Counting From The 5 BC Birth Of Christ
The Year 2000 Ended In 1996 AD
The LORD'S Day Is Here

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A Broad But Detailed Discussion Of Prophetic End Times Events Lays Out The Schedule Now Unfolding.   Reality Becomes Obvious!   Matters Are No Longer Hidden.

Slavery To International Organized Crime (Goliath) Robs Nations, People, And Corporations.   Corruption In Government And Wall Street.   Biblical History And Prophecy Coming True.   Scripture Explains End Times Events In Detail.   The 35 Years Of Severe Tribulations Are Only The Beginning For Wrongdoers.   Humanity Divides Into Two Kingdoms:  The Holy Kingdom Survives But The Tares Will Suffer Afflictions.   Their Doomsday Is Coming.   The Temple Will Be Built.   GOD'S Holy Ark Taken Captive, The Glory Of GOD Returns, The Eternal Congregation Becomes True Israel.   The Second Exodus Is Now Underway.   Prepare For The Glorious Solemn Assembly And Utopia.

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THE BATTLE:  A glimpse at Goliath's efforts to unseat President Bill Clinton who inherited the world throne that once belonged to others.



The Giant, His Gang, And Their Scams Rob The People, Their National Treasury, And Nations Worldwide (Isaiah 10:13-14).

THE WORLD SCEPTRE:  The Panorama From Brian's Front Door.   Begin your tour of Brian's House here.

THE GIANT:  Seeing Goliath From Brian's House:  King Saul and successors cower in fear.   Goliath's "Starr" blackmailed Saul using White Water, Sex, and whatever; but, nary a word about the vile Scams #1, #2, #3, etc.   And, "Put the blame on 'that other party,' NOT on Goliath."   Meanwhile, the Giant, His Gang, and their Scams continue robbing the People, their National Treasury, and Nations throughout the world while the controlled media remains silent (Isaiah 10:13-14).

" is she become a tributary!"
Lamentations 1:1

A SAMPLE OF GOLIATH'S EVIL:  A preview of the Scams.

THE GANG VERSUS THE GATHERING:  Those Who Serve The Gang Are Part Of The Gang; Whereas, Those Who Serve GOD In Righteousness Become Part Of The Gathering.

SCAM #1:  International Organized Crime is ripping off the people via the National Treasury while being aided, abetted, and protected by the US Government.   This amounts to about $350 Billion annually in bogus interest and far more when payments of bogus principle and wages of agents on the public payrolls are considered.   Why isn't the White House, The Congress, The Justice Department, The FBI, etc. doing anything to stop this larceny? Slavery is illegal!   So, why do slavemasters take a cut out of every paycheck before the workers get to spend it?   People who don't "volunteer" go to prison and/or have their property seized.   Again, that's illegal slavery plain and simple.   The Scriptures foretold of this larceny.

SCAM #2:  International Organized Crime is controlling the national markets selling bogus counterfeit receipts while being aided, abetted, and protected by the US Government.   Legitimate receipts are being severely "watered" and companies are being deliberately damaged and bankrupted to eliminate the thieves' liabilities to repurchase their counterfeit receipts.   Again, why isn't Government protecting the public interests?   The Scriptures foretold of this larceny.   It's the same age-old scam used by the thieves in the Temples and by the Gold Merchants of old.   Thievery is thievery!

Three significant hyperlinks that supplement SCAM #2 are identified here for your convenience:

    1. Copy Of:  US Senate Subcommittee Letter Dated 30 January 1974.   This letter acknowledges the existence of SCAM #2, the responsibility of US Government enforcement agencies, and the intricate tie-in between organized crime and stock manipulations.

    2. Diagram Of Dow Jones Industrial Average (1964 thru 1974) whose explanation thereof clearly reveals the artificial nature of the DJIA to further verify SCAM #2.

    3. Market Operations provides a further explanation of SCAM #2 that everyone, including all investors and corporate management, should know and understand.

