Richards said. “You’re pushing the edge. If you want to do it, obviously it can be done. All you have to do is listen to these cats right here.”

The men considered the other players who were in the building: monumental talents such as Duane Eddy, Booker T. & The M.G.’s, The Memphis Horns, The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and producer Billy Sherrill. That’s a heavy collection of players, many of whom regard each other with a combination of backslapping friendship and head-shaking awe.

“We have musical heroes,” Allison said. “I always thought the drummer for Little Richard was amazing. Keith, do you know about that guy? You know, ‘The Girl Can’t Help It.’ ”

Richards nodded his grey-dreaded head.

“Oh, know it? I own it. I’ve got that on DVD. And not just for Jayne Mansfield.”

Asked whether it bothered his band that people in the 1950s tended to focus on leader Buddy Holly, Allison said, “I was never into it to have people know my name.” And Mauldin said, “If you’re in it for that, you’re into it for the wrong reason.”

“Hey, I worked with a pretty heavy frontman, too,” Richards said, laughing. “I know the feeling. But you’re there to support them. Somebody’s got to get out front. Somebody’s got to do it. As long as it’s in the circle, it doesn’t matter. It’s, ‘You do your job, I’ll watch your (expletive).’ ”

October 28, 2008

Keith to Appear At Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville Tonight

NASHVILLE (AP) — This year's additions to the Musicians Hall of Fame have a strong Memphis connection with Booker T. and the MGs and the Memphis Horns among the inductees.

Keith Richards, George Jones, Barbara Mandrell, Kix Brooks and Lee Ann Womack were scheduled as performer or presenters at the Tuesday night induction ceremony in Nashville.

Booker T. the MGs were the studio band for Stax-Volt Records during the '60s, playing on hits for Otis Redding, Sam & Dave and several others.

The Memphis Horns were also architects of the Memphis soul sound and appeared on nearly every Stax release, including records by Isaac Hayes and Rufus Thomas.

The other inductees are the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, Buddy Holly's former band The Crickets, rock producer/musician Al Kooper, Nashville producer Billy Sherrill and guitarist Duane Eddy.

October 10, 2008

In late August I inquired with Keith's management office as to what Keith had been doing lately. I received this faxed note from Keith's office, which was hand written by Keith himself in late August for the readers of Stones Planet Fanzine, along with 2 never before published photos of Keith at One East Recording in NYC taken by Jane Rose. This note was first published in the September 2008 issue of Stones Planet, which is available at the Stones Planet website. Please do not copy & paste the faxed image or photos to other websites or message boards, as the copyrights belong to Jane Rose. Thanks.

September 12, 2008

Keith Named Fan Favorite in IORR Poll

KEITH RICHARDS has beaten out his bandmates in a poll to find fans' favourite ROLLING STONES star.More than 6,000 die-hard devotees took part in the poll on unofficial Stones online fansite in a bid to list the best things about the band.Richards received 50 per cent of all votes, with frontman Mick Jagger scoring only 28 per cent. Co-founder Charlie Watts received nine per cent of the vote. Meanwhile, Exile On Main St was named the Stones' best album and Gimme Shelter the fans' favourite song.

August 22, 2008

What's Keith Been Up To? Updated since 8/18/08

With all the gossip and news focused on Ronnie lately, we haven't had much news on Keith. Even Keith's own office hasn't had too much contact with him as of late, citing he is on a well deserved vacation. Some reported him being spotted on various beaches and a photo from Google reportedly from 2008 shows him looking healthy & relaxed exiting the water...

The AARP just named Keith as the poster boy for life after 50 (and 60 I guess), saying if Keef can do it, we all have hope. Keith's office was able to finally track him down this week, however, (and there was a confirmed Keith sighting in NYC a few days ago) and Keith reports that he is alive and well and has been doing some recording sessions with Jack White and some guitar work for Lee "Scratch" Perry, as well as working with Marianne Faithfull on her upcoming album...and the rest is indeed TOP SECRET. Look for a personal note from Keith in the September issue of Stones Planet Fanzine.
July 8, 2008

Keith's Unreleased Duet with George Jones To Be Released Aug. 19

If you have the Bradley Barn Sessions cd, then you know about Keith's great duet "Say It's Not You" with George Jones. August 19 Mr. Jones will put out another cd of the unreleased duet's from the Bradely Barn Sessions including he and Keith on "Burn Your Playhouse Down". Great stuff.

George Jones' previously unreleased duets with Keith Richards, Mark Knopfler, Dolly Parton and the late Tammy Wynette will be made available to the public on Burn Your Playhouse Down, a Bandit Records album set for Aug. 19 release. Seven of the tracks are extra songs not included on Jones' The Bradley Barn Sessions, produced by Brian Ahern and released on MCA Records in 1994. They include the collaboration with Knopfler on "I Always Get Lucky With You" and with Richards on the title track. In addition to a version of "The Window Up Above" with Leon Russell, the new compilation includes duets with Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Marty Stuart and Mark Chesnutt from The Bradley Barn Sessions. Three of the unreleased tracks are from the sessions for Jones' 1991 Epic Records album, Friends in High Places, produced by Billy Sherrill. They include a collaboration with Parton on "Rockin' Years," which she later recorded with Ricky Van Shelton. Shelby Lynne and Jim Lauderdale are featured on the other songs from the Epic project. The unreleased duet by Jones and Wynette is "Lovin' You, Lovin' Me," recorded in 1977. Jones and daughter Georgette Jones, his only child from his marriage to Wynette, sing together on "You and Me Time," a track produced by Keith Stegall in 2007.

