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Brian's House or Brian's Annex
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          Brian's majestic estate rests in a beautiful hidden valley nestled amongst towering snowcapped mountains.   It's a vast estate, an hide-a-way, filled with stupendous and exotic revelations.

          Over the centuries few people have been privileged to visit this grand vista, a panorama of events and prophecy.   Yes, throughout history few people have been privileged and allowed to see what visitors are about to behold.

          As one traverses the luxuriously manicured tree-lined pathways across the spacious lawns, guests may go direct to Brian's House commanding spectacular views or follow the garden trail down by the lake to Brian's Annex from where history's most famous treasures may be seen.

          Then, after touring Brian's House and Brian's Annex, if you are a hardy soul you may wish to drop in and enjoy the myriad shows at Brian's Theatre.   It's a majestic structure exhibiting what most Kings and Queens through history never really understood.

          Yes, when you enter Brian's Estate you are a privileged person getting to see what others could only ponder in their dreams.

          "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

Benjamin Disrael
British Statesman
"Coningsby" (1844)

          And, if you haven't seen it yet, don't miss THE BATTLE.   It's a glimpse at Goliath's ongoing efforts to unseat President Bill Clinton who inherited the world throne that once belonged to others.


          Your first step as you enter via the main doorway is to realize that Goliath, the huge giant, is still robbing and plundering.   Oh, the gang, Goliath's myriad servants world-wide, keep the enormous giant fed with your wealth stolen via a series of vile scams being serviced and protected by Goliath's myriad servants ... The Gang.

          Next, one may view the demise of the giant as these End Times progress.   Oh, yes, the entire End Times schedule is laid out, even the 35 years of Severe Tribulations may be examined.

          One can even see the Kingdoms including the three successive world-wide Kingdoms and the more righteous Kingdom to emerge in these latter days.   A tad of history puts it all together.

          For those investors who have heard rumors of Wall Street corruption, in addition to Scam #2 they may be interested in a Letter To Microsoft.   The letter, together with Scam #2, cites only one of many, many examples of robberies in progress via our national and world markets.

          For people who wonder if Bible Prophecy written 2,500 years ago or earlier is coming true ... Visible Prophecy, Parts I and II should prove interesting.

          Then, The Watchman's Warnings, of course, come via the sound of the Trumpet:  remember, you too can blow (sound) that great world-wide Trumpet ... the Internet, now being heard continuously, 24 hours a day, around the world.   So, send copies of "Goliath Lives On!" to friends everywhere.


          The Ancient Temples hidden for thousands of years are to be reentered in these End Times ... all will be made known.   That is, even the locations of the three Temples and Hadrian's pagan temple are now known; and, for example, reentering the preserved remains of the Solomonic Temple west of the Valley of Ben Hinnom (Jeremiah 19:2 KJV) should be "a piece of cake".   O.K., the preserved inner Temple includes the golden tunnel to the Holy of Holies, the Holy of Holies with its gem studded ceiling, the golden staircases, and the throne room with its high vaulted ceiling.   All are waiting and can be reentered in perhaps a matter of hours, days, or weeks depending on the condition of the tunnel through which Zedekiah escaped.

          Oh, a most interesting feature is the history of the phony Temple mount initially heaped up by the Byzantine Christians atop the site of Roman Emperor Hadrian's pagan Temple.   Today the phony mount is little more than a tourist trap, a diversion for the naive.   However, for centuries it has been an object to fight over so the blood of multitudes permeates the land.

          GOD'S Holy Ark:  Yes, two Holy Arks await recovery in these End Times.   The first apparently was prepared under Adam, the second prepared under Moses.   Both were taken captive by the occupation forces in 1985 with resulting troubles and consequences coming upon their captors (Zechariah 5:4; Nahum 2:7; Ezekiel 12:3-7 versus 12:8-12; Leviticus 26:11-12; II Maccabees 2:4-8; etc.).   Nevertheless, both will be brought forth and The Glory Of GOD will be restored amongst people (Isaiah 40:5; Zechariah 5:9-11; Nahum 2:7; etc.).   Also see:  SCAM #5 (Room #1 of Brian's House).

          Zaphnathpaaneah:  When Joseph was lifted out of prison Pharaoh gave Joseph a new name:

          "And Pharoah called Joseph's name Zaphnathpaaneah...."

                                                                      Genesis 41:45

          And "Zaphnathpaaneah" has multiple meanings including:  "Sorrow of the age,"   "Provider of sustinence,"   "Revealer of hidden things,"   and "The man to whom secrets are revealed."

          So, as you sojourn through Brian's Annex, you not only may reenter the ancient Temples and learn about GOD'S Holy Arks; but, you also may visit the Edenic Valley, sojourn with Noah across the flood, and visit with the initial colonists as they experienced the creation of the Americas.   Yes, you too can search out ancient maps and tiny roll seals that help explain events just as The Gilgamesh Epic and The Berossus' Account help explain this aspect of the Scriptures and vice versa.   Oh, you'll understand what the real Mount Ararat is all about and where the remnants of Noah's historic Ark await.   So, come back again and again ... there's much more ahead.

          Yes, as you sojourn in Brian's Annex you too will be "the person to whom secrets are revealed" and when you describe things to your friends you too will be "A revealer of hidden things."


          Brian's Theatre plans a potpourri of topics as the great battles progress.   Nevertheless, the forces of good triumph over the forces of evil before these End Times climax.   And People everywhere will recognize those who come to the aid of the LORD against the mighty (Judges 5:23; Exodus 23:20-25).


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Brian's House or Brian's Annex
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