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Review And Supplement:
Part II

Online Bible King James Version

Payback Time Approaches

Payback For Evildoers Versus
Rewards For The More Righteous

Isaiah 1:15-20

          Background:   History describes a whole series of Empires dominated by seemingly invincible powers and thrones.   The most notable feature common to all is that each Empire eventually lost their supremacy.

          Meanwhile, many rulers and their underlings lived long, prosperous, and "untouchable" lives despite their years of bloodshed, thievery, and abominable service to Satan (Luke 4:5-7; Jeremiah 25:11; Daniel 2:28,37-38; etc.).   This involves both obvious entities and those world rulers and their servants whose operations were largely conducted behind-the-scenes.   Very obvious examples were the robber barons of the late 1800's and early 1900's whose families and subsequent lineages enjoyed lifestyles bought with illicit prosperity from their corrupted activities and organizations.   Meanwhile, their victims, including those indirectly victimized, suffered life-long deprivations from results of such illicit activities.   In the case of World War II, for example, 50 million victims died prematurely and many, many more suffered serious injuries and deprivations.   Then there are the myriad lesser evildoers, their supporters, protectors, etc. versus those who acted more righteously.

          Today, as the Seventh Millennia (The LORD'S Day) progresses, payback time is rapidly evolving.   And payback lasts 1,000 or 1,500 years or far longer should people remain amongst the Tares.

They Think They're Getting Away With It

Evildoers and those who help evildoers will not go unpunished.

Those who refuse to help Curse themselves and their children

Destruction Cometh

The Promise

An Historic Choice

if you will obey

GOD'S Wrath

The Voice Of The First Thunder Announced

Consequences Are Plain

          A Brief Sketch Of The Future:   Most evildoers and their supporters ignore Isaiah 1:15-20 which essentially says repent, clean up your act, and you'll be accepted.   Much Scripture is beyond human logic, "It can't or won't happen!"   But when one examines "impossible" prophecy already come to pass, the probability is that all will come to pass.   Then again, few believe.

          Scripture speaks of nations and people being blinded, that the vail won't be lifted until Salvation is closed (Isaiah 44:18; 25:7-8).   And Salvation will be cut off when Daniel's 62nd year has ended (Daniel 9:2,26).   At that time the last of The Firstfruits will have been accepted and protected.   Meanwhile, the Seven Plagues are added to the already tumultuous tribulations.   That won't be very pleasant.   The Beginning Of Sorrows now ends and a five year respite begins for the Tares when the year of the Solemn Assembly commences for The Firstfruits.   The Tares, those not amongst The Firstfruits, will already have formed the Eighth Kingdom of the North; so, after the five year selah or respite the 1,000 year wrath of GOD is loosed upon the Tares.   After the 1,000 year tribulations, those who still don't escape with the Great Multitude at the start of the Eighth Millennia will be cursed with another 500 years of Hell on earth.   The Latter Harvest escapes in the midst of the Eighth Millennia and The Tares then become the permanent lowest caste or outcasts, their prophetic "lake of fire."

          Therefore, the wise will heed Isaiah 1:15-20 and also learn what has been foretold for these latter days.   Whereas, payback time will soon arrive for multitudes when people least expect!   Payback time for evildoers and their supporters will not be pleasant!

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