June 26, 2008

Keith Attends Leah Wood's Wedding

Keith and Patti Richards attended the wedding of Ronnie Wood's daughter Leah to Jack MacDonald on the banks of the Thames at Southwark Cathedral in London. Also in attendance were Keith's daughter's Alexandra & Theodora who were bridesmaids. Mick and L'Wren were there, as was Jerry Hall. Blue Lena was told that Keith was in "good spirits, but a bit skinny" by a friend at the wedding.

April 25, 2008

Check out the THE ROLLING STONES PHOTOS of Jim Pietryga. Great shots from the Bigger Bang Tour!

April 19, 2008

Check out my weekend with HOT ROCKS IN EVL!

April 10, 2008

Check the Keith Shrine Message Board at Stones Planet for new interviews with Keith and small news blurbs: Keith Shrine Message Board

April 4, 2008

Shine A Light Opens in US Theaters Today! Congratulations to all the winners who won the pre-screening passes from Paramount, Blue Lena and Stones Planet for April 1, hope you all had a great time.

To read about Blue Lena's Shine A Light Weekend in NYC March 29-30 CLICK HERE
and to read exclusive press conference excepts and movie reviews go to

March 25, 2008

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    Shine A Light opens in select theaters on Friday, April 4th

    March 7, 2008

    Here is the You Tube video link for Keith's photo shoot for LV with Annie Leibovitz Click HERE

    March 3, 2008

    Keith is Louis Vuitton Rock Poster Boy

    PARIS — No matinee idols for Louis Vuitton. Its latest poster boy, Keith Richards, has deep wrinkles, smudged eyeliner and unruly hair as he sits strumming a guitar in an untidy hotel suite. And Antoine Arnault, Vuitton's head of communications, couldn't be more pleased. "We thought it was important to continue with someone unexpected," Arnault said of the Richards ad, slated to break in a range of general-interest titles in April. "I think when people are flipping through a magazine, this will stop them."

    A legendary guitar player and a founding member of The Rolling Stones, Richards is the latest personality to appear in Vuitton's "core values" campaign, designed to underscore the brand's travel heritage and classic monogram leather goods as a balance to its fashion-driven marketing. Launched last fall, the first batch of ads — starring Mikhail Gorbachev, Catherine Deneuve and tennis deities Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf — will continue to appear in tandem with the Richards image. The new spot comes with the tag line, "Some journeys cannot be put into words," and the rocker's haunting, hypnotic expression says it all. Arnault recalled that, when Annie Leibovitz displayed the photograph on a computer monitor after the shoot, Richards exclaimed: "It looks like a Rembrandt." Albeit one with many rock 'n' roll details, including black scarves printed with skulls covering the table lamps — a Richards touch — and a custom-made Vuitton guitar case tossed on the bed.

    Thanks in part to his long rapport with Leibovitz, Richards accepted the invitation to pose for the French luxury brand readily, Arnault said. He even went to a Vuitton store the day before and picked out a leather jacket to wear for the shoot. The musician donated a portion of his fee to The Climate Project, an environmental charity.

    Arnault said that Vuitton plans to add more surprising faces to its campaign, but declined to identify them. He also would not discuss budgets, but said that Vuitton would spend "significantly" more on communications in 2008 as the company ventures into television and film advertising, and adds more of what he considers "core-values characters."

    As for Richards, "We think the image is so strong, we'll try to launch it in some newspapers" as well as some edgy fashion titles like V Magazine, Arnault said. "The good thing about Keith is, he's big just about everywhere. He speaks to the 20-year-old who's into rock 'n' roll and the 65-year-olds who went to [a Rolling Stones] concert when they were 20."

    The core-values campaign has already bumped up traffic in Vuitton stores, with managers reporting that it "brought back people who might have thought Vuitton was not for them any more," Arnault said. "It reassured the customer."

    March 1, 2008

    Jagger a 'power freak', says Keith

    Look for Mick, Keith & Jack White on upcoming cover of Rolling Stones Magazine to be released April 4.

    LONDON (AFP) — Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is a "power freak" who is also a "bit vain", bandmate Keith Richards said in an interview set to be published Thursday.

    Speaking to Uncut magazine in an interview to promote a Martin Scorsese documentary about the band, "Shine A Light", the guitarist also said he would have told his younger self to "lay off" drugs.

    "Mick's a maniac. He can't get up in the morning without knowing immediately who he's going to call," the 64-year-old Richards said.

