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Letter To Microsoft

Robbery In Progress

"He who sells what isn't his'n
must buy it back or go to pris'n."

To All:
     Microsoft Stockholders
     %Microsoft Corporation
     One Microsoft Way, Building 8,
     North Office 2211
     Redmond, Washington
     USA              98052

Attn: Bill Gates, CEO.

20 May 1998

Dear Microsoft Stockholders,

     Reasons for Microsoft's problems: severely watered securities by market operators mandate troubles for Microsoft.

     Government supports and protects thievery by market operators selling bogus receipts.

     Microsoft stockholders and corporation are obvious victims.

     Ask Donald Trump who confronted Bankers with the truth on a weekend when his Taj bonds were oversold.  He got 3.3 billion interest free in his "deal" and Trump, himself, didn't get bankrupted.

     Conversely, when the Helmsley Partnership Shares were oversold by the market operators, Leona trusted corrupted lawyers and she went to prison instead of the vile market operators.  Judge John M. Walker, Jr. was well aware of matters and was promoted to the appeals court for doing such a good job.

     Also, ask Charlie Keating former CEO of American Continental Corp. parent of Lincoln Savings and Loan.   Keating and associates owned 14 out of the 16 million legitimate shares of American Continental Corp.  Corrupt Courts and lawyers refused to allow the truth to be heard.  The US Government bankrupted his corporation and Charlie went to prison.  That's how they eliminated the thieves' liabilities to repurchase the billions of shares of bogus counterfeit receipts (common stock securities) sold to naive investors around the world.  Remember, the US Government changed the rules in the middle of the game to "get him."

     Another of many examples: ask the Hunt Brothers who legitimately bought silver certificates (commodities contracts) for non-existent silver.  When the Hunts demanded delivery the US Government changed the rules again to protect the thieves and to rob the Hunts just as the citizenry who own Microsoft securities are about to be robbed today... and that includes CEO Bill Gates!

George D. Brown
P.O. Box 320932
Cocoa Beach, Florida
USA        32932-0932

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Prepared By
Father - Son Team
         George & Dana Brown
         P.O. Box 320932
         Cocoa Beach, Florida
         USA          32932-0932

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