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Peggy in the Garden

Why  a Community Garden?

Our aim is to transform a weed and trash infested lot into a community asset. This is a collaborative project created by the members of the Philadelphia East Falls community who share in the maintenance and rewards of the garden.

We want to thank many folks for their generous donations, but without the help of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, we never would have gotten started.

We are located at the corner of Conrad St. and Indian Queen Lane in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia.  The Hohenadel Brewery, long abandoned, was once on the site, thus the name the Brewery Garden


What's New


bulletWe got second Place in the Large Community Garden category of the City Garden contest!

Spring 2003    

bulletWe are working with the Neighborhood Gardens Association (NGA) to land-trust the property
bullet We now have 28 beds and 40 members!

Spring 2002    

bulletHad first meeting
bulletPaco Verin from the Horticultural Society came to the garden with seeds
bulletPlanned first work day for May 11th, mulching trees on Midvale. Thanks to Stanley's Hardware for donation of the mulch!

Fall 2001    

bulletAll members invited to a harvest party on September 30

Summer 2001    

bulletThanks to garden members who watered through a long, hot summer, we have had a great harvest so far!
bulletGarden Get- together, 7:30 pm

Spring 2001    

bulletFirst work day April 7th 2001.  Built 4 new beds.
bulletMulched trees on Midvale Ave.

Fall/Winter 2000

bulletWe got an Honorable Mention in the large community vegetable gardens category of the City Gardens Contest 
bulletThanks to the Horticultural Society (again) for the donation of two trees and three shrubs, planted in October
bulletPhiladelphia University students help out as part of their environmental science class
bulletThe Horticultural society comes through again with water barrels!
bulletPhiladelphia University students help out during the Community Service Plunge

June 2000

bulletReceived a very generous donation of annuals from Meadowbrook Farms in Meadowbrook, PA.  
bulletHad two work days in which we dug more than 100' of new flower beds around the perimeter of the garden.  Planted all the annuals.
bulletPlanned watering schedule

May 2000

bulletEveryone has their plots planted
bulletBuilt a storage box
bulletNext membership meeting planned June 7th, 7:00, at the garden 

April 2000

bulletHad our first work day on April 1.  See a couple of photos.
bulletWelcome to 5 new members!
bulletOn April 29th: We mulched about 50 flowering cherry trees on Midvale Ave. 

Winter 2000

bulletThanks to Pete's Garden Center for donating beautiful pots, America the Beautiful fund for free seeds, and Jack Lally for Bird Houses!
bulletHad our first meeting of the year March 2.  

October 1999

bulletSeven trees, all donated, were planted 
bulletPrinted up the first Brewery Garden Bulletin
bulletThanks to the mystery donation of truckloads of woodchips, we have made a lot of progress in creating paths

August 1999

bulletStudents from Philadelphia University helped with various chores as part of their Community Service Plunge.  Much thanks to them and other friends of the garden!
bulletA donation of wood from Philadelphia Green enabled us to build two new raised beds

July 1999

bulletMet with Conrad Street neighbors, July 13
bulletMember meeting

June 1999

bulletStarted planting!
bulletGot water barrels from Sally

May 1999

bulletMeeting in the Garden Thursday, June 3rd at 7:30
bulletWe are lucky enough to be the site of the last Horticultural Society meeting, which was the beginning of the garden.  They even brought a bobcat!
bulletput up fencing
bulletThanks to Guy Bruno and Home Depot, who donated lumber and materials for raised beds

April 1999

bulletCreating Web page
bulletWorking on Homework!  See what the garden site looked like before!
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