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Visible Prophecy
          Part I:

Prophecy Come True

          Crossing The Atlantic:  Joshua foretold of crossing the Atlantic (the River Jordan overflowing all its banks:  Joshua 3:15) when Joshua spoke of doing so in "3 days" (3,000 years) (Joshua 1:11).   And in 1573 AD people indeed were crossing over the "Jordan," the Atlantic, and resettling the New World.

          If one examines events described in Joshua as the Israelites prepared to cross over the literal Jordan, the three days of Joshua 1:11 obviously do not apply to those ancient events.   Therefore:

2577   (Cardinal-completed) Crossing the literal Jordan
+3000   Three days
5577   Years from Creation
-4004   Conversion factor
1573   AD Years:  Crossing the Atlantic

          Man's Double Portion:  Humanity progressed for 5,900 years before suddenly leaping beyond the Horse and Buggy Era and on into the Space Age:  Man's Double Portion on the Sixth Millennial Day has been very very obvious (Deuteronomy 8:1-2,5-20; Exodus 16:4-5,22-29; 20:1-17).

          Manasseh's Blessings are here today:  Just await and enjoy Ephraim's blessings yet to come (Genesis 48:15-20).

          Knowledge has been increased and it's still growing in leaps and bounds (Daniel 12:4).

          People travel to and fro with ease today:  unlike the days of the horse and buggy, the oxen, mules, camels, etc. that prevailed only a hundred years ago and earlier (Daniel 12:4).

          Automobiles, Nahum's chariots, are vieing for running room in the highways and by-ways, they are raging in the streets, and at night their lights are like torches as they run like the lightnings (Nahum 2:3-4).   The Benz-Daimler Tricycle, which began it all in 1885 AD, was powered with Daimler's newly invented internal combustion gasoline engine.

          Aircraft, with the wings of great storks, now convey people everywhere (Zechariah 5:9).   Yes, the Wright Brothers broke the ice in 1903 AD and ever since then man has propelled himself to the moon and back.   So, what does the future hold in store?  

          Robbers of the people and their national treasuries have become obvious while the media has remained silent as agents in Government aid, abet, and protect the thieves (Isaiah 10:5,13-14; Jeremiah 50:37).

          GOD'S Holy Arks (Yes, there are two) have been taken prisoner in early 1985 AD (Zechariah 5:4) and when matters are right each will be brought forth (Zechariah 5:9-11; 4:7; Nahum 2:7; Jeremiah 43:11-13; Isaiah 29:6; 40:5; Ezekiel 12:3-7 versus 12:8-12; Leviticus 26:11-12; etc.).

          Mastectomies have suddenly become commonplace as women everywhere are plucking off their breasts (Ezekiel 23:34).

          A Human Shepherd has been brought forth and anointed 40 years before the glorious Solemn Assembly (Micah 7:15; Isaiah 49:5-6; 61:1-3; etc.); but, he will not be magnified in the eyes of all true Israel until GOD'S Holy Ark crosses over the Atlantic prefigured by the River Jordan overflowing all it's banks during harvest (Joshua 3:7,15; 4:14).

          The Second Great 40 Year Exodus now underway is being led by a Human Shepherd like Moses, Joshua, and other Patriarchs and Prophets.   He has seen tribulations like Job and Jeremiah (Job & Lamentations 3:1-21; Psalm 88:1-18), he has had broken bones (Lamentations 3:4), he is lifted from his sins and iniquities and made Human High Priest of the gathering under Jesus (Isaiah 49:5-6), and he has been cautioned to obey or else (Zechariah 3:1-10).   Note:  He has been selected from before birth, from the womb (Jeremiah 1:5; Isaiah 49:1).   His birth year is even described in Scripture (Jeremiah 25:1-3; I Kings 13:2) but one must understand Isaiah and Jeremiah's 70 years which are different from Daniel's 70 years (Isaiah 23:15-18; Jeremiah 25:12; 29:10; Daniel 9:23-27; Also, see Zechariah 1:12).   Again, the Human Shepherd (Genesis 49:1,24) has been anointed 40 years before the glorious Solemn Assembly (Micah 7:15; Zephaniah 3:18) and is destined to reign beneath Jesus at the right hand of GOD (Psalm 110:1-4 vs 5-7; Isaiah 51:22).   Furthermore, even though he was anointed and will have been shown a great deal (Psalm 89:20-37; Micah 7:15), he (like Job, Jeremiah, and others) has been required to experience continued tribulations (Psalm 89:38-52; II Samuel 7:12-17; Numbers 27:16-17).   Part of his duties are described in Isaiah 61:1-11; 49:9; Luke 4:18-19; Jeremiah 1:4-10; 25:15-18; Psalm 110:5-7; Isaiah 49:1-12).   He, of course, will be called The BRANCH and will be crowned with crowns of silver and gold (Zechariah 6:9-15; 3:8; 6:12; Jeremiah 23:5; 33:15; Isaiah 4:2; 11:1-2; Proverbs 11:28; Psalm 80:15).

