Foul Annoying Queries


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Got a question about the Blues or The Blues Collar Band?  

The Blues Collar Band

Is Crazy Helen really crazy?  [ans: No, not at all but a couple of the other guys are a little odd.]
Can a blue man play the whites?  [ans: Ha, Ha.  That's very funny.  It's also a very old joke.]
Why did the chicken cross the road? [ans: to hear the blues at Blue Marlin, East Marion, NY]
Is it true that your guitars are factory tuned?  [ans: Ha, Ha, Ha. That's also rather amusing and also an old old joke.]
Why do you need one of those trombone things in the band?  [ans: Finally a good question.  We are still asking ourselves the same thing.]

Is it possible to love one's country and yet still dislike what its government does?  [ans: "Yes, and that can really give you the BLUES.]