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How Can I Help?

          Step 1:   Get your own act straight.   Start with obeying GOD'S Ten Commandments and His other righteous laws including keeping His Weekly Seventh Day, His New Moon Fast Days, and His Seven Annual Holy Periods while forsaking the myriad heathen feast days and ways.

          Step 2:   Learn what's going on (See below for a start).

          Step 3:   Oppose the roots of corruption but, remember, thou shalt not kill and vengeance belongs unto GOD.

          Step 4:   Warn the world and your neighbors.   Explain what's happening (Ezekiel 3:17-21; 33:1-6).


          Humanity has been dwelling under Satan's dominion under the Left hand of GOD (Luke 4:5-7; Psalm 28:5; Isaiah 5:12; etc.); whereas, GOD'S plan is to install a new kingdom dwelling in righteousness under Jesus Christ under the Right hand of GOD.   And the whole transition takes place right here on earth (Isaiah 45:17-18; 4:2; 52:12; Psalm 104:5; Hosea 2:23; Isaiah 14:2; Psalm 2:8; 72:1-20; Jeremiah 23:5).

          "Thy kingdom come.   Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven ... For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever.   Amen."

Matthew 6:10,13
Luke 11:2

          This unique kingdom will be 1,500 years in building and is to be assembled as four castes.   Meanwhile, Satan's domain will continue and eventually forms the lowest caste, the Tares or outcasts, whose "lake of fire" will be dwelling as menial servants with minimal bounties of GOD.   Thus, much is to happen between when humanity entered The LORD'S Day, the Seventh Millennial Day, in the Spring of 1996 AD and "the end of these wonders" (Daniel 12:6-7).   Therefore, let's examine events starting with ongoing conditions.


          There are Four Great Powers called "Beasts" (destroyers) when serving the Left and "Carpenters" (builders) when serving the Right.   So, (1) Social Power would include the media and the many, many groups created for various reasons.   (2) Religious Power encompasses the uncountable Religious Leaders and their flocks.   (3) Spirit Power is the intangible Power that either helps or opposes.   And (4) Political-economic Power encompasses everyone from the heads of Government on the national level on down to State/Provincial and Local entities plus the couple hundred other nations around the world who are approachable either directly via their leaders or via their UN Representatives or via their Embassies and/or via their Citizens.

Now learn a parable of the fig tree

          "... This generation (70 years: Daniel 9:2,24-27; Psalm 90:10) shall not pass (end), till all these things be fulfilled."

Matthew 24:34
Mark 13:30; Luke 21:32


          Theoretically, the tasks outlined as steps 1,2,3, and 4 appear quite insurmountable for a lone individual (Jeremiah 1:4-10).   But if ten were to help one, then that ten could turn into a hundred, and the hundred could become a thousand, etc.   Soon millions could be helping to oppose evildoers.   Remember, when Aaron and Hur helped Moses, Joshua prevailed (Exodus 17:8-14).


          Those who read the Koran should know that Muslim true believers are instructed to pay heed to the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament), to pay heed to the Gospels (the first four books of the New Testament), and not to make a distinction between the Prophets (i.e. place them all in context) (Sura 2:137; 3:2-3,45-52,84; 4:136,150-152; 5:43-48,66-68; 10:37).   The Koran goes on to admonish readers that "none can change His word," that although the Scriptures are translated into many tongues the sense always remains the same when matters are placed in context (Sura 2:137,285; 18:27).   Furthermore, when the Koran refers to Jesus as not the Son of GOD it is saying that GOD did not come and have sex with the Virgin Mary, the Betrothed Wife of Joseph.   GOD simply willed that Mary be with child and she was.   After all, are we not all children of GOD (sons and daughters) be we good or evil?   And, if we are children of GOD, Jesus must certainly be His righteous, chosen Son that sitteth at the Right hand of GOD (Psalm 110:1; Sura 4:170-171; 10:68; 18:2-4; 43:83-84).   Conversely, everyone should recognize that Satan has been reigning under GOD'S left (Psalm 28:5; Isaiah 5:12; I Kings 22:19-23; Job 23:9; Luke 4:5-7; Jeremiah 25:11-12; Sura 90:20; etc.).   Note also:   The Koran, like the Old and New Testaments, speaks in all manner of parables (Sura 2:26-27; 3:6; 18:54; Psalm 78:2; Matthew 13:3,10,13,16-17,34-35; 22:1).


