July 7th,1985 it seems like such a long time ago. It was a  blisteringly hot Sunday afternoon and Boris Becker was about to launch himself into the limelight by winning his first Wimbledon title. With the exuberance of youth  and the total lack of fear that comes with it ,overpowered Kevin Curren and  became the first unseeded champion ,the youngest champion and the first German to win Wimbledon.
                               Powered by his gigantic serve Boris ruled the tennis courts of the world. Suddenly he became a superstar . He had more money than your average seventeen year old, he had the media begging for information , anything from what he ate to what he told his mother everyday. Compared with the life of any other seventeen year old this was not normal.
                                And through it all boris appeared such a nice young man,he was polite and and modest. He was young and successful and managed by the smoking moustache Ion Tiriac . By the time he could vote he was living in the millionaires retreat in Monte Carlo. In those days his every he never had to about where he was going he minions to do that for him .Boris didn't mind his contribution was to win tennis matches and lots of them.


     But then Boris started to realize  a few things . Through his early twenties he found certain things that had to be sorted out. As the press started to search for quotable lines from the German hero , Boris's confused thoughts on the state of the world and the meaning of life became the stuff of newspaper stories . He was proud to lead Germany to victory in the Davis Cup , but feared the patriotic nationalistic fervour it encouraged . Suddenly Franz Beckenbauer and his boys were not the only sporting gods in the news. Germany in the shape of Boris and Steffi Graf  was now a tennis nation and the punters expected success . As everyone demanded a piece of him , Boris had become a troubled man . Fame had become a straitjacket , and he didn't like it. But back on the tennis court he was still in control as he headed towards the terrible twenties . More or less his invincibility at Wimbledon was shattered by Peter Doohan in the second round  in 1987 .It was the first match Boris had lost at the championships, his 1984 challenge ended by injury not defeat . But no matter he spent it like a trooper , spent the next year racking up seven titles  and taking Germany to their first Davis cup victory.
He won them the davis cup in 1989 too , the year he recaptured the Wimbledon crown and added the US open to the list as well. At last he proved he could he could win a grand slam either than on grass . Things were looking up . By 1991 he was  ranked no1 in the world , admittedly only for 12 weeks  and that split into two stints , and he had proved to himself  and his critics that he could be the best .
But that year he lost to Michael Stich in the final; at Wimbledon. It was Boris's sixth final and he looked a very different man from the young lad who bounded to victory in 1985 . He was as ever as sporting in defeat , but it was the beginning of boris's barren patch . The thinking was beginning to catch up with the playing and with Boris that meant trouble . He spit with Tiriac and changed coaches more often than his socks, and he lost his edge. He was not a 100 percent sure what he wanted , but he did not know what did not want . And one thing he could not stomach anymore was interference in his private life .
 His new girlfriend Barbara Feltus was both beautiful and stylish . She was also black . Hardly suprising racism became a new worry to add to the list of world problems Boris was carrying . While he sorted out his relationship with Barbara  and tried to protect the pair of them from the bigotted , the racist and the just plain stupid. Tennis took a back seat. By 1993 he dropped out of the top 10 for the first time in eight years and lost his no1 German ranking to Stich . Marriage and the arrival of his son Noah in January 1994  signalled that he had dealt with his personal life and was ready to think about something else . By teaming up with nick Bolletieri he fond a mentor who was as single minded as he was . As bolletieri  said at the time , you dont try to change the winner of 5 grand slam titles you just provide a little motivation. Right Boris were thinking about tennis now .
And it worked . He reached the semi's at wimbledon and told the world that last year he had been thinking about his family and , seeing that it was fine now he was ready to concentrate on tennis. He won marseilles' and  the ATP Tour World Championships' in 1995.  The next year wasn certainly a year to remember for Boris' fans  . He won his sixth Grand Slam , the Australian Open in style by beating Chang in the final in straight sets . He later added another Queens title to his collection. However disaster struck at Wimbledon ,during a third round match Boris where seriously injured his wrist , which would keep him away from tennis for the next few months.  Boris announced his comeback by winning the Vienna indoor title in October and continued to thrill his fans by winning the Stuttgart indoor title by beating Sampras in a majestic five set final. Sampras would  get his revenge by beating Boris in another thrilling five set final at the World Championships in Hannover. 1997 was not a so good year for Boris . He lost his Aussie Open title to Sampras and was plagued by injury most of the year .  After being beaten by Sampras in the Wimbledon quarterfinals he announced that he would not be playing tennis full time in 1998. And today he is just enjoying playing the game.