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GOD'S Holy Days

Weekly, And Monthly


          A unique application of GOD'S Holy Days is that they foreshadow certain End Times Events and provide a more detailed skeletal structure for the Final 42 Year-Hour.   Numerous other events are clustered around this skeletal structure.   That is, GOD'S Holy Days describe the position of key events within the Final 42 Year-Hour and even help to confirm the positioning of the Hour itself (Colossians 2:16-17).


          Biblical Days begin at sundown and end at sundown 24 hours later.

          The Biblical Year begins with the day of the first New Moon following the Vernal Equinox.   And, the duration of a Biblical Year is either 12 or 13 lunar months; wherefore, the 13th month is automatically inserted whenever a 13th New Moon preceds the Vernal Equinox.

          A Sabbath is any period of time divided into seven equal parts.   Thus, Scripture refers to 7 day sabbaths, 7 year sabbaths, 24½ year sabbaths (i.e. 7 times 3½), 70 year sabbaths, and a 7,000 year sabbath.

IDENTIFYING GOD'S HOLY DAYS (Overview - Leviticus 23:1-44)

Weekly And Monthly Holy Days

Holy Days Of The First Month: Abib

Holy Days Of The First And Third Months:  Abib And Sivan

Holy Days Of The Seventh Month:  Ethanim


          The Seventh Day Of The Weekly Sabbath prefigures The LORD'S Day.   It therefore is the most frequently celebrated day as it celebrates both the Seventh Day of Creation Week and the great Seventh Millennial Day from Creation, The LORD'S Day.   The latter caps off humanity's 6,000 years of history and is to be commemorated as a day of rest for the Congregation.   Now, the forces of good triumph over the forces of evil.   And, the more obedient children of GOD commence to bask in the Glory of GOD while the more disobedient children of GOD begin to suffer dire consequences for their disregard for GOD'S Laws and His Testimony.

          Humanity has been forewarned over and over and over to keep this special day Holy each week.   Even John's vision set forth in Revelations occurred when John was translated nearly 2,000 years in time into The LORD'S Day wherein we now dwell as John viewed events now evolving.

The Seventh Millennium Has Begun

          Thus, people have been forewarned to keep "the Seventh Day" Holy or die.   It is called "the Last Day" of the week and coincides with "The Third Day From The 5 BC Birth Of Jesus."   It also is called "the great day of the LORD'S wrath" and "a day of joy and gladness" for those who enter the eternal Congregation.   Therefore, each "Seventh Day," prefiguring "The LORD'S Day," should be recognized and honored by everyone.   Again, GOD ordained that it be kept as a "day of rest" for all humanity as a sign between GOD and His people.

          Creation Week: The Seventh Day of each week also commemorates the first sabbath of days wherein GOD created the earth and everything therein.   He then ended His work and rested on the Seventh Day.   GOD then hallowed the Seventh Day as a day of rest for all humanity and commanded that all humanity should rest on the Seventh Day of each week (Sabbath) (Genesis 2:2-3; Exodus 20:8-11).

Creation Week A Sabbath Of Days: 7 equal parts

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          There Are Many Sabbaths: The weekly sabbath (seven days) prefigures the Millennial Sabbath wherein the seventh millennial day is The LORD'S Day.   In addition, Scripture established two seven day annual Holy Periods (The Week Of Unleavened Bread and The Week Of Tabernacles), a Seven Year Sabbath wherein the Seventh Year is a year of rest.   This Seven Year Sabbath also applies to GOD'S Betrothal wherein the seventh year is the year of release if the marriage is not yet consummated.   Furthermore, GOD established two Seventy Year Sabbaths identified as Jeremiah's (Isaiah and Zechariah's) and Daniel's seventy year intervals which are offset by 30 years.   That is, Jeremiah's 70 years began in the Spring of 1918 AD and Daniel's 70 years began in the Spring of 1948 AD.

