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GOD'S Marriage Laws
Part II

GOD'S Betrothal &
Marriage Laws

          "And I will betroth thee unto Me for ever; yea, I will betroth thee unto Me in righteousness, and in judgment, and in lovingkindness, and in mercies.

          "I will even betroth thee unto Me in faithfulness:  and thou shalt know the LORD."

Hosea 2:19-20


          The Transfer Of Property:  GOD'S betrothal laws are rather interesting for several reasons including the betrothal or transfer of many people from "the land of the North" (this world -- Satan's Kingdom) unto the Southland (the Eternal Congregation -- Jesus' Kingdom)(Jeremiah 16:13-15; 23:7-8).   But first, what is a betrothal?

          The betrothal is the transfer of ownership of a virgin unto a husband through a temporary marriage that may last up to seven years.

          The temporary marriage or betrothal actually begins at the time the bride's father or guardian, usually in front of witnesses, makes a one-sided agreement, either verbal or written, with either the groom, his agent, or anyone acting on the groom's behalf -- perhaps even without the groom's knowledge or permission.   Yes, at the time the agreement is made (uttered or signed) the bride is actually married and has become the property of the groom.   Effectively, at the time of the betrothal agreement the bride is divorced from her parents' family and becomes a part of the groom's family and heritage.   Thus, the betrothal is just the same as the outright gift or sale of a piece of property.   It is a transfer of ownership and title.   In turn, the new owner may keep it (husband it), reject it, etc.   Under GOD the bride is legally transferred from her parents or guardian unto the custody of the groom.

          At the time that the betrothal agreement is made the groom may or may not be aware of what is going on and may not even be aware that such a marriage contract has been arranged.   Yes, he could be married to a dozen brides and not even know it.

          However, the groom (the husband) has three basic options which may be exercised at any time, at his discretion, during the seven year period.

          The betrothal laws are quite interesting, indeed, in that in these End Times the Eternal Congregation is to be betrothed unto GOD Almighty after Passover Year; the Betrothed Bride then is to be transferred to His Son during Atonement Year; and, finally, the marriage of the Bride to the Son is to be consummated, made permanent, in the year of the Solemn Assembly.   This encompasses a 22 year period.

          In putting the chronological puzzle together the 7 year betrothal interval must be considered; but, here Scripture uses 7 periods of 3˝ years each (i.e. 42 months or 1260 days each) for a total of 24˝ of our solar years.   All is neatly interwoven into the End Times schedule pertaining to the final 40 year-"hour."   The betrothal laws explain and confirm matters.   That is, when pieces of the puzzle are put together, matters become even more apparent.   For example, the betrothal laws explain how GOD'S Sabbaths, His New Moons, and His Seven Annual Feast (and Fast) Periods foreshadow events (Colossians 2:16-17).   The converse is also true as the various events help explain the betrothal laws.   Together, they outline a great deal of the entire End Times schedule.

          The Betrothal Contract:  Essentially the betrothal is nothing more than a contract, either written or verbal usually given before witnesses, wherein the maiden's father or guardian gives his daughter to another in marriage.   For example:

          "I           (the father or guardian)      hereinnow on this            day of            20      do hereby betroth my daughter                    unto                   ."

          This contract would then be signed by the father or guardian in the presence of two witnesses who would also sign the contract.   The groom's address or other means of identity may be added following the groom's name and the father or guardian's name and address may be placed below his signature.

          The aforecited contract may be signed before a notary and notarized and even recorded; but, that isn't really necessary as man's laws do not recognize such a betrothal.   As far as GOD is concerned a simple verbal statement is sufficient.   However, under GOD, in either case it is a contract binding on the woman.

          Under GOD, the daughter instantly is married to the man and has become his property.   However, this betrothal (marriage) is a temporary conditional marriage.

          Again, the husband may be fully aware of arrangements or he may not know anything about this betrothal until the maiden shows up on his doorstep with her contract in hand.

          Smile, whether he or she likes it or not, he is married to her and she to him.


          As mentioned, the betrothal is a conditional marriage and the husband has three options and seven years in which to exercise any of his three options.   Meanwhile, the bride is bound to her husband as a wife, a helpmate, and servant.   She is his property under GOD'S laws.

          Option #1:  The husband can divorce his temporary wife, without reason, simply by giving her a writing of divorcement in her hand.   Yes, no reason is necessary at this point.   For example, he may scribble on the betrothal contract:

          "This contract is cancelled as of date               ."   And sign it.   He may also have his signature witnessed, etc.   Or he may simply state, "I            hereinnow on this            day of            20      do hereby divorce                   ."   Again, state it before witnesses, etc. or put it in writing.

          Option #2:  The husband may give the betrothed wife to his son, not to anyone else.   The son then has the three options (but he probably would not have a son old enough to pass her on to).   However, he must act within the original seven year period.

