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"Colors Of The Sunset"

God said, "Let glorious colors of every
hue fill the evening skies,
a vision of beauty for all living things."

He summoned His angels,
and tipped each silvery white wing
with all the colors of the universe.

The angels went forth into the heavens,
laughing and dancing about
in a vicarious fashion.

What a sight!
Angels dashing here and there...
scattering particles of color everywhere!

The planets, stars,
and all of heavens creations
too wanted to join the fun!

So they swirled and twirled
in their heavenly fashion,
sending forth great streams
of colors across the universe.

God smiled as He watched
His children at play,
pleased was He with the
magnificence of their creation.

ę2005áVickiáM. Schaffer

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