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Post Script To OCCA Et Al:

Orange County Calif. Board Of Supervisors:
     Board Chairman James W. Silva
     Board Vice Chairman Thomas W. Wilson
     Supervisor Charles Smith
     Supervisor Todd Spitzer
     Supervisor William G. Steiner

Clerk To Orange County Calif. Board Of Supervisors:
     Darlene Bloom

Orange County Calif. Sheriff:
     Brad Gates

Orange County Calif. Department Of Education:
     Superintendent John F. Dean

Orange County Treasurer/Tax Collector:
     John Moorlach

Orange County Calif. Business Council:
     President Stan Oftelie

City Of Anaheim:
     Mayor Tom Daly
     Chief Of Police Randall Gaston

City Of Irvine:
     Mayor Christina Shea
     Chief Of Police Charles S. Brodeck

P.O. Box 320932
Cocoa Beach, Florida

14 October 1998



          In the event your E-mail sites were unable to view HTML text, the following material with document URLs are provided in plain text herewith.   Note:  This Post Script and the 7 Oct 98 letter to Orange County California Authorities have been posted on the web in HTML for your convience, see below.


The Giant, His Gang, And Their Scams
Rob The People, Their National Treasury,
And Nations Worldwide (Isaiah 10:13-14).

(SCAM #2 is a brief excerpt from Room 1.   See Menu page for more complete details.)

SCAM #2: International Organized Crime is controlling the national markets selling bogus counterfeit receipts while being aided, abetted, and protected by the US Government. Legitimate receipts are being severely "watered" and companies are being deliberately damaged and bankrupted to eliminate the thieves' liabilities to repurchase their counterfeit receipts. Again, why isn't Government protecting the public interests? The Scriptures foretold of this larceny. It's the same age-old scam used by the thieves in the Temples and by the Gold Merchants of old.   Thievery is thievery!

        Three significant hyperlinks that supplement SCAM #2 are identified here for your convenience:

    1. Copy Of:  US Senate Subcommittee Letter Dated 30 January 1974.   This letter acknowledges the existence of SCAM #2, the responsibility of US Government enforcement agencies, and the intricate tiein between organized crime and stock manipulations.

    2. Diagram Of Dow Jones Industrial Average (1964 thru 1974) whose explanation thereof clearly reveals the artificial nature of the DJIA to further verify SCAM #2.

    3. Market Operations provides a further explanation of SCAM #2 that everyone, including all investors and corporate management, should know and understand.

        The chicanery could materialize with a deliberately concocted depression far worse than the 1929-1930's maliciously engineered debacle if people do nothing.   The 35 years of Severe Tribulations are here!


These Letters Could Be To
Any Of Thousands Of Corporations.
They Bring Scam #2 Into Focus.

LETTER TO MICROSOFT (Dated 20 May '98):  Robbery In Progress: outlines a few examples of transfering blame and liability for International Organized Crime's wrongdoings.   Microsoft's Stockholders, including CEO Bill Gates, are targets of their ongoing attack to obliterate I.O.C.'S liabilities to repurchase the myriad bogus counterfeit receipts sold to the naive public.

SEC MISLEADS PUBLIC:  (Florida Today newspaper article:  Dated 1 Oct. '98):  "Cities, schools take SEC heat."   An example of the SEC's ongoing support of International Organized Crime as the SEC attempts to further transfer blame and liability to victims.

LETTER TO ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA BOARD OF SUPERVISORS AND OTHERS (DATED 7 OCT. '98):  Re:  the 1993-1994 robbery of Orange County, the cities of Anaheim and Irvine, and school districts.   It's time to sue the thieves and their protectors.

POST SCRIPT TO OCCA ET AL (Dated 14 Oct '98):  This post script conveyed specific material in plain text with direct URLs.   Material should provide ample understanding regarding the illegal transfer of blame and liability to victims namely Orange County California Authorities, its communities, and citizens by the swindlesome market operators and the S.E.C.

     CC: To Microsoft
            And others.



George D. Brown

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Prepared By
Father - Son Team
         George & Dana Brown
         P.O. Box 320932
         Cocoa Beach, Florida
         USA          32932-0932

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