    "Meanwhile, I just go 'Thank God I'm awake' and wait for three or four hours before I do anything. He is a power freak and there's nothing we can do about it. I don't want to do anything about it. Let him bugger about. It doesn't make any difference to what we do."

    Addressing Jagger's on-stage presence, Richards told the magazine, "Excuse me while I laugh. He's a bit vain, let's put it like that," before adding: "We want a vain bloke up there, don't we? Meanwhile, the band can go to work. Vanity will not carry a band. But a band can carry vanity."

    Richards was also asked what message he would want to send to his younger self, to which he responded: "I'd have said 'Lay off the dope.' That's my advice now to all younger members who are into this sort of thing -- oh, give it up, it ain't really worth it.

    "I know the fascination, but it ain't worth it, pal."

    In the interview, he also belittled Led Zeppelin's December one-off reunion gig, telling Uncut: "They had one? Well, well done Jimmy (Page) and Robert (Plant)... Stairway To Heaven don't make it for me, baby."

    February 7, 2008

    Stones' magic gets Berlin film festival rolling

    By Mike Collett-WhiteThu Feb 7, 12:29 PM ET

    Martin Scorsese brings the magic of the Rolling Stones to the big screen with "Shine a Light," a two-hour film of the veteran British rockers strutting their stuff at a packed New York venue.

    The documentary, filmed with 17 cameras at two concerts at the intimate Beacon Theater in 2006, opens the annual Berlin Film Festival on Thursday, a fitting beginning to an 11-day cinematic marathon that is rich in rock'n'roll.

    Madonna is expected in Berlin for her directorial debut, while movies about singer Patti Smith, British indie band Gorillaz and a heavy metal group from Baghdad also feature. Journalists at a preview screening ahead of the evening red carpet premiere watched the four 60-something band members shot from almost every conceivable angle for the film named after a song on their 1972 album "Exile on Main St." Jagger, now 64, defies his years, gyrating and pouting his way through a string of hits including "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Brown Sugar" and "Start Me Up," while guitarist Keith Richards grins mischievously throughout. Scorsese has used Rolling Stones music from the start of his career, prompting Jagger to joke that "Shine a Light" was the only film of his not to feature the song "Gimme Shelter." "For me the music was certainly part of my life throughout the 60s," Scorsese told reporters at a press conference. "For me the sound of the movie, the chords, the vocals, the entire feel of the music inspired me greatly," added the director, flanked by the four band members. "It became the basis for most of the work I've done in my movies going from 'Mean Streets' on to 'Raging Bull' all the way over to 'Casino' and 'The Departed'." ARCHIVE, NEW ANGLES Scorsese adds short clips of black-and-white archive footage between songs showing a young Jagger or Richards fielding often inane and repetitive questions from reporters around the world. Just two years after the band formed, Jagger was asked how long the band could keep going. "I don't know," he replied. "I think we're pretty well set up for at least another year." In another interview he is asked: "Can you picture yourself at the age of 60 doing what you're doing now?" Jagger replies: "Yeh, easily. Yeh." Before the concert starts, Scorsese is shown desperately trying to find out the track list ahead of the concert. Richards and Ronnie Wood are filmed playing pool before a gig and Jagger pours over lists of songs categorized as "well known," "medium known" and "unknown." The band, looking slightly perplexed, is introduced to former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his friends before a show. After they leave, Richards jokes: "Hey Clinty, We're Bushed!" Scorsese's cameras are located in the crowd and behind the stage, giving a 360 degree view of the performance from both the fans' and the band's point of view. "We were able to go out there and just do a Stones show," Richards told reporters. "There are many cameras but we didn't even see them, we didn't even know they were there. That was very important." Jagger performs on stage with Jack White of The White Stripes, Christina Aguilera and a mesmerizing Buddy Guy. Least comfortable of all before the camera is drummer Charlie Watts, the oldest member of the band at 66. "I hate it, but it's very beautifully filmed," he said, when asked how he found the experience of making the movie. "I hate doing it, like sitting up here for example." (Editing by Paul Casciato) (To read more about our entertainment news, visit our blog "Fan Fare" online at )
    January 14, 2008

    Visit the Shrine's newest page for 2008 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Keith's Guitars, But Were Afraid To Ask I have been wanting to update the info on Keith's guitars since 2002, when I last updated my previous KR guitar page The Lo Down On Keith's Guitars. Thanks to Stones backline crew member Johnny Starbuck and Rich at We Sell Guitars, I wrote a piece on Keith's guitars for the Winter issue of Stones Planet Fanzine and now have re-posted my article, along with many more photos here. Enjoy!

    January 12, 2008 is reporting that the Stones may still do some shows to support the Shine A Light movie when it is released April 4, 2008, however these are only rumors and plans to tour Asia in 2008 have been put on hold.

    Ronnie Wood just had hernia surgery and is recovering at home with his family. He reportedly hurt himself on tour, but delayed the surgery until after the holidays.

    January 1, 2008

    Wishing you a HAPPY NEW STONES YEAR 2008!!!!!!! Thanks for visiting the Keith Shrine!