The chicanery could materialize with a deliberately concocted depression far worse than the 1929-1930's maliciously engineered debacle if people do nothing.   The 35 years of Severe Tribulations are here

SCAM #3:  International Organized Crime's international loan scam robbing nations everywhere.

SCAM #4:  International Organized Crime's invasion of the USA.   I.O.C.'S conquest and control of the US Senate:  to pervert the nation's laws, to usurp State's sovereignty over the US Senate, and to control corrupted Government ... all in order to facilitate I.O.C.'S robbery of the US Treasury, I.O.C.'S robbery of the citizenry and their corporations, and I.O.C.'S robbery of nations everywhere.

SCAM #5:  International Organized Crime's role in taking GOD'S Holy Ark prisoner in 1985 is bringing great troubles upon themselves, upon those serving and protecting them, and upon their children (Exodus 20:5;34:7).   Yes, taking GOD'S Holy Ark captive is a most serious offence (Zechariah 5:4; Joshua 7:1-26; Judges 5:23).

If a human can be "the apple of His eye" (Zechariah 2:8), how much worse can it be for those responsible for seizing GOD'S Holy Ark over which The Glory Of GOD (Shiloh) appears?   What about those who financed and help maintain this wrongful captivity?   Yes, what a way to acquire damnation and to take your servants and their children with you!

HOW CAN I HELP?   Four suggested steps that The Firstfruits might follow plus a brief description of the overall plan and participants therein.

FRAYING THE FOUR BEASTS:   Describes the Four Unrighteous Powers.   Elements of the Four Powers become as Carpenters (builders) to fray the Beasts (destroyers).   The great battle between good and evil undergoes changes as the good enters the picture.


The Demise Of The Thieves And Those Serving Them Has Been Foretold. The Prophetic End Times Schedule Can Be Seen By Anyone As The Cup Now Changes Hands.

"THEY SHALL FALL"   The Demise Of Thieves And Those Serving Them.   Scams show the reality of Bible Prophecy.   Prophecy also describes the fall of thieves and their supporters.   Help slay Goliath ... spread the word and keep complaining.

WHEN WILL THE THIEVES FALL:  Everyone knows that humanity existed for thousands of years before progressing beyond the horse and buggy era.   Then, in less than 70 years (1900-1970), humanity suddenly leapt into the Space Age.   Humanity now has entered a unique "final 42 year-hour" (1/24 times 1,000) wherein all sorts of events are evolving.   Even the demise of the thieves (the transfer of the cup) has been foretold.   The 46 year Turning Point is defined.


GOD'S Holy Days
Weekly, Monthly, Annual, And Schedule.

GOD'S HOLY DAYS provide unique details of the End Times Schedule as each foreshadows End Times Events.

    1. Overview, Weekly And Monthly Holy Days:  Highlight the two most frequently celebrated days that foreshadow and stress the most important of events for which all humanity has existed:  (1) The arrival of The LORD'S Day; (2) The manifestation of His eternal Kingdom; and, (3) The punishment of the disobedient, the wicked.

    2. Seven Annual Holy Periods:  Explain how each of the annual Holy Periods assemble to provide a skeletal framework for End Times Events:

      1. Passover:  Explains the completion of the initial 14 Preparation Years and the Proclamation of Liberty.

      2. Week Of Unleavened Bread:  Celebrates the whole 7,000 years from Creation as it deals with the eternal Congregation's transition from the land of the North unto the Southland.

      3. 50 Days Of Pentecost:  Deal with events more from a perspective of the first and third millennial days from the 5 BC Birth of Christ.

      4. Fast Of Trumpets:  Heralds the arrival of The LORD'S Day, events of Atonement, and the glorious Solemn Assembly.

      5. Fast Of Atonement:  The great division now materializes as the more righteous overcome the wicked; and, the wicked, the tares, begin to be segregated from the eternal Congregation.   Now, the more righteous Kingdom is placed under the Messiah.

      6. Week Of Tabernacles:  Prefigures the consecration of the lost in preparation for their fire and brimstone millennial death.

