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They Curse Themselves
And Their Children
Exodus 20:5; 34:7

The Big Opportunity

          Why The Amazing Changes:   A little more than 150 years ago motor vehicles were a figment of one's imagination.   Travel was via foot, via camel, the horse and buggy, sailing ships, etc.   About then the dam broke:   steam, electricity, the internal combustion engine, motor vehicles, aircraft ... now it's computers, worldwide internet communications, space vehicles, global positioning, travel in living room comfort, and a million other advances.   In 1929 on the 7th of January Dick Calkins' initial space science fiction strip was distributed by the John F. Dille company.   This marked the birth of Buck Rogers' space travels set 500 years into the future, in 2429 AD.   However, within 40 years man had landed on the moon.   Amazing progress was evolving exactly as predicted in the Scriptures more than 2,500 years ago (Daniel 12:4).   But not all prophecy is peaches and cream.   For example, by 2000 AD even one in eight women were being subjected to mastectomies exactly as prophesied (Ezekiel 23:34).

          Much more had been foretold in Scripture.   For those interested about 30 significant items are outlined at: Visible Prophecy: Prophecy Come True, Parts I and II:


          Serving The Wrong Crowd:   Up until a certain point in time evil powers had been given dominion over this entire world.   They had been set up to corrupt, afflict, rob, and pillage; whereas, others had been destined to lie to (to deceive) the people, inculcating disobedience to lead victims unto their desolations, etc.   In turn, those doing evil schemes curse themselves and their children for three and four generations which, if Scripture is correct, may cause them to lose out on bounties for 1,000 years or far longer.   Even then they'll be limited to a lower eternal caste.

          Let's be blunt!   Multitudes have set up themselves and their children for 1,000 years or far longer in the soon to be established Eighth Kingdom (Hell on earth).   How many have recognized the historic (now defunct:   Daniel 4:30-31) Sixth Kingdom and the succeeding Seventh Kingdom currently reigning over this unrighteous world?   Whereas, very few, only a Little Flock, are soon to enter the more righteous Congregation as the Firstfruits.

          Even the Four Great Powers (Social Power, Religious Power, Spirit Power, and Political-economic Power) as beasts (destroyers) are very, very real.   Multitudes serve but don't want to recognize them as beasts because they, themselves, are part of the show.   Whereas, times are changing as elements of the Four Powers become carpenters (builders) to fray the beasts (Zechariah 1:18-21).

          Yes, everyone can recognize vast, sudden changes upon this world:   the horse and buggy, no electricity, and outhouses (the good old days) to space vehicles, computers, and worldwide communications in barely 100 years.   However, today everyone can also recognize the growing world turmoil, the famines, the thievery, the murders, wars, oppressions, and those serving and protecting evil and evildoers.   The payola to do nothing, to transfer blame and liability to victims, to come against whistleblowers, the deception and lying to the public, serving the cursed Canaanites holding GOD'S Holy Ark captive (Zechariah 5:4; Joshua 7:1-26), and failure to help the LORD against evil and evildoers (Psalm 94:16; Judges 5:23; etc.) ... all are signs of the times.   We've been living through "the Beginning of Sorrows."

          Remember, Social Power includes the media; Religious Power includes Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, et al; Spirit Power involves unseen forces guiding the show; and, Political-economic Power includes public servants from the top to the bottom and myriad other economic entities.   All have been forewarned to "Come out of her, My people...," "Deliver thyself," etc.   And serving evil activities of the beasts either directly or indirectly (by keeping silent and doing nothing) is serving the beasts (Isaiah 31:2).   Whereas, the carpenters soon "fray" the beasts.   Also see:   "Schedule of Events," number 10 on the special menu.

          Getting Educated:   Some people spend much of this life in schools, colleges, and universities with an intent to enhance their progress through this life.   What is not taught or very poorly taught is:   (1) Biblical history and prophecy with emphasis on prophetic events; (2) The behind-the-scenes rulers and organizations controlling and influencing the operations of this world; (3) The existence of blatant ongoing thievery robbing national treasuries, corporations, individuals, etc.; and, (4) The realization that GOD has both a Right and a Left and that all humanity has been cautioned to be aware of the operations of each (Psalm 28:5; Isaiah 5:12; etc.)

          What is equally important is that all humanity has been admonished to oppose the evil, evildoers, and their helpers and to obey GOD in righteousness.   Those who refuse to do so curse themselves and their children.   Claiming ignorance is no excuse!   Those who avoid coming to help against evildoers will surely have a 1,000 years or far longer to realize the errors of their ways.

Those who refuse to help Curse themselves and their children

          Yes, evildoers and those who support and protect them curse themselves and their children (Exodus 20:5; 34:7; Isaiah 31:2).

The Faithful Believe And Act;
Whereas, Those Who Don't Believe Won't Act.
The Faithless Wait To See What Happens Before Obeying;
Then, For Them It's Too Late!
Their Big Opportunity Will Have Passed Them By.

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