          Events and The Hiding Place:  The hiding place and initial visit in preparation for bringing forth GOD'S Holy Ark are described in detail in the Song of Solomon 2:1 thru 3:5.   The hole of the door and the sudden departure of the visitor are described in Song of Solomon 5:1-9.   Note:  even the occupation soldiers that were about the city are described as "watchmen."   Even the lattice, the clefts of the rock, and the stairs, are mentioned.   Yes, even Solomon's bier resting nearby has been described (Song of Solomon 3:6-11).    Numerous other references relating to GOD'S Holy Arks involve the Altar of Ebenezer upon the Stone of Able (I Samuel 6:18; 7:12) and the Altar before the Solomonic Temple whose preserved ruins rest west of the Valley of Ben Hinnom (i.e. almost a mile west of the Dome of The Rock which rests atop the phony temple mount covering Hadrian's pagan temple site) (Jeremiah 19:2).

          Numerous other references combine to help describe the hiding place including: Ezekiel 12:3-7; Genesis 35:8; Jeremiah 43:8-10; II Maccabees 2:4-8; Psalm 118:22; Matthew 21:42-44; Mark 12:10; Luke 20:17; even John Strong's Hebrew Lexicon defines the town of Beth Shemesh called "Luz" as a source of light (knowledge) and Shemesh (#8121) describes a baseline between two boundstones one of which is described in Isaiah 19:19-20 (i.e. the plainly visible Altar of Ebenezer high atop the Stone of Abel); whereas, John Taylor and Charles Piazzi Smyth in the 1850's and 60's explained how the Great Pyramid of Giza reveals how to find the top (or location) of the key capstone if one knew only a single baseline such as that provided by I Samuel 6:19.   Even the Koran (Dawood Translation) adds more pieces of the puzzle as "The Cave" and other Surahs speak loud and clear when one views the hiding place high atop Kob al-Janib in southern Hebron, the home of the Patriarchs.

          Tribulations and Tumultuous Times are evolving as described (Leviticus 26:14-33; Revelation 6:1 thru 16:21; Ezekiel 14:12-21; Zechariah 14:12-15; Matthew 24:3-13; Mark 13:4-23; Luke 21:7-26).

          The Seven Seals (afflictions) are continuing (Revelation 6:1-17 thru 16:21) and words translated "Earthquakes" refer to tumultuous times which, as mentioned, are continuing unabated (i.e. like birth pangs).   Now the Trumpets are sounding.

          Hail (Storms) and Fire mingled with blood (deaths), the first of the seven trumpets began to sound in the spring of 1996 (Revelation 8:6-7).   Thus, the abnormal storms and fires, like other afflictions will continue throughout the remaining realm of the severe tribulations.   And before it's over a third of the trees will be burnt up.

          The Great Mountain burning with fire (an abundance of tumultuous troubles) cast into the sea (people and oceans) commenced in the summer of 1997.   And before it's over one third of the people will be afflicted (Revelation 8:8-9; See all of Revelation 6:1 thru 16:21).

          Previews began in 1982 AD, Famine began in 1989 (including a famine of hearing the Word:  Amos 8:11), Noisome Beasts began in 1996 (people harassing people -- even kids are killing kids) ... all are here.   Next comes the Sword (more warfare) and then Pestilence to round out the Severe Tribulations (Leviticus 26:14-33).   All are cumulative!   So, indeed, it's happening today for anyone to observe and/or experience.