         References:  Leviticus 23:3; Matthew 6:10; 24:21; Genesis 2:2-3; Deuteronomy 5:12-15; Exodus 20:8-11; 31:12-17; 35:1-3; Isaiah 13:6-9; 56:1-8; Psalm 91:1-16; Joel 1:14-15; 2:1-2,11,30-31; Amos 5:18; Revelation 1:10; 6:17; Luke 21:22; Zephaniah 1:2,7-8,14-18; John 6:39-40,44,54; 7:37; 11:24; 12:48; Hebrews 4:1-12; Leviticus 26:34-35,43; Jeremiah 25:11-12; 29:10-14; Isaiah 23:15-18; Zechariah 1:12; Daniel 9:2,24-27.


          When Celebrated:  The New Moons are the second most frequently celebrated Holy Day as they identify the first day of each month.   That is, the first New Moon following the Vernal Equinox identifies New Years Day of each Biblical Year and the subsequent New Moons identify the 2nd, 3rd, 4th ... thru the 12th and sometimes 13th month.

          Note that if the New Moon occurs after sundown, the fast of the New Moon commences at sundown.   If the New Moon occurs before sundown, then the fast of the New Moon commences with the previous sundown as each day extends from sundown to sundown.   Thus, at times, the day of the New Moon may vary by one day depending on a person's location.

          The New Moon Is A Fast Day:  A Biblical fast day involves no food from sundown to sundown but, as a cleansing agent, drink plenty of water.   Sharing your food with others involves sharing the Word.   Note:  every day is a time for sharing food with the needy which includes both the Word and that which nourishes the physical body.

         Fasting is a simple exercise of self restraint, choosing obedience despite the pleasures and addictions of life.

         Fasting is voluntary and not to be imposed on animals, little children and infants, the sick, and the infirm not aware of matters.

          The Meaning Of The New Moon:  Like the visible manifestation of the apparent sun overtaking the moon, the true light overtaking the image; the New Moon foreshadows the glorious events of Atonement.

           Note that the fast of Trumpets (the first day of the seventh month) heralded the arrival of The LORD'S Day as it prefigured the year 6001.   However, the year 6001 from Creation came and went virtually without recognition.   Nevertheless, The LORD'S Day is here.   And the next annual Holy Day following Trumpets is Atonement which prefigures events of the year 6010 from Creation.

          Atonement, of course, is when the True overtakes the Image, when the Messiah officially receives His Kingdom, and when the Betrothed Wife is given unto the SON (Daniel 7:13-14,18; Revelation 11:15; Exodus 21:2,7-11; Psalm 110:1-4; Matthew 22:44; Mark 12:36; Luke 20:42-43).   So, again, the fast of each New Moon involves self-restraint and obedience, just as required for entering the Kingdom (Deuteronomy 30:1-3; Isaiah 56:1-8; Psalm 94:16; Exodus 23:20-25).   Again, each New Moon prefigures Trumpets and Atonement.

          Moving the dial 10 degrees (years) moves events from New Years Day (year) of the Seventh Millennium to Atonement year, the 10th year (Isaiah 38:8; 37:3; 14:28; II Kings 20:1-11; Daniel 12:11-12).   Remember, Satan opened not the house of his prisoners (Isaiah 14:17; 49:9; 61:1; Revelation 2:10) prefigured by Pharaoh's refusal to heed the Word of GOD via Moses (Exodus 5:1 thru 12:39).

          Celebrating The New Moon:  Since each day of the New Moon is to be kept Holy unto the LORD:  in addition to fasting from sundown to sundown observers are required to rest, take it easy, do no work, and turn from the ways of the world.   This includes no traveling, no laundry, no shopping (buying and selling), no washing vehicles, no yard work, no ball games, etc.

          Don't light fires refers to no cooking and no working.   It does not prohibit lighting fires to keep warm.   However, people are responsible for getting fuel, chopping wood, etc. beforehand.

          Note that emergencies, caring for animals, caring for the sick and injured, caring for children and the elderly, etc. are exempted.

          Scripture does not require any special festivities at the moment (time) of the sun's transit of the moon ... the whole 24 hour day is a time of fasting.

          New Moon References Colossians 2:16-17; Isaiah 58:3-7; 66:23; Zechariah 7:3-7; 8:19; Ezekiel 46:3; Daniel 9:3; Leviticus 23:26-32; 16:29-31; Psalm 118:15-16; Isaiah 40:10.

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