About Me:
Ok, Ok, enough of you have asked me to create a page about myself, Why? I have no idea, But here goes.

I am currently living in one of the most beautiful areas of the United States. I am located on the western upper half of the state of Washington, approximately 30 miles northwest of Seattle, on the very northern tip of the Kitsap Peninsula in a little burg called Kingston.

Kingston is quite remote and lush with green trees and bushes of all sorts. Plenty of parks, mountains and a whole lot of water. We do both a lot of freshwater lake as well as saltwater fishing here.
Yes it rains here a lot, about 350 out of 356 days I think (this may be a bit of an exaggeration).

Since we are a bit remote, the easiest way to get back and forth to the "Mainland" is by Ferry, either by driving on board with a car or simply walking on board to avoid the weekend crowds.

Other than school work and fish (and there is some great salmon fishing up here!) I spend the few remaining minutes of every day with my wonderful wife and two children. We have a girl who is now 9 and a boy that is 5. Besides all the fish in the house we are also the servants to a  mixed breed cat and a pure-bred black lab.

Our summers are taken up with lots of Mariner games and we winter with the Seahawks. Luckily it is less than an hours boat ride to the stadium!

I am a recent layoff causality from the massive Boeing Aircraft Production Plant. I did work on the Boeing 767 wide body jet program. But the good news is since being laid off, Boeing and the Federal Government is seeing that I get to return to school and work on getting my degree in Computer Sciences. I am going to Olympic College, a local school over here on the peninsula.

I started this web page in May of 98, not knowing anything about this page building stuff. My, but it has been a learning experience. The one thing that really amazes us is all the great letters, notes on my guest book and questions sent to me from all over the world!

This is the third revision of the web site since 1998, and hopefully it will continue to just keep getting better and better.

Thanks for Visiting!