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SECTION II  (The Kingdoms)

Laying The Grounds For Today

The Origin Of Peoples


          Remember, also, Noah and his three sons represented each of the four river regions:  Nile, Jordan extended, Euphrates, and Indus Rivers.   And people from each of those river regions came and helped Noah build his great four square city that was 120 years in building.   They, of course, were the craftsmen, artisans, farmers, and the residents in this great raft of a city which became Noah's Ark when the flood waters poured upon the world.   (Note only partial measures are given in Genesis.   Also see the Gilgamesh Epic and the Berossus Account).  And after the flood many survivors (the Sabeans -- the beasts) rejected Noah's leadership and returned to reestablish human life along the Nile, Euphrates, and Indus Rivers while Noah and his followers (carrying the original or first Holy Ark -- Habakkuk 3:3) reestablished human life in Kirjath Arba (Hebron).   Then about 333 years later, in the days of Peleg, they too dispersed from Kirjath Arba to become invading rulers of the respective river regions (Genesis 10:25; I Chronicles 1:19).

          Therefore, from the flood onward people began resettling and repopulating the central lands from the Nile unto the Indus Rivers and beyond.


          Meanwhile, a degree of commerce and communications grew especially when Abraham's children, the Phoenicians, became the then world-wide merchant-traders whose Empire, many years later, was gradually taken from them and given unto the children of Solomon reigning over the Sixth Kingdom, "Judah."

          This latter movement began when the Persians raided and seized the merchant ships of eastern Phoenicia (c. 525 BC) only to have Alexander seize it all from the Persians (c. 333 BC) and then Alexander established Alexandria, Egypt under General Ptolemy as his new merchant capital instead of Tyre.

          Next the holdings of western Phoenicia were torn asunder and seized by the Romans during their three Punic Wars with Phoenicia (264-146 BC) which in addition to seizing Phoenicia's western holdings totally subjugated Carthage.   Indeed, Abraham's children including the Ten Tribes then became servants of Solomon's children (Revelation 17:12-17).   Jewry now ran the whole show -- (1) the then world-wide Phoenician mercantile empire; and, (2) their world-wide rulership sitting upon David's throne (Jeremiah 22:2; etc.) reigning over this disobedient world as the Sixth Kingdom ("Judah").


          "And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because she was the mother of all living."

Genesis 3:20

          Scripture describes two lineages -- both originating in Eden: the lineage of Adam via Seth and the lineage of Lucifer via Cain, the seed of man and the seed of the beast.

          Scripture says that the betrothed woman was "beguiled" (seduced) by Lucifer (Satan, the serpent) (Genesis 3:13) and the New Testament uses a term translated "beguiled or wholly seduced" to explain matters (II Corinthians 11:3; I Timothy 2:14).

          Eve, the unclean defiled woman betrothed unto Adam, told her husband what had happened and Adam then went into the defiled woman -- Adam's sin (Genesis 3:6,12).   Thus, two seeds, Lucifer's and Adam's, produced Cain and Abel.   Subsequently, the LORD rejected Cain (Lucifer's seed) and Cain, in frustration and jealousy, killed Abel.

          Adam then begat more sons and daughters -- Seth the eldest then succeeded Abel as Adam's successor and heir (Genesis 4:25-26; 5:4).

          Meanwhile, Adam's daughters undoubtedly were taken to wife by the cursed Cain whose daughters, in turn, undoubtedly were taken to wife by Adam's sons (Genesis 6:1-2).

          Note:  When a maiden's virginity is taken by her new husband, the wife automatically divorces her father's family and, under GOD, assumes the lineage and family heritage of her true husband.   This intriguing transfer presents many questions and opportunities for women as GOD traces the lineage and heritage of people via the male.

          Thus, in the beginning there were two basic human lineages -- the lineage of the beast from Cain and the GODLY lineage from Adam.   And then there were children conceived in whoredom who had no legitimate father and essentially assumed the lineage of the beast.

          Now for another interesting consideration.   A male offspring due to whoredom remained a "mamzer" or bastard.   However, a female child conceived in whoredom or in the lineage of the beast could acquire the righteous or GODLY lineage if she married into Adam's lineage or vice versa.   That is, a wife, under GOD, becomes her husband's property and assumes the lineage and family heritage of the husband be he good or evil.

          Remember when Achan stole from GOD in Jericho?   As punishment GOD demanded that Achan and all he possessed, including his family, be destroyed.   And until the will of GOD was carried out all Israel was afflicted (Joshua 7:1-26).   Here, again, in modern times man's perversions of GOD'S laws have endeavored to make the wife equal with the husband who, under GOD, is still the head of his family (I Corinthians 11:3).

          Nevertheless the two lineages and the unique transfer of the maiden from the father's family unto her husband's are very very real.


          God foretold of these days when no man could truly know who's who.

          "Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will sow the house of Israel and the house of Judah (this world) with the seed of man (Adam's lineage), and with the seed of beast (Cain's lineage)."

Jeremiah 31:27

          "For, lo, I will command, and I will sift (cause to move) the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain (or stone) fall upon the earth."

Amos 9:9

          Note:  The word translated "grain" is also translated "stone" and when one sieves grain the actual intent is to remove the stones.   So what GOD is saying -- He knows where everyone is!

          Yet, today no human knows for certain who are of Adam's lineage, Abraham's children, true Israel, or Cain's lineage -- "the beast," or who's ancestors were conceived in whoredom.   That is, man's disregard for GOD'S marriage laws and the historic integration, for example, of the Ten Tribes and even the integration of Jewry during the days of Esther (Esther 8:17; Ezra 2:59,62) have thoroughly concealed who's who as foretold in Jeremiah 31:27.

          But does it really matter?

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