          Option #3:  The husband may go in unto the temporary wife at any time and make the marriage permanent -- for eternity if they be amongst the righteous.   Thus, when the woman loses her virginity she is defiled unto all others as long as her husband lives.

          Note that should the woman be defiled (i.e. a non-virgin) at the time of betrothal she would already be married and, therefore, the betrothal would automatically be null and void.   Thus, if the groom finds that his bride is a non-virgin, she is already married unto another, he must reject her.   He therefore must kick her out as a whore, a harlot, and has absolutely no obligations to her.

          Note also:  Under GOD there is no such thing as "pre marital sex."   Sex with a virgin is instant marriage.   And sex with a virgin betrothed unto another means death.   GOD is that serious.

          Several Contracts:  In a betrothal, a marriage, under GOD'S laws the woman essentially divorces her parents and family to become a part of her husband's family and heritage.   She is grafted in, so to speak, regardless of color, race, heritage, etc.

          Now as a woman has one virginity she can have only one true husband; whereas, a man may enter many virgins and therefore have many wives.   Thus, when that bride shows up with a marriage contract in hand -- it doesn't matter how many other wives the husband may have.   It's all very legal under GOD'S laws.

          Many Are Legitimate:  Man's laws and GOD'S laws differ considerably when it comes to marriage.   For example, many children born "out of wedlock" according to man are actually legitimate and have legitimate parents under GOD'S laws.   Whereas, many children whose parents were "married" under man's laws were born into or as a result of whoredom under GOD.   And in both situations man's laws are a direct contradiction of GOD'S laws.

          Speaking of "the Assyrian," he says "I have removed the bounds (the laws) of the people" (Isaiah 10:5,13).   As a result the people really do not know what's what or who's who.

          Today under man's laws "anything goes -- do as you wish."   However, under GOD'S laws people have been admonished to obey certain simple positive laws and rules set forth to promote harmony, peace, and prosperity amongst people.

          Thus, under the reign of the Sixth Kingdom negative laws were introduced and GOD'S laws were virtually ignored.

          However, under the Seventh Kingdom people in this world may have the opportunity to start over, "to straighten out their act."   The Seventh Kingdom will be ruled by two principal kings.   Meanwhile, a third Kingdom, the Eternal Congregation, will materialize as a completely separate entity.   Thus, the "North" and the "South" will exist and the more righteous will flow from the North to the South as the Eternal Congergation materializes in preparation for the Solemn Assembly (Zephaniah 3:18).

          In the process, the Father will betroth the Eternal Congregation unto Himself as they receive the seal of the Living GOD (Hosea 2:19-20; Revelation 7:2).   GOD then gives this temporary Wife unto His Son on Atonement (Exodus 21:9; Daniel 7:13-14; Revelation 11:15).   And finally the bride is rewarded as the marriage is consummated (Revelation 19:7-9; Isaiah 62:4-5).   But remember, until the marriage is consummated the bride is subject to rejection should she not obey her Husband (Exodus 21:2,7-11).

GOD'S Marriage Laws
A basis for the integration of peoples

    1. The first man to enter a virgin is her husband for life or for eternity if they enter the Congregation.

    2. Although a woman can have only one true husband (one virginity), a man may enter many virgins and therefore have many wives.

    3. A woman whose true husband dies, leaving her childless, may remarry as a concubine to bring up heirs unto her dead husband.   Therefore, a concubine's legitimate children are legal heirs of her late husband.

    4. It is whoredom whenever a wife takes another other than her true husband or whenever a concubine takes another other than her legitimate substitute husband.   Such illegal unions are forbidden under GOD'S marriage laws.

    5. Children of illegal unions (harlots) have no legitimate father.

    6. A divorced woman (one cast aside or who leaves her true husband) may not legally remarry except she remain chaste and her true husband takes her back.

    7. A whore, one who takes another other than her true husband or substitute husband, is defiled and unclean unto the true or substitute husband whichever is the case.


    1. A woman's true husband is the first man to enter her as a virgin.   The marriage act:  (Isaac) Genesis 24:67; (Jacob) Genesis 29:18-30; (Onan) Genesis 38:8; Virginity requirement and chastity of the betrothed woman:  Deuteronomy 22:13-21,28-29; Numbers 31:17-18; Exodus 22:16-17; Isaiah 62:5.

                The betrothed woman is temporarily married and becomes the man's maidservant.   He may make the marriage permanent or give her in marriage to his son or permit her to be redeemed or he must free her in the seventh year:  Exodus 21:7-11.

    2. Multiple wives and one husband.   The wife's duties are not diminished when her husband takes an additional wife:  Exodus 21:10; Examples of multiple wives:  (Gideon) Judges 8:30; (David) I Samuel 25:43-44; II Samuel 2:2; 19:5; I Chronicles 3:1-9; (Solomon) I Kings 11:3.

