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The Kingdoms

Thy Kingdom Come
Seeing The Holy Kingdom Exposes Imposters
The Wise Will Act Accordingly



Tree Of Knowledge
Of Good & Evil
Sixth Kingdom
    Seventh Kingdom --->
(Two Kings)
Eighth Kingdom
The Harvests

 Two Cherubims

Growing Up Together
      The Exodus --->
Human Shepherd
Little Flock
Great Multitude
Tree Of Life
The Holy


Left                   < - - - Seven Spirits Of GOD - - - >                 Right

Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Honors, Glory, Blessings

Left                    < - - - Four Great Powers - - - >                      Right

Social Power,  Religious Power,  Spirit Power,  Political-Economic Power

     Called "Beasts"                                                                       Called "Carpenters"
(Destroyers)                                                                                  (Builders)   
When Serving The Left                                                             When Serving The Right


          Two kingdoms, two groups ... the left and the right,*  one survives but the other will not!   Yes, one will progress towards utopia while the other suffers damnation and desolations.

          So, people have been forewarned to :  "Come out of her, My people..." (Revelation 18:4); "Flee out of the midst of Babylon (this corrupted life), and deliver every man his soul..." (Jeremiah 51:6).

          The past 100 years (from about 1900 AD) this world has experienced Manasseh's blessings but Ephraim's blessings are yet to come (Genesis 48:16-20).   The wise will be prepared.

          (*  not to be confused with the false right within the left).


          Who in their right mind would agree that Hitler and his Nazis were "the Holy Kingdom" as they promoted Lebensraum (living space) for "the master race" ... "the chosen people:"  seizing homes and properties; robbing, killing, and destroying with guns, tanks, bombs, shells, and political decrees; imprisoning the innocent; etc.?   Yes, their dominion lasted only 12 to 14 years depending on where one marks the beginning and end of their reign.

          Similarly, who in their right mind would say that "the robbers of thy people..." (Daniel 11:14) will be participants in "the Holy Kingdom;" afterall those who rob, steal, pillage, etc. are obviously violating GOD'S laws.   Were they too "chosen" to do that job (Jeremiah 5:15-17; Daniel 7:8,11,20-24; 8:9)?

          What about those who serve and/or protect such vile operations:  the public servants in Government and the media whose silence enables the protection and servitude to make their scams possible?   Even the local sheriffs and their myriad deputies daily look the other way as they ignore the multitude of outlets selling bogus counterfeit receipts to the naive citizenry.

          Yes, even the FBI from the beginning has protected the big thieves:  (1) those robbing the National Treasury; and ,   (2) the corrupted Market Operators and their servants robbing the citizenry and their corporations.   All are serving International Organized Crime.

          So, again, will those who bring harm to others, the thieves, their supporters, their protectors, etc. ... will those people be amongst "the Holy Kingdom" if they don't change their ways?   Then too, how many will give up fortunes of ill-gotten wealth and truly make legitimate sin offerings (Job 42:7-10) for their participation in the wrongs, the thievery, the oppression, the injury, and the deaths of others?   And, again, those helping and protecting the wrongdoers, are they exempt from guilt?

          Remember, the sins of the parents still come upon their children for three or four generations (i.e. about 100 years) (Exodus 20:5; 34:7).


          O.K., if a people promoting Lebensraum (living space) while calling themselves "the master race" ... "the chosen people," and while robbing, oppressing, and injuring others for up to 14 years ... if they are not "the Holy Kingdom," can others doing the same thing for more than 50 years be any different?   Can those financing, aiding, abetting, protecting, and serving such people be exempt from consequences?

          Can a heavily armed and well financed people ignore GOD'S laws while falsely calling themselves "Israel" and even taking GOD'S Holy Arks captive (Zechariah 5:4) ... can they be true Israel?   Will the imposters ever examine the Scriptures, recognize what has been going on, and atone for their vile sins?

          Yes, for example, when a marauding band of heavily armed people entered the old stone cutters' village of Dier Yassim in the middle of the night of 9 April 1948, they vividly demonstrated their disrespect for GOD'S righteous laws.   At that time they assembled the inhabitants ... 254 unarmed old men, women, and children ... held them at gunpoint, and then butchered them alive.   Yes, while still alive and conscious, the victims were hacked apart with knives, hatchets, and swords Charlie Manson style.   Leaders of those marauders, even publicly bragged of their participation.

          So, what does GOD have instore for those marauders, their followers, their supporters, and their children?

          Oh, for the subsequent 50 years those marauders and their successors have continued to pillage, to seize homes and properties, to keep the oppressed in bondage and economic poverty, etc. ... all under their vile reign of tyranny.   Their concentration camps are called "refugee centers."   Some victims were even born and raised therein.   Yes, entire lives have existed in those abominable enclosures.   Again, financed and supported by the USA, the United Nations, and Governments around the world as well as certain "religious" institutions.

          Young men dwelling under the arm of oppression have all experienced years in prisons for no reason what-so-ever except they are Moslems.   Many have experienced repeated torture, many have been maimed, and many have died at the hands of their oppressors.

          So, can these marauding invaders financed, protected, and supported by the USA, the United Nations, and other Governments of the world ... can they be "the Holy Kingdom"?   The Scriptures make it perfectly clear that they were "chosen" but not chosen as true Israel ... no more than Hitler's Nazis were chosen as "the master race."


          "The Holy Kingdom" and related events should not be taken lightly, neither should the robbers of the people (Isaiah 10:5,13-14; etc.), and neither should the three successive Kingdoms that will have reigned over this world.

          Note again, there are three successive Kingdoms under Satan at the left hand of GOD ... the Sixth, the Seventh, and the Eighth Kingdoms (Revelation 17:10-11).   The Sixth has ended; the Seventh will have had a dual throne; and the Eighth involves the Tares, the lost.   Whereas, the more righteous will eventually form the Eternal Congregation, the Holy Kingdom, under the right hand of GOD.   So, people have been forewarned to consider the operations of GOD'S hands (Isaiah 5:12; Psalm 28:5).   And wrongdoers had better consider matters very carefully.   Thus, everyone has been offered a choice.

          Therefore, events leading to humanity's current predicament and the prophetic outcome have been divided into three sections as follows:

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