Directories Within Brian's Estate


Brian's Hats:   A collection of URL's to pages that expedite "Understanding The Past, Present, and Future" as set forth in Scripture.


Brian's House:   Ten Rooms:


The Giant, his gang, and their scams.


The demise of the thieves foretold.


GOD'S Holy Days foreshadow events.


Letters inform people and organizations.


Why world troubles are growing.


GOD'S Marriage Laws, an example of GOD'S Laws disregarded by humanity.


How we got here and where we're headed.


Biblical Prophecy versus reality attest to validity of Scriptures.


Warning not to partake of world sins.


Those who come to the help of the LORD (Psalm 94:16):   notifying authorities and citizens of criminal wrongdoings.

Special Menu (Brian's House):   Beware Of Serving Evil And Evildoers.   A guided tour through Brian's Estate.


Brian's Annex:   Ancient to modern historic events, structures, locations including:   The Temple Of People Vs Temples Of Stone (incl:   Mini Slide Shows), origin of African history, Noah's Ark in Arabia, Edenic Valley, City of Cain (Chanoch), Ancient Nuzi Map, Chanoch's water supply, GOD'S Holy Arks (two await recovery).   (Pending:   Exodus crossing place).


Brian's Theatre:   Show Time:   Diagrams describe End Times Schedule plus several slide shows total about 275 slides.   It deals primarily with the Seventh Kingdom, a transitional kingdom, and the ensuing battles as The Firstfruits prepare to form the nucleus of the Eternal Kingdom.


Brian's Study:   Basic considerations, answering viewers' questions, miscellaneous topics that help explain matters, the Biblical Chronology from the beginning, and handy Biblical references orient around the 46 year turning point now underway.

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