      7. Solemn Assembly:  Celebrates the arrival of the Messiah and the glorious consummation of the Congregation's marriage.   At this point their temporary, conditional, marriage is made permanent.

    3. The Schedule Of GOD'S Holy Days  for the years 6007, 6008, and 6009 from Creation (i.e. 2002-2003, 2003-2004, and 2004-2005 AD Spring to Spring).


These Letters Could Be To Any Of Thousands Of Corporations. They Bring Scam #2 Into Focus.

LETTER TO:  CHRISTIAN COMMON LAW INSTITUTE who stated in simple terms:  "... the fact that those particular shares are never actually issued by a public company.   In simple terms, this means they are counterfeit shares of a public stock."

LETTER TO:  MICROSOFT (Dated 20 May '98):  Robbery In Progress: outlines a few examples of transferring blame and liability for International Organized Crime's wrongdoings.   Microsoft's Stockholders, including CEO Bill Gates, are targets of their ongoing attack to obliterate I.O.C.'S liabilities to repurchase the myriad bogus counterfeit receipts sold to the naive public.

LETTER TO PLANET HOLLYWOOD (Dated 18 August '99):  Planet Hollywood Bankruptcy:  offers evidence that International Organized Crime's operations continue unabated while the SEC and other authorities continue serving and protecting I.O.C.

SEC MISLEADS PUBLIC:  (Florida Today newspaper article:  Dated 1 Oct. '98):  "Cities, schools take SEC heat."   An example of the SEC's ongoing support of International Organized Crime as the SEC attempts to further transfer blame and liability to victims.

LETTER TO ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA BOARD OF SUPERVISORS AND OTHERS (DATED 7 OCT. '98):  Re:  the 1993-1994 robbery of Orange County, the cities of Anaheim and Irvine, and school districts.   It's time to sue the thieves and their protectors.

POST SCRIPT TO OCCA ET AL (Dated 14 Oct '98):  This post script conveyed specific material in plain text with direct URLs.   Material should provide ample understanding regarding the illegal transfer of blame and liability to victims namely Orange County California Authorities, its communities, and citizens by the swindlesome market operators and the SEC.

  1. PETITION:   To all members of the United Nations; and, Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations.   Petition short title, "Cleansing Terrorists And Their Terrorist State From The UN and The World."

  2. LTR. DATED 21 MAY 2002:   To all members of the UN.   Subject:   Reasons Behind Growing World Problems.


  4. LINK TO PETITION:   These links are provided to avoid clogging e-mail boxes with the subject Petition and preliminary supporting letter to the same addressees.

WHY THE ARROW WAS KILLED:  A.V. Roe Canada Ltd, built the world's fastest (Mach 2+) aircraft of its day only to have the Canadian Government cancel its contacts with AVRO and then send in the military to destroy the unique state of the art aircraft and everything associated with it.   This open letter to everyone now explains why it happened and the probable destination of the one surviving Arrow aircraft.

WHY SUSPECT THAT THE LONE SURVIVING ARROW WENT TO RUSSIA?  When the overall picture is understood, the individual pieces are easier to fit together.


The Storms, Fires, Droughts, Floods, Heat, Cold, Rapes, Diseases, Accidents, Man Harassing Man, Murders, Etc. Are Growing In Frequency And Intensity! Why?   What Can Be Expected? When Will It Cease?

WHY IS IT HAPPENING?   Amazing Adversities:  reasons thieves, their supporters, and other wrongdoers ought to change their ways.   The 35 Years of Severe Tribulations outlined.


Humanity's Practices Have Obscured GOD'S Marriage Laws

GOD'S MARRIAGE LAWS:  These laws differ considerably from humanity's practices and understanding.   Yet, these laws even outline events of these end times and have never been abolished.

  • PART I:   Marriage & Family:  The prerequisites for marriage under GOD.

  • PART II:   GOD'S Betrothal & Marriage Laws:  Biblical references.

  • PART III:   Beware Of Living In Whoredom:  Whoredom under the cloak of marriage has its consequences.

