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27 February 2000
Subj:  Illegal Thievery

          A recent message distributed by Anthony Wayne "" 22 February 2000 titled "Legal Financial Fraud & Money Laundering" stated "... the fact that those particular shares are never actually issued by a public company.   In simple terms, this means they are counterfeit shares of public stock."

          It should be clarified that the sale of counterfeit shares of a public corporation is illegal.   And, when market operators, the specialist firms, do so to control prices, eventually those corporations will be bankrupted as the market operators are not about to buy back their bogus receipts at higher prices.   Think about it, the whole Wall Street operation functions in this manner.   Again, once the market operator sells bogus shares to restrain (manipulate) price motion, he puts himself and his co-conspirators profiting from secret omnibus accounts in a very profitable position.   That is, when price is restrained below the balance of supply and demand, public buyers predominate and money pours in while more and more bogus receipts flood the market.   Eventually, those corporations must be bankrupted as the market operator and his criminal cohorts are not about to buy back their bogus, counterfeit receipts.   This has been the criminal operations of the Wall Street gang throughout history (Isaiah 10:13-14).   Smile!

          Now, if anyone believes that the White House, the Justice Department, the FBI, the SEC, etc. are protecting public interests ... think again.   Ask yourself for example, why is the US Treasury "borrowing" paper fiat money from the private Federal Reserve?   The bogus debt (based on "borrowed" paper money) created by accounting notations and printed by the US Treasury when paper receipts are needed would not exist if government were not protecting the thieves.   Again, paying the Bankers a billion dollars a day for bogus interest for accounting notations is blatant thievery from the US Treasury and US Taxpayers.

          For more details see the Scams 1 thru 5 especially Scams 1 and 2.

          Thieves and their confederates protecting and enabling (aiding and abetting) the Scams (including the silent media) may soon awaken to find themselves amongst the outcasts.   The Biblical Chronology (especially days 6, 7, and 8) explains why people have been admonished to "... come out of her, My people..." (Revelation 18:4; Jeremiah 51:6).

Geo. & Dana
George & Dana Brown

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