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3 June 2002

Subj:   Why The Arrow Was Killed


          Reference the TV movie "The Arrow" (1997) with Dan Aykroyd which was re-aired by ABC TV, Channel 9, in Central Florida on 25 May 2002.   That movie depicted true events in Canada of the 1950's.

          When viewing that TV movie a familiar pattern was immediately recognized with regard to AVRO (A.V. Roe Canada Ltd.).   That is, unless one understands the true operations of world markets, there was no apparent reason for the Government of Canada to cancel its contracts with AVRO, which had just built the fastest state of the art supersonic jet Mach 2+ aircraft (The CF-105 Arrow) and the most powerful jet engine for its day.   AVRO securities had obviously been oversold (i.e. counterfeited) by the Market Operators, an illegal practice still ongoing today.   In order for the Market Operators to eliminate their liabilities to repurchase these counterfeited receipts AVRO had to be bankrupted.   And this is one of two sinister reasons why the Canadian Government sent the military in with saws, torches, etc. to chop up and totally destroy AVRO's Arrow aircraft, engines, drawings, blueprints, dies, molds, etc. in 1959.   Again, Canada's Government at the behest of International Organized Crime annihilated AVRO's ability to avoid bankruptcy.

          To complete the destruction involved:   (1.) removing AVRO'S skilled workforce of 14,525 employees fired on the spot and ordered to leave the property on "Black Friday", 20 February 1959 ... this put more than 50,000 people out of work when outside plants and related suppliers are considered; and, (2.) by destroying AVRO's much sought after products despite such offers as France's order for 400 AVRO "Iroquois" engines and the United State's interest in buying the existing Arrows under construction before being maliciously destroyed.

          In the case of AVRO the Canadian Government had an obvious role in bankrupting AVRO just as Enron and many other corporations were deliberately bankrupted (2001-2002) except Enron was an inside job.   Similarly, International Organized Crime through the US Government has been attempting to cripple Microsoft using the Courts to force Microsoft to install a "Volkswagen engine" and parts in its "Cadillac" so people will not want such Microsoft products.   But Microsoft knows what's going on as do the Judges and Attorney Generals of the 9 States involved.   So, it's been more that a three year exercise with Microsoft in the Courts as Microsoft learned what is going on behind-the-scenes.

          Actually, AVRO's problems began before the Arrow ever materialized.   That is, in the mid to late 40's thru 1956 AVRO designed, built, and flew the first successful jet turbine powered passenger aircraft in North America identified as the C-102 Jetliner.   Prototypes were successfully test-flown including a flight to New York where the designers and crew were feted with a ticker tape parade and worldwide publicity.   This revolutionary Jetliner, designed for intercity transport above turbulent weather, was heralded as an exceptional leap forward in aviation history with the inception of jet turbine propulsion for passenger aircraft versus the now antique low and slow propeller aircraft driven by reciprocating engines.

          Thus, this worldwide publicity obviously lured myriad savvy investors worldwide seeking to get in on the ground floor of a good deal by purchasing AVRO Canada securities while no one wanted to sell.   Meanwhile, the Market Operators, not having any legitimate AVRO securities, satisfied the overwhelming public demand with countless bogus, counterfeit receipts representing AVRO Canada's legitimate securities.   The end result was that the Market Operators and their wealthy confederates could never repurchase the flood of their bogus receipts in a legitimate market without going bankrupt; so, instead, AVRO was slated for engineered bankruptcy.

          Initially, the AVRO C-102 Jetliner was never placed into production and the C-102 Jetliner was mysteriously scrapped to appease the thieving Market Operators and their very wealthy robber confederates profiting behind-the-scenes from their vast sale of counterfeit receipts representing AVRO Canada's legitimate securities.   It's called Grand Larceny, Grand Theft, Fraud, Conspiracy, Trafficking In Stolen Goods, etc.

          Therefore, when the supersonic Arrow Jet came along to push the state of the art even further, the Market Operators and their confederates sold even more counterfeit receipts to the naive citizens of Canada and others worldwide.   Now, all that was necessary to complete the vast robbery was to bankrupt AVRO ... the thieves already had the naive investors' money.   And the rich thieves and their organizations are still being serviced and protected by corrupt officials in Government.

          Today Canadian law (The Canada Business Corporations Act) authorizes a compulsory recall (buyback) of receipts.   However, it appears rather swindlesome to induce victims to sell at artificially low prices, i.e. to repurchase receipts at prices amounting to less than hundredths of a legitimate value if prices had not been artificially manipulated down by the Market Operators contrary to public supply and demand and the business enterprise maliciously crippled.

          There's more details on the web regarding the corruption of International Markets at Scam #2:


          Also see:


          The second reason for demolishing the advanced state of the art CF-105 Arrow aircraft and engines requires understanding a little bit about Biblical Revelations and ongoing world events.   Biblical Revelations explain the existence of hidden powers behind-the-scenes.   That is, Revelation 17:10-11, Daniel, et al speak of the Sixth Kingdom described as "Judah" which reigned over the world from Solomon unto the Spring of 1988.