    3. The concubine.   The concubine's children:  Deuteronomy 25:5-10; Numbers 31:17-18; Genesis 38:8-9; Ruth 4:10; Abraham's, Genesis 16:1-4; 25:1,5-6; Gideon's, Judges 8:31; Onan's, Genesis 38:8-9; Boaz's, Ruth 4:10; David's Abigail, I Samuel 25:3,39-42; Absolom defiles David's, II Samuel 15:16; 16:21-22; 20:3; David and Bathsheba, II Samuel 11:2 to 12:24; Solomon's, I Kings 11:3.

    4. A wife may not take another.   Death for the adultress and adulterer, Deuteronomy 22:22; Trial of Jealousy, Numbers 5:12-31; The defiled betrothed, Deuteronomy 22:23-27.

    5. Children of harlots:  Deuteronomy 23:2; Hebrews 12:8; Zechariah 9:6; Nehemiah 13:23; "Leave thy fatherless children..." Jeremiah 49:10-11; Ezra 10:2-3,10-11.

                The example of Abraham casting out Hagar and Ishmael, her son, reflected the treatment of the harlot and her children.   That is, if Hagar were a legitimate wife or concubine of Abraham, Abraham would have had firm obligations to care for both Hagar and Ishmael.   But this was not the case (Genesis 21:9-15).   Also, Ishmael would have been Abraham's firstborn instead of Isaac (Deuteronomy 21:15-17).   However, again, this was not the case.   Both Hagar and her son Ishmael were sent away with only a bottle of water and some bread (Genesis 21:14; Jeremiah 49:11; Ezra 10:2-3,10-11).   Whereas, Isaac was declared by GOD to be the legitimate heir, the firstborn to Abraham (Genesis 21:12; 17:15-16,19); yet, Isaac was 14 years younger than Ishmael (Genesis 21:5; 16:16).   So, Ishmael had to be the son of a harlot and Hagar the wife of another.   Nevertheless, Ishmael was Abraham's seed given to a harlot; therefore, Abraham had no responsibilities to either Hagar or Ishmael.

                People concerned might read:  Isaiah 56:1-8; Jeremiah 18:5-10; II Chronicles 7:14; Deuteronomy 30:1-10; Hosea 14:1-3 ... "for in thee the fatherless findeth mercy."

    6. The divorced woman.   She may not legally remarry but under man's laws may choose to disobey GOD and "remarry" as a whore ... Matthew 5:32; Mark 10:12; Deuteronomy 24:1-4.

                Also, "Whosoever shall put away his wife (meaning Israel, the GODLY Kingdom), and marry another (the Image, the UNGODLY Kingdom), committeth adultery against her (Israel and the LORD)" (Mark 10:11; Luke 16:18; Matthew 5:27-32).

    7. The defiled woman is symbolized by the Canaanites or harlot:  (Judah) Genesis 38:2; (Esau) Genesis 26:34-35; 36:2; the Canaanites symbolize the harlot, Ezekiel 23:1-4,43-44; 16:2-3,29-32,38,44-46; Abraham's admonition, Genesis 24:3,37; Isaac's admonition, Genesis 28:1,6.

    8. The husband is to rule over his wife or wives and the righteous wife is to submit to and serve her husband (Genesis 3:16; I Timothy 2:11-12; I Corinthians 11:3,9).   This mirrors the gathering of the righteous Congregation unto the Messiah.   Therein, the Messiah is as a husband unto His righteous Congregation and the Congregation are as submissive wives unto their husband.   Whereas, the unfaithful and disobedient will be rejected (Revelation 22:15).

    9. Caution:   The Eighth Commandment (Exodus 20:15) says, "Thou shalt not steal."   And a maiden is her father's property until such time that he gives her in marriage.   So, to take someone's daughter without the parent's O.K. is getting off to a bad start by violating the Eighth Commandment (Exodus 22:16-17; Deuteronomy 22:28-29; 21:10-14).

          "One ordinance shall be both for you of the congregation, and also for the stranger that sojourneth with you, an ordinance for ever in your generations:  as ye are, so shall the stranger be before the LORD.

          "One law and one manner shall be for you, and for the stranger that sojourneth with you."

Numbers 15:15-16
Isaiah 1:16-17

GOD'S MARRIAGE LAWS:  These laws differ considerably from humanity's practices and understanding.   Yet, these laws even outline events of these end times and have never been abolished.

  • PART I:   Marriage & Family:  The prerequisites for marriage under GOD.

  • PART II:   GOD'S Betrothal & Marriage Laws:  Biblical references.

  • PART III:   Beware Of Living In Whoredom:  Whoredom under the cloak of marriage has its consequences.

A COMMON DILEMMA explains the consequences when a maiden gives her virginity to one male (who becomes her true husband) and then lives in whoredom with another.   Remember, the male marries the virgin when he goes into the maiden.


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