          Now when we examine the myriad different religious groups we must ask, What happened to the admonition not to add to nor diminish from (no substitutions for) the Word of GOD (Deuteronomy 4:2; Proverbs 30:5-6; Matthew 5:17-19; Revelation 22:18-19)?   Thus, myriad groups have crucified the Word (Revelation 19:12-13).   Therefore, anyone should be able to recognize those prefigured by the two false witnesses (Matthew 26:60-61; Mark 14:57-59) that lay dead in the streets for three and a half days (three and a half millennial days) (Revelation 11:3-11).   That's the same time, times, and a half time described by Daniel and Revelation (Daniel 7:25; 12:7; Revelation 12:14) that began with the 5 BC Birth of Jesus and extends unto the midst of the Eighth Millennium.


          The problem has been that the "Beasts" have been running the show in Satan's domain.   That is, Satan was quite proud of his corrupted Sixth Kingdom run by Jewry playing the role of Canaanites while falsely claiming to be Israel.   However, when they took GOD'S Holy Ark captive GOD took away their sceptre (Daniel 4:30-31; 5:25-28; Genesis 49:1,10; Revelation 13:1-10; Zechariah 5:4) and gave it to a new throne, a dual throne (the Christians and Muslims), the two witnesses called the Seventh Kingdom (Revelation 17:10-11; 13:11-18).   Meanwhile, Satan has been turned out to pasture for a brief span as his powers have been somewhat restricted (Daniel 4:32-33).   However, instead of cleaning up vast corruption in this world, the Christians and Muslims, described as the Ten Tribes (Revelation 17:12-17), have been fighting each other while described as the North and the South (Daniel 11) and as the Medes and Persians (Daniel 5:28).   The North has "hair like women" (Revelation 9:7-8) (i.e. shaven faces:   no male facial hair); whereas, the South has full beards, like David's men (II Samuel 10:4-5; Leviticus 19:27; 21:5; Proverbs 16:31).   They're also described as two horns (powers) and the higher comes up last (Daniel 8:3).

          Remember, when the ancient Prophets were writing ... the names Christian, Muslim, Islam, etc. did not yet exist so the Prophets of old had to improvise to identify the parties involved.


          It also should be noted that Jewry is that Little Horn (power) of Daniel 7:8,11,20-25; 8:9.   And that the Little Horn, like Amalek, will still be around to harass and afflict those within the Tares who endeavor to be righteous throughout the reign of both the Seventh and Eighth Kingdoms of the North.   Thus, there are very serious consequences emerging for those who demanded Jesus' crucifixion and death (Matthew 27:25; Luke 23:13-24) and who, in these more recent years, took GOD'S Holy Ark captive (Zechariah 5:4; Joshua 7:1-26).   Most will not heed the admonition to "Come out of her, My people ... Deliver thyself" (Revelation 18:4; Jeremiah 51:6; Zechariah 2:6).

The 22 Year Reign Of The Seventh Kingdom


          Matters get even more interesting when one examines Zechariah 1:18-21 which speaks of the Four Carpenters coming forth to fray the Four Beasts.   Scripture and events indicate that the arrival of the Four Carpenters is at hand.   Therefore, those who stand against the Beasts may find themselves accepted as part of The Firstfruits, the Little Flock (Luke 12:32; Psalm 94:16; Exodus 23:20-25; Judges 5:23).

          Meanwhile, those who serve evil and evildoers either directly or by doing nothing may soon realize their mistake.   Indeed, they will realize their mistake when they are clearly stuck in Satan's Eighth Kingdom for up to 1,000 years or more of hell in Satan's domain (Daniel 4:34-37; Revelation 12:7-17; 14:14-20; et al).   Yes, faith without works is dead or nonexistent faith (James 2:14-26).


          At this point it may be appropriate to review the make up of The Firstfruits.   Initially, (1) a Human Shepherd has been brought forth, then (2) the First Of The Firstfruits are followed by (3) a Main Harvest Of The Firstfruits and, last but not least, (4) the Gleanings Of The Firstfruits.   This entire group is described as a Little Flock (Luke 12:32; Revelation 14:1-5) or Remnant (Jeremiah 31:7).   And the Gleanings of this group are described as those who must die for their beliefs and witnessing (Revelation 6:9,11; 13:15; 14:13; 20:4).   That is, people who procrastinate and wait until they see the Main Harvest Of The Firstfruits must pay a price.   Yes, Jesus died because of the sins of humanity NOT to permit disobedient humanity to serve Satan with immunity and impunity.

