The Keith Shrine-Keith Richards/Rolling Stones News 2016-2017


September 19, 2017

    The Stones began their No Filter European Tour on September 9 in Hamburg,Germany, followed by Munich, Spielberg, Austria and tomorrow night Zurich, Switzerland. Fans were pleased to hear a few rarities such as Dancing with Mr. D and She's a Rainbow. See highlights from Hamburg Here Plenty of video footage on You Tube.

    May 9, 2017

      The Rolling Stones announced today they will play thirteen shows in twelve different venues across Europe in September and October, and unveiled the title of the new tour. STONES NO FILTER sees Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood back where they belong out on the road playing to packed stadiums.
      No Filter 2017 European Tour Dates

      January 12, 2017

      • Happy New Year from Blue Lena & The Keith Shrine! We saw the release of Blue & Lonesome December 2nd and as Stones fans who dig the blues, I think most of are quite pleased that Mr. Jagger was talked into releasing this album. It's stellar. Back to their roots, and Mick's harp playing is outstanding. They should have done this long ago.

        On December 12th I went to the one night only screening of Ole Ole Ole A Trip Through Latin America. What a well made documentary, as it was more than just a concert film like Havana Moon. It showed the Stones at their most relaxed and honestly I thought Mick was the most natural I've ever saw him on film. Well done.

        The talk now is of a new studio album with original material which is being recorded in bits and pieces. And, a tour starting in Europe with dates for July already being rumored.

        Exhibitionism continues to run in NYC until early March, and then it supposedly will roll onto Chicago. At the red carpet ceremony opening in November, Keith wore the teal & yellow Alexander McQueen skull scarf that I gave him in his dressing room in Pittsburgh in June 2015! That was an ultimate thrill to see.

        September 19, 2016

        • Keith, Patti and Ronnie and Sally Wood walked the red carpet and attended the Toronto Film Festival screening Ole Ole Ole on September 17th, see photos and video HERE
        • June 29, 2016

          • RIP Scotty Moore, one of Elvis's guitarists, and one of Keith's guitar heroes. He passed away yesterday at age 84 in Nashville. For a great video and tune featuring Keith and Scotty (along with legends Levon Helm, Rick Danko and Richard Bell who have also since passed on) check out the session for Deuce and a Quarter (listen for Keith's turn on lead vocals) at this link. Read the Rolling Stone Magazine piece on Scotty here.
          • In other news, Director Julian Temple's is featuring Keith Richards in - The Origin Of The Species will look at the guitarist's pre-Stones life as part of BBC Two's My Generation season. Read the story here.
          • And lastly, as we continue to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Keith Shrine continue to check back to the anniversary page for photos and notes being added from various fans and Stones personnel who have supported the Shrine over the years. Who know, a note from Keith himself may appear some day!
          • June 26, 2016

          • Andre Ribeiro at Stones Planet Brazil is going to feature Blue Lena and the Keith Shrine on his It's Only Rolling Stones Radio Show Monday June 27th at 8pm EST. Fans can listen to the show HERE. The show will also be available as a Podcast at THIS LINK Be sure to check out Andre's page, Stones Planet Brazil">
          • Blue Lena also added 2 new (old) show reviews & photos from Pittsburgh and Buffalo, with Philly 2015 and Newark 2012 reviews coming soon.
          • June 21, 2016

          • The Rolling Stones had some big announcements recently. They will be playing with Bob Dylan on October 7, 2016 in Indio, Califormia and October 19, 2016 in Las Vegas. Check the official website for ticket information. Today they announced that the London Exhibitionism exhibit which runs through September 4, will be coming to New York City in November! It will open at the Industria Superstudio (775 Washington Street) in the West Village. Exhibitionism is the largest touring experience of its kind ever to be staged, and the first time in history the band has unlocked their vast private archive.