          Colossal Floods World-Wide:  the gates of the rivers (their banks) have been opened and flood waters are spewing forth all over the world despite humanity's great dikes (Nahum 2:6).

          The Vast Subterranean Fresh Water Rivers, emerging via mountain and other springs and via the ocean's "blue holes," have been discovered and are being investigated and recognized as a vast network of underground fresh water rivers.   They're very obvious in Florida and in the "blue holes" of the Caribbean.   They are also, in the Middle East, and even beneath the Arabian Deserts (Psalm 18:15; Job 38:16).   The powerful underground currents of al Kharj south of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is one rather obvious place where a river exists.   These are rivers, fed by natural underground distillation systems, that flow in a 3D environment; some flowing down and under ocean depths to outflow via "blue holes" in or near islands hundreds if not thousands of miles from their distillation sources.

          An Environmental NightmareFresh Waters Poisoned as the third Trumpet sounds (Revelation 8:10-11).   The tiny (roughly 12 by 25 mile) island of Dominica, a paradise on the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea, for example, has been blessed with an abundance of rainfall.   However, her many rivers and streams with their beautiful picturesque waterfalls are, in reality, fed by the vast fresh water subterranean rivers system.   Similarly, 1,500 miles Northwest of Dominica, Florida's Blue Spring is a large lazy river flowing out of the ground in Orange City (a few miles south of Deland).   Today, Florida's Blue Spring is "guarded" and "protected," a Florida State Park, as the large spring steadily flows into the nearby Saint Johns River.   The Saint Johns then meanders northward to Jacksonville where it meets the Atlantic.   Even the Florida Everglades are recipients of the LORD'S bounteous gift of fresh water from His vast underground rivers system.   Similarly, a vast number of lakes, streams, and surface rivers world-wide are also recipients.   Even table waters beneath the surface, some of which flow outward into the sea at low tides to backflush salty sea waters; they too are recipients of the LORD'S abundance via His subterranean rivers system.

          Now, why would "experts" in water management ignore this bounteous source of fresh water?   Why would "experts" pump toxic materials, carcinogens, inadequately treated sewage, even nuclear wastes, or any materials into this valuable resource that automatically replenishes itself?   Yes, reverse flow wells have been polluting this GOD given resource for many years.   Today unwarranted mercury levels, for example, can be found in surface rivers and streams and in fish therein.   Fish are showing up with lesions and sores ... signs are everywhere.   Yes, pollutants injected via the Pensacola reverse flow wells are no different that that injected in New Jersey or in Illinois or elsewhere.   Today, one third of the wells, the mountain springs, and other fresh water sources ("the fountains of waters" - Revelation 8:10) are being freely polluted by the same people (the "experts") purportedly protecting those waters.

          Again, this incompetence of humans had been foretold thousands of years ago.   And, before it's over, many more people will have died because of those poisoned waters.   Yet, pollutants are still being injected into this vast subterranean fresh water system (Revelation 8:10-11).

          This World is called Satan's world, Magog ... the land of the North, and Satan is called "the prince of this world."   Therein evil prevails and the four great powers (Social Power, Religious Power, Spirit Power, and Political-economic Power) reign as "beasts" (destroyers) before the throne of GOD (Revelation 4:6-9; 5:6,8,11,14; Daniel 7:2-7,17; Jeremiah 15:3; Hosea 13:5-8).   These Powers prevail as "beasts" until after the eleventh month of the second year of Darius (the Median) (Zechariah 1:7) and the second year of Darius is identified as the year when the Temple construction gets underway and blessings come upon the builders (Haggai 1:1 thru 2:23).   That is, after the second year, in the Third year of Darius' reign, the four "carpenters" (builders) are brought forth to oppose the four "beasts":

          "... these (the carpenters) are come to fray them (the beasts), to cast out the horns (powers) of the Gentiles (goyim - also translated peoples, nations, and heathen), which lifted up their horn over the land of Judah (this world) to scatter it."