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3).

For More Details See The Seven Part Slide Show Titled, "Schedule Of Events."


          As humanity entered The LORD'S Day in the Spring of 1996 AD there were few if any people obeying the Word of GOD.   Even the Human Shepherd had to be lifted from his sins and iniquities (Zechariah 3:1-10; Deuteronomy 9:3-6).   And although scoffers and false teachers abound the LORD brought forth the First of the Firstfruits.   So, when the Main Harvest of the Firstfruits listened and obeyed the Word they too were to be brought into the Betrothed Kingdom, a temporary or conditional group preparing for the Solemn Assembly.   Meanwhile, the Gleanings of the Firstfruits, who had rejected the Word, change their minds upon seeing the Main Harvest of the Firstfruits.   Now, they decide that they want to "get on the bandwagon."   However, for them it won't be quite so easy.   They are those who must die for their beliefs and witnessing.   Therefore, a word to the wise is to get with it and help while the getting is good (Judges 5:23; Psalm 94:16; Exodus 23:20-25).

Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. (Revelation 22:14).


          The nature of the battle we're in and the prophetic outcome stresses the importance of taking a positive stand regardless of the corrupt policies and practices of the rulers and those they support and protect.   That is, resistance to robbery, deceit, whoredom, tyranny, aggression, oppression, and other evils is obedience to GOD; whereas, for a ruler to reign unjustly is for the ruler to serve evil and to rebel against GOD'S righteousness (Daniel 4:17).   And rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (I Samuel 15:22-23).

          Remember, Hitler ascended to greater power by rallying people to his national unity party, waving flags and banners everywhere.   His "War Powers Act" was called "The Enabling Act" which allowed Hitler and his cohorts to do as they pleased.   Hitler's "Enabling Act" severely curtailed the rights and freedoms of the German people.   And people who did not cooperate were dealt with accordingly.   Thus, on 1 September 1939 Hitler declared war and invaded Poland to begin World War II.   That was "about" 62 years before war was initiated against Muslims 7 October 2001 (Daniel 5:31).   So, why would the US Congress follow in Nazi footsteps 62 years later?   But 62 years ago the Canaanites were the behind-the-scenes world rulers … today there are two powers, Christian and Islam, only now the two powers are serving and protecting the Canaanites' corrupt operations both in nations worldwide and in the Holy Lands.

For further details see:   "The Biblical Meaning Of 11 September 2001":

          Serving and protecting those holding GOD'S Holy Arks captive while the people keep silent forebodes great troubles (Zechariah 5:4; Joshua 7:1-26).   Pretending the Canaanites are Israel while the Canaanites freely terrorize and freely kill their victims cannot be condoned by righteous people.   Similarly, planning, motivating, and inducing victims of terrorism to bring down the World Trade Center towers (Isaiah 30:25; Zephaniah 1:16); then distributing biological spores undoubtedly prepared by agents within Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland; transferring blame and liability to an impoverished nation; then conducting an anti Muslim war (bombing and killing innocents; maliciously destroying homes, roads, utilities, etc.; creating internal strife to turn brother against brother and the shedding of more blood) to cripple and bring harm to those opposing the evil Canaanites.   However, the real behind-the-scenes motivators, the real sources of troubles and economic strife, are International Organized Crime and their Wall Street agents benefiting from the myriad induced bankruptcies, the myriad lost jobs, the created national paranoia and turmoil, and the induced progressive inflation.


          Yes, the Scams, especially the obvious robbery of the US Treasury and the Wall Street thievery, couldn't exist if the FBI and CIA were not a party thereto.   Those pretending "It's not happening!" are just as evil as the malefactors actually corrupting matters and bringing harm to people everywhere.   Thus, The Firstfruits will stand up and be counted regardless of the Four Great Beasts promoting, protecting, and motivating evil.

          Today, as humanity enters The LORD'S Day, the Wall Street bankers and their counterparts worldwide are endeavoring to engineer another 1929 depression or another disastrous world war to destroy selected business and industry and to bankrupt myriad businesses thereby wiping out an abundance of oversold (counterfeit) receipts sold to the naïve public.   Therefore, authorities, the media, and citizens who remain silent are protecting and serving evil and evildoers.   The consequences are obvious!

Understanding The Past, Present, And Future


The Scams:
Evils Being Supported And Protected By Corrupted Authorities



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