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Paycheck Patriots Cower In Fear

A Sample Of Goliath's Evil

1. Corruption And Curses Foretold: Scripture describes such flagrant thievery and inactivity by authorities (Isaiah 10:13-14; 17:14; 42:22-24; Jeremiah 5:15-17; Daniel 11:14).   Scripture also sets forth a detailed schedule of events, warns evildoers and those who help them, and foretells that wrongdoers including those helping them shall repay even the last mite (Isaiah 31:2; Luke 12:59).   This would include Lawyers, Judges, Legislators, Governors, Attorney Generals, Presidents, and others who fail to act and thereby protect such thievery by agents serving International Organized Crime and harassment of whistleblowers.   That is, wrongdoers and their supporters curse themselves and their children for three and four generations, i.e. 100 years (Exodus 20:5; 34:7).   For a Biblical slide show "History And Prophecy: Schedule of Events" See:


2. Ongoing Treasonous And Felonious Activities: Flagrant ongoing criminal activities within the Several States and the world include:

    (A) Counterfeiting Operations: It is common knowledge that Market Operators short sell, sell what they do not own.   What is not common knowledge is that such large scale routine activities are conducted for the purposes of siphoning vast sums from the public by selling bogus, counterfeit receipts, manipulating prices, and falsifying publicly reported data on behalf of International Organized Crime.   As such, International Organized Crime and their agents profusely profit via secret omnibus accounts whose existence has been documented in the midst of voluminous US Congressional Reports.

    (B) Selling Property Belonging To Others Constitutes Selling Stolen Property: In reality this short selling by the Market Operators involves the sale of other peoples' property without the individual owners' true knowledge of what's going on, without their consent to this true activity, and without compensating the owners (a portion of whose property has been sold).   The true purposes of selling bogus, counterfeit receipts are: (1) to artificially adversely manipulate price of both legitimate and bogus receipts; and, (2) to provide a profuse flow of money into secret unaudited private accounts described as omnibus accounts as opposed to trading accounts.   This in itself is blatant robbery.

    (C) Legitimate Versus Illegitimate Markets: If the markets were truly operating in accord with public supply and demand, there would be no short selling allowed by the Market Operators taking the side or positions opposite the public.   And daily price motion in individual receipts would be restricted based upon the number of legitimate receipts available to the public.   And every receipt would be identified to the current legitimate owner (not "street name") and would have a documented pedigree verifying that it was legitimately issued by the corporation involved.   Whereas, the act of illegally watering legitimate receipts with bogus, counterfeit receipts artificially increases supply and thereby prevents holders of legitimate receipts from enjoying a higher legitimate price for their assets determined by public supply and demand.   Also, such illegitimate receipts deprive the corporation of rightful operating capital normally acquired through legitimate sales of such receipts in a fair, legitimate market.

    (D) Deceiving The Public And Their Corporations: Whereas, when Market Operators commence selling bogus receipts opposite the public while lowering and restraining price, the public tends to buy more on-balance due to the lower prices.   Therefore, the Market Operators have absolutely no intent nor ability to repurchase their bogus, counterfeit receipts pursuant to a legitimate public supply and demand.   In a fair market the Market Operators would soon be bankrupted should the individual corporations remain healthy and prosperous.   Therefore, those corporations are slated for deliberately engineered bankruptcy using a broad variety of tactics.

    (E) Illegal Activities Harm Everyone: Furthermore, the illegal artificial negative manipulation of prices while selling an abundance of bogus, counterfeit receipts not only artificially lowers the prices of individual receipts but also in concerted periodic actions removes trillions of dollars of buying power from the people and nation's economy.   This, in addition to robbing multitudes and their corporations, artificially impedes the normal economic well being of the Several States and of the world.   It causes lost jobs, lost homes, bankruptcies, and economic hardships impacting all citizens and their corporations.   Whereas, agents serving International Organized Crime, profiting from the sale of illegitimate receipts, both endeavor to eliminate their liability to repurchase and remove bogus receipts from the markets through induced corporate bankruptcies and/or by artificially induced public sale of receipts at extremely low manipulated prices as economic hard times are deliberately induced.

    (F) Summary: The criminal operations of the nation's and world markets whose agents operate freely within the Several States, under license by the Several States, and under oversight by the Several States become very, very obvious when it is realized that the Market Operators:

        (1) Take the side (position) opposite the public;

        (2) Sell bogus, counterfeit receipts that were never legally issued by the corporations involved;

        (3) Manipulate prices contrary to public supply and demand;

        (4) Falsify publicly reported data to better conceal their criminal operations;

        (5) Are served by brokerage outlets throughout the Several States and worldwide to act as sales outlets and distribution agents for their whole sordid operations;

        (6) Freely utilize Federal, State, and local authorities to harass and imprison innocent whistleblowers.

    (G) More Obvious Evidence: Evidence that International Organized Crime exists is plainly visible with one glance at the U.S. pseudo national debt and the rip-off of the US Treasury and Taxpayers including all citizens.   "Borrowing" trillions of paper dollars via accounting notations is ridiculous when the US Treasury could handle the whole affair without paying a dime of interest.   Instead, the US Government pays the thieves more than a Billion dollars a day of Taxpayers' money ($363.8 Billion in 1998 alone).   That's called "interests" now add payments called "principle".   This deprives all Taxpayers.   Such monies could have been used for roads, interstates, high-speed rail, schools and education, health, space and science programs, etc.   So, all citizens are being deprived by this unmitigated thievery.   Even paper (printed) bills (when needed) are printed by the US Treasury at cost or less.   What a scam!

3. Protecting International Organized Crime: This criminal conspiracy and wickedness could not exist without the cooperation, knowledge of, and protection by the Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Department Of Justice, and myriad other Federal entities plus those controlling the media who by their conspiracy of silence aid and abet the whole operation.   Again, see paragraph 1 above with attention to Isaiah 31:2; 10:13-14.

4. Matters Have Been Brought To The Attention Of Authorities Pursuant To The Dictates Of The Law: See: The 2000 Florida Statutes, Title XLVI, Chapter 876.33, Misprision of Treason.   Also, see 18 USCA, Sec. 4, Misprision of Felony.


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