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SCAM # 1

Theft Of Your Money!

Corruption In Government


          Creating paper (fiat money), depositing it in your own account, and then paying interest on it when you spend it: W0W!   What a scam!   Who would be so stupid?

          In the 1860's Abraham Lincoln created "Greenbacks" in the U.S. Treasury and refused to pay the thieves a dime of "interest" on their bogus loan scam.   In 1963 Kennedy reissued interest free United States Notes from the U.S. Treasury so it can still be done.

          But, why is the U.S. Government paying interest on its own fiat (paper) money, our medium of exchange, created by edict of Congress and printed by the U.S. Treasury?   Yes, the fiat money is now called (private) Federal Reserve Notes to help conceal the scam.

          Why embezzle (steal) MORE THAN 1.5 TRILLION in welfare for super-rich thieves every four years?   Yes, each year the thieves are now embezzling (stealing) MORE THAN 350 BILLION DOLLARS of your money through this bogus interest scam.   Yet, nothing was borrowed, nothing is owed, and no legitimate interest was ever due!

          Again, our paper money is created by edict of the U.S. Congress, deposited in a U.S. Government account in the private Federal Reserve via certificates of deposit (formerly gold or silver certificates), and printed by the U.S. Treasury when paper bills are needed.   Then, when the U.S. Government spends its own money (your money) into circulation, the thieving bankers call it a loan.   So, as the principle of this bogus loan system increases so do the bogus interest payments.   And International Organized Crime grows ever richer and richer.   That explains one reason the U.S. Congress as been encouraged to spend, spend, and spend to squander billions annually.

          Whereas, if the U.S. Government were to operate more legitimately, via an account in the U.S. Treasury, there would be no excuse for such interest period.   The tax burden on the U.S. Citizenry would be drastically reduced.   There would be more funds for whatever and the U.S. Treasury would be operating with a large surplus.

          Also, the U.S. Government should act to recover the stolen wealth regardless of where it may be stashed.   That is, the U.S. Government should confiscate properties (including the private Federal Reserve Banks) and other wealth owned by the thieves and their confederates just as done for vile drug dealers and other criminals.   This action should add considerable wealth to U.S. Treasury assets.


  1. Why are public servants acting as agents for International Organized Crime?   If public servants did their jobs honestly this scam could not exist!

  2. Why is your U.S. President participating in this felonious embezzlement of your money while serving International Organized Crime?

  3. Why are Members of the U.S. Congress permitting this criminal operation to rob our national treasury?   How many criminal agents are on the public payrolls?

  4. Why is the U.S. Justice Department pretending that all is copacetic?   Yes, the Justice Department is not blindfolded, they simply have ignored the unbalanced scales and the serious criminal activities of which this scam is only one example.

  5. Why is the FBI protecting such criminal operations?   Corruption in the FBI crime lab is only a snowflake on the FBI's iceberg of crime being protected.

  6. Why is the U.S. Treasury Department closing their eyes to this fantastic rip-off?

  7. Why are former public servants that served as agents for International Organized Crime not being prosecuted for their participation in this continuing embezzlement of public wealth?


          As long as people refuse to hear, avoid talking about it, and do nothing (like the dumb monkeys) ... scams such as this will continue to flourish.   Cowards in public office will continue serving International Organized Crime while they too profit from the corrupt system.

          The cowards contend: "It's not happening!" or "Leave the cleanup for your children and grandchildren!" or "Jesus will clean it up when He comes!" Yes, cowards use any excuse to do nothing as they serve ole King Nebuchadnezzar and his loyal servants (Jeremiah 25:11; Isaiah 10:5,13-14; etc.).   Yes, some people enjoy living in Sodom and Gomorrah where anything goes.

          This, of course, is not the only such scam.   However, it is so blatantly obvious: creating paper money, depositing it in your own account, and then when you spend your own fiat (paper) money the crooked bankers call it a loan.

          No one would be dumb enough to pay bogus interest payments on such a bogus loan.   The scam involves deliberate calculated thievery.   Anyone can see it.   Proof is even deducted from every paycheck as "sovereign citizens" pay, pay, and pay as people serve their Satanic masters (Jeremiah 25:11).

          Meanwhile, as that bogus interest grows so too will that paycheck deduction ... someone is paying that phony interest.

          Note also, the thieves have sold the general public an insignificant share of their thieving scam via Government Debt Securities/Bonds/Certificates.   They therefore have enlisted some citizenry on their side, to share in the scam, to silence their opposition, and to attempt to legitimatize the scam.   But thievery is thievery no matter how the thieves disguise their operations.   Remember, "Thou shalt not steal!" (Exodus 20:15).   Also, "Thou shalt not covet ... anything that is thy neighbour's" (Exodus 20:17).   And, woe to those who support and protect evil activities (Isaiah 31:2).

          Today, people have a choice to either: (1) continue "volunteering" their payments to International Organized Crime while bowing as Satan's obedient servants (Jeremiah 25:11); or (2) to demand justice, demand that public servants in responsible positions resign or do their jobs, and demand that agents serving and protecting organized crime be imprisoned, fined, their wealth confiscated, etc. for their roles in protecting or otherwise serving organized crime robbing our public treasury.


Isaiah 10:13-14; 31:2; 42:24

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Psalm 94:16; Judges 5:23; Exodus 23:20-25


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