A COMMON DILEMMA explains the consequences when a maiden gives her virginity to one male (who becomes her true husband) and then lives in whoredom with another.   Remember, the male marries the virgin when he goes into the maiden.



Humanity's Sojourn Through History Explains How We Got Here And Where We're Headed. Everyone Has A Choice!

THE KINGDOMS:  Thy Kingdom Come.   Seeing the Holy Kingdom exposes imposters.   The wise will act accordingly.   Remember, the world divides into two Kingdoms:  one survives and the other does not.   So, enjoy this tad of history.

  • SECTION I:   What Do The Scriptures Say:  Where Is True Israel?   None are exempt, The perversions of GOD'S marriage laws, The Israelites, The great charades.   And GOD'S marriage laws are key to knowing who's who in Scripture.

  • SECTION II:   Laying The Grounds For Today:  The Origin Of Peoples.   The post flood era, Transforming Phoenicia's mercantile empire, The preflood era, Mixing them up.

  • SECTION III:   Yes, What Have The Scriptures Been Saying?   The Congregation.   The threat, A promise, The true divisions, Captivity in the land of the North, The captivity ends and the gathering begins, The Son receives His Kingdom, The sequence.


Seeing Is Believing: Nahum's Chariots (Motor Vehicles), Women Plucking Off Their Breasts, And Much More! Prophecy Come True Can Readily Be Seen.

VISIBLE PROPHECY:   Prophecy Come True.   Events foretold thousands of years ago are evolving in our lifetimes.   Much is jam-packed into a final 42 year-hour now evolving.   Will it all come true?   Watch and see!

  • PART I:  Two Dozen Topics Are Offered In Brief.

  • PART II:  A Few More Are Discussed In Depth.


"... Be Not Partakers Of Her Sins ... That Ye Receive Not Of Her Plagues."
Revelation 18:4
Isaiah 52:11-12; Jeremiah 51:6

THE WARNING:  The Watchman's Warnings.   Sound The Trumpet ... The Internet!

SUMMARY:  Briefly reviews Humanity's great journey unto these End Times.   Reiterates a serious admonition.   Reminds people that GOD'S Holy Ark has been taken prisoner.   Then discusses the early settlement of this world.   Reiterates that GOD is the GOD of all people and that sinners need to straighten out their act or else as vengeance belongeth unto GOD.


Those Who Come To The Help Of The LORD Against The Mighty Can Begin Here (Judges 5:23; Exodus 23:20-25).

BEWARE OF SERVING EVIL AND EVILDOERS:  A Special Menu:   This is a special report dealing with International Organized Crime ripping-off the citizenry, National Treasury, etc. while being serviced and protected by authorities and others purportedly acting in the public interest.   The closer one looks, the more obvious matters become.


NEW ITEMS: The Battle Against Goliath Continues

INITIAL BRIEF   Suit against State of Florida for serving and protecting International Organized Crime and harassing whistle blowers.   Suit is brought pursuant to Misprision Laws requiring citizens to report crimes to "some judge."

STATE'S MOTION TO STRIKE, ETC.   Further evidence of State's participation to serve and protect International Organized Crime.

OBJECTION TO STATE'S MOTION TO STRIKE, ETC.   Citizen's response to the Court included the following letter with enclosures.

LETTER DATED 20 MAY 2003 TO GOV. JEB BUSH SUBJECT: "BLESSING VS. CURSES"   Transmittal letter compares attacks against whistle blowers with those more directly serving and protecting International Organized Crime.

ENCLOSURE TO 20 MAY 2003 LETTER, SUBJECT:   "HUMAN KINGS OF KINGS IN HELL"   Describes the world today under the Left Hand of GOD and the pending future as promised in Scripture.   Text offers understanding for all serious Biblical Students.

THE COURT'S RESPONSE:   The Judge chose to challenge GOD.   Defying GOD places the well-being of himself, his colleagues, and their families at stake.   This is further evidence that the Court serves International Organized Crime and not the laws and Justice.




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