The New Cumnock Mural , at the Mary Morrison Memorial Garden
History of the Parish
of New Cumnock
by Robert Guthrie
'Days Gone Bye'

A CD-Rom slide show of New Cumnock and its people.
Over 200 pictures all digitally enhanced
See Connel Park, Bank Glen, Craigbank and Burnfoot
View class photos from the Bank and Town school from
1930's 40's 50's and some from before.
See if you or any of your friends and family are there.

Welcome to 'New Cumnock on CD-ROM'
and the splendid work of Robert Hart.

Robert Hart, a New Cumnockian living in Old Cumnock has captured both the history and the landscape
of the parish and presented them in an easy to use CD-ROM format.

His first work 'Days Gone Bye' contains old photos of people and places in the parish starting from the late
1800's through to the 1960's . The viewer can automate the CD-ROM presentation and watch the slide-
show of the photos unfold at their own pace or can simply 'click' through each photo in turn, spending time
scrutinising the photos for a familiar name , face or place. 'Days Gone Bye' has proved to be extremely
popular both locally and with the ever growing 'family-tree' of New Cumnockians that spans the globe from
Australia and New Zealand to the USA and Canada.

Building on this success Robert has now launched 'GLENAFTON, Flow Gently Sweet Afton' his own
pictorial tribute to the beauty of the glen and its environs, immortalised for ever in verse by Robert Burns. In
'GLENAFTON', Robert presents many of his own spectacular photographs of the glen through the
seasons and again provides the user with an automated slide-show or the facility to 'click' through the
stunning views at their leisure. He has also included an excellent reference map of the locations showing the
directions the photographs were taken from and enabling the viewer to 'click' on any location and access
the photograph of their effortless journey through beautiful GLENAFTON !
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Flow gently sweet Afton'

Let me take you on a journey through Glenafton and along
its surrounding hills with over 150 of my photographs
taken over a timespan of many years. See the glen in the
colours of summer and winter.

Click on Samples
To find out how you can get your own copies of 'Days Gone Bye' , More Days Gone
Bye' and 'Glenafton' or 'Old Cumnock Yesterdays' then please visit his website at
or E-mail Robert at
The New Cumnock Mural , at the Mary Morrison Memorial Garden
'More Days Gone Bye'

More photographs from New Cumnock's past.

78 School Class Photographs
Maps of Craigbank and Burnfoot from 1945 with all the house numbers and the names of the families.
Up-to-date photographs of the areas with ghost images of the old buildings placed where they once stood.
Photographs of all the War Memorials along with lists of names of the fallen.
Six poems about New Cumnock supported with appropriate photographs.
Following on from the success of his first CD ROM, 'Days Gone Bye' , Robert Hart has now
released 'More Days Gone Bye'. More photos of New Cumnock folk supported with some
great new features, including an invaluable browse feature which allows searches of the CD to
performed.Great for tracking down photos from your family tree or old school friends .
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