          During the last 100 years of this Sixth Kingdom the world had been divided into 3 Eco Systems:   the Russian, the Chinese, and the Free World.   Thus, the behind-the-scenes powers held sway by coercion using two powers against a third.   In turn, the Canadian state of the art aircraft represented an air defense system that would not allow transpolar attacks against the US and Canada.   Therefore, the aircraft and engine were canned (i.e. totally destroyed) to leave that avenue open for the then Communist air arms.

          One could write a book on the intrigue and treason conducted by the agents serving the powers that be.   So, we won't bother you with a book at this stage.

          For a more comprehensive view of Biblical inputs visit the slide show of Biblical History And Prophecy:


          We suggest:   (a) scanning though Part One to review the overall seven day week plus an eighth day and humanity's fantastic leap from the horse and buggy into the space age (humanity's double portion on the Sixth Day).   Note slide I-21 which speaks of blessings upon Manasseh of which Canada and the USA were obviously among the recipients.   Then (b) when scanning through Part Two pause at II-4 and II-8 to note the kingdoms of the Left; those serving the throne of the Sixth Kingdom, of course, were AVRO'S afflictors.   From there (c) check out II-23 thru II-25 which explain that the rulers of the Sixth Kingdom were in reality of the Canaanite lineage which further explains who the people were that ordered the malicious destruction of Canada's "Arrow," etc. (d) Back to Part One and slide I-17 which depicts the beginning of humanity's technological revolution and I-12 which shows the overall creation of a "new world" that humanity has been witnessing right here on mother earth.   Yes, fantastic changes are still happening.

          Consider the future.   For example, if "gravity simulation devices" (GSD) could provide plus or minus effects, an object containing such a device could increase or decrease its own weight.   Wingless aircraft weighing zero or negative pounds relative to earth could soar across the sky with the greatest of ease.   Space vehicles would have their own gravity with GSD units.   Individual private vehicles would obliterate the need for concrete highways crisscrossing the land.   Daily traffic jams might disappear.   Today's automobiles could become outmoded museum objects.   Perhaps even weather systems could be manipulated to influence highs and lows to disrupt deadly storms and perhaps guide rain clouds to otherwise parched dry lands.   Remember, as children we rubbed balloons in our hair or sweater to then pick up non-metallic feathers and scraps of paper.   Today electromagnets pick up great weights.   Both represent the model 'T' for future "gravity simulation devices."   Today unproven theory says it just may be possible, tomorrow GSD may become reality.

          Anyone who thinks the aforecited is "far out" we agree; but, so is paying (embezzling) a billion dollars a day from the US Treasury for International Organized Crime as purported interest on purportedly borrowed paper money (i.e. it reached $ 363.8 billion in 1998).   So cry, some of it was your money.   See Scam #1:


          The role of the US Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC), the FBI, and CIA has been to service and protect the thievery by International Organized Crime.   This includes setting up and blackmailing Members of the US Congress and Executive.   Let's face it, if the SEC, FBI, and CIA were serving the Nation and People, the very evil corruption on Wall Street and blatant robbery of the US Treasury could not exist.   Furthermore, could the Russian organization known as Amtorg, a Russian technology gathering organization, have remained in operation in New York beginning in 1918 (incorporated 1925) and remain operational throughout the entire cold war?   This also explains why Canaanite agents in the US Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) endeavored to thwart technology's progress including scuttling the Bambi Spaceborne Missile Defense System in 1962 but then someone transferred essential data to Russia.   That classified data indeed had been transferred to Russia as confirmed by US Intelligence Reports.

          Thus, the mysterious disappearance of a complete AVRO Arrow (flyable) test aircraft probably complete with drawings, etc. should be obvious as to its delivery to Russia and the similarities of Russia's Mach 2.83 MIG-25P jet aircraft.   That's where the missing (surviving) Arrow went folks!   Yes, Canada's pride and joy, technological accomplishments, and credits were given away by treasonous jackals within the Canadian Government.   This included the causing of skilled Canadians to leave Canada ("the brain drain") for employment in other nations.   The whole show was a fantastic step backwards for Canada's aerospace industry.

          The ongoing corruption is far filthier than most people realize.   Why, for example, were certain people warned two hours in advance of the 11 September 2001 demolition of the World Trade Center Towers via the Odigo instant messaging system which linked the Middle East (the Mossad) to WTC offices?   The demolition of the WTC towers had to be an inside job, planned, financed, et al with CIA, FBI, and Mossad involvement while the Muslim dupes that carried it out may never have realized how they had been used.   The Wall Street gang needed that manufactured disaster to "justify" the bankruptcy of myriad corporations whose counterfeited securities had to be wiped off the books just like AVRO Canada's.

          Remember, when AVRO went under, People even committed suicide not simply for losing their job at AVRO but because they lost everything including their wealth invested in AVRO securities which represented a very viable growth investment until maliciously destroyed by stooges in the Canadian Government.

          Now you know why the Arrow was killed and where the lone survivor ended up.


George & Dana Brown
A Father-Son Team

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Prepared By
Father - Son Team
          George & Dana Brown
          P.O. Box 320932
          Cocoa Beach, Florida
          USA   32932-0932
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