Replacing Casper Milquetoast


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Replacing Casper Milquetoast

          The Clinton White House (Arkansas'  "raiser of taxes" Daniel 11:20) is to be replaced by a "vile person" (Daniel 11:21) ... Wow!

          The whole gang in Sin City (The Congress, The Justice Department, The FBI, The CIA, The Supreme Court, etc.) along with Media Moguls, the thieves on Wall Street, the private Federal Reserve Bankers, Lawyers, et al serving International Organized Crime (I.O.C.) ought to be concerned.

          Smile, matters are explained.   Start with THE OPTIONS:

          The Options offers three choices:

  1. Brian's House which explains the whole exercise from Goliath, his scams, and on through the End Times schedule as set forth in Scripture;

  2. Brian's Annex for those who would rather go treasure hunting; and,

  3. Brian's Theatre wherein THE BATTLE (in several parts) explains the truth behind the Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Kenneth Starr affair that the Media Moguls have deliberately hidden.

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