(See Zechariah 1:18-21)

          Note:  people are forewarned to depart from the evil ways of this world in order not to partake of the severe consequences promised for wrongdoers (Jeremiah 51:6; Revelation 18:4; Zechariah 2:6).   It's much like Lot being told to come out of Sodom and Gomorrah.   Lot, of course, was given a last minute warning to obey or else.   Even Abraham had been told what was to happen (Genesis 18:16 thru 19:38).   However, when one departs from evil they make themselves a prey for the wrongdoers.   This has been happening again and again (Isaiah 59:15; 42:22-25; Ezekiel 34:8,28; Revelation 13:15; Nahum 1:12; John 16:33).   Nevertheless, when GOD'S Holy Ark (called "Shiloh" and by other names as The Glory Of GOD appears thereover:  Genesis 49:1,10; Psalm 78:60; 80:1; Exodus 25:22; 40:34-38; Numbers 10:34-36; 7:89; I Samuel 4:4; II Samuel 6:2; I Chronicles 13:6; Isaiah 37:16)...  when GOD'S Holy Ark is released from imprisonment at the hands of the occupation forces in the Holy Lands, the eventual gathering will be unto "Shiloh" (Genesis 49:1,10; Nahum 2:7; Zechariah 5:9-11) as preparations continue for the coming glorious Solemn Assembly (Zephaniah 3:18).

          The Final 42 Year-Hour (1/24 times a 1,000 year-day)(Revelation 18:9-10,17,19; John 2:4; even throughout the Koran:  Dawood Translation, this interval is described as "the hour of doom" for unrepentant wrongdoers, the Lost).   Nevertheless, this "hour" is jam-packed full of events as Prophecy completed, Prophecy evolving, and Prophecy yet to come describe matters.   Remember, Scripture forewarns:

          "For ye shall not go out with haste, nor go by flight (people will not fly away):  for the LORD will go before you; and the GOD of Israel (true Israel) will be your rereward."

Isaiah 52:12

          Conversely, "All the sinners of My people shall die by the sword, which say, The evil shall not overtake nor prevent us."

Amos 9:10; 6:3-7

          The Bloody City (Ezekiel 9:9, 22:2; 24:6,9; Nahum 3:1,7; 1:1; Habakkuk 2:12; Isaiah 1:21), the literal city of walls, streets, buildings, etc. called Jerusalem is also called "Sodom" and ancient "Egypt" (Revelation 11:8).   Note also, the ancient town of Beth Shemesh, 14 miles to the west, is also in "Egypt" (Jeremiah 43:13).   Jerusalem is also referred to as "Tahpanhes" where "Pharaoh" dwells.   And Jeremiah when hiding GOD'S Holy Ark was instructed to hide it :

          "... in the clay (earth) in the brickklin (place of toil), which is at the entry of Pharaoh's house in Tahpanhes, in the sight of the men of Judah;"

Jeremiah 43:9
II Maccabees 2:4-8

          And people have been forewarned to go NOT into "Egypt" (Palestine) (Jeremiah 42:13-18).   However, people who have ignored GOD'S admonition have suffered the consequences.   And, since the occupation forces have taken GOD'S Holy Arks captive (prisoner), the troubles for the bloody city are not yet over (Zechariah 5:4; Jeremiah 25:29-33; 42:20-22; Joshua 7:1-26).

          The Congregation:  Scripture also speaks of the eternal Congregation (people) as "Jerusalem."   Therefore, for example, when Zechariah (prefiguring the Human Shepherd) is instructed "To measure Jerusalem" (Zechariah 2:2), the LORD refers to people spread world-wide (the Little Flock, the Great Multitude, and the Gleanings).   They form a city of towns without walls.   So, as matters progress they become "the apple of His (GOD'S) eye" and woe to anyone who touches them (Zechariah 2:8).   Thus, people considering Scripture must distinguish between "the apple of His eye" (the eternal Congregation) versus "the bloody city" (the literal Jerusalem of streets, buildings, etc.).   One is destined for Salvation and utopia while the other is destined for desolations and devastation.

Continue On To: Visable Prophecy Part II.

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