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Robbery Of Nations

The International Loan

          The International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank (International Bank For Reconstruction And Development: IBRD), and The Bank For International Settlements (BIS) are all altruistic sounding organizations that purportedly deal with international finance and matters that the average person is not capable of understanding.   That's a great big half-truth, an outright lie, that conceals a host of sins and sinners.   So, let's consider Scam #3 that everyone can readily understand.


          If Nation 'A' is given a large loan the scam begins when the President, King, Prime Minister, Treasure, etc. are encouraged to squander the funds on whatever.   Meanwhile, Nation 'A's leaders and administrators are free to help themselves and to secrete their own share of the loot in Swiss Banks or elsewhere for their own private family estate and early retirement.

          Oh, monies are all "laundered" through various business enterprises, consulting firms, legal establishments, or whatever where kickbacks are automatic.   The end result is that very little gets done and the funds seem to vaporize as projects cost many times more than true costs actually required for basic management, labor, and materials.

          Thus, Nation 'A' develops and propagates an upper class of wealthy versus a lower class of impoverished masses ... the haves versus the have nots.

          Nation 'A,' which may be considered an impoverished nation, is then given another loan from which interest on the first loan, security deposits, and other fees have been deducted.   Again, the same inefficient crooked system vaporizes the funds and the market place sees less and less.   Little truly gets accomplished.

          Nation 'A' continues to receive loans wherefrom interest on prior loans, security deposits, and other fees have been deducted again before a dime leaves the banks.   The net result is that Nation 'A' now receives perhaps less than ten cents on every dollar "loaned" while 90 cents stays with the banks.   Oh, by then the old leadership of Nation 'A' will have "flown the coop" and new faces are stuck with paying the bills.   Oh, they too may play the game for a while and "milk the cow" for whatever they can get.

          Meanwhile, "loans" are made simply to pay the interest, security deposits, and fees on the growing principle including interest on interest as "debt" now grows and grows without a penny ever reaching the nation's market place.


          O.K., Nation 'A' is now in the clutches of the scammers.   The national leadership of 'A' is induced (pressured) to nationalize and sell or transfer various assets, national and natural resources, private enterprises and properties, severe taxation may be imposed, and even deliberately induced inflation to pay interest on the growing principle as the "debt" still keeps accumulating.

          Now consider that the aforecited Scams #1 and #2 are not new but have been and still are providing great wealth into International Organized Crime's coffers.   In turn, this stolen wealth has served as a source to generate initial "loans" to Nation 'A' and to other nations.   Subsequent "loans" become merely accounting notations.

          Subsequently, Nation 'A' and the myriad other nations fallen victims to this international loan scam are making extensive payments.   Yes, their lifebloods, including natural and other resources, are being sucked into the coffers of International Organized Crime and the world pretends it's not happening.

          Note that when grants (gifts) are made to a nation by the USA, for example, purportedly to help them out of financial problems ... such grants normally go direct to International Organized Crime's bankers and in most cases nary a penny reaches the needy nations.

          For example, when George H.W. Bush sent an army to Panama to depose Manuel Noriega, many private homes, private businesses, and Panamanian citizens' lives were either taken or severely harmed.   Well, remember that first 30 million dollars which purportedly was to go for Panama's citizens relief and for payments for damages?   Yes, it went straight to the bankers and not a dime went to the victims in Panama.   That is, when Noriega became ruler of Panama he recognized that the bankers' scam was robbing Panama and its people.   So, Noriega objected to making illicit payments to International Organized Crime's agents.   Thus, George H.W. Bush sent his armies to act as enforcers for International Organized Crime.   Manuel Noriega's big mistake was cooperating with the illegal activities of the CIA who had set him up for just such an eventuality.   Noriega was then forcibly removed from office and imprisoned using the CIA's drug operations as an excuse.   But, again, the true reason behind Noriega's troubles was Noriega's opposition to International Organized Crime ripping off his nation and people.

          Today, International Organized Crime's illicit loan scam amounts to little more than gangsters freely collecting protection monies from their victims.   It is blatant thievery by International Organized Crime whose leaders, agents, and supporters are due for a rude awakening as matters progress.

          Such payments should be terminated immediately without strings or repercussions.   All assets coerced from victims must be restored and/or appropriate restitution provided to the respective nations.   Individuals and families that absconded with monies must also be held accountable along with International Organized Crime's beneficiaries and agents which includes their banks.

          Scriptures make it quite obvious that these parties, of course, will be held accountable as these End Times progress.   Yes, they and their families!   That is, if they don't repent, make voluntary restitution, and make sin offerings (Job 42:7-10) they'll lose it all anyway before the final 42 year-hour concludes.   Even then they'll be facing 500 years of misery when the Eighth Millennium commences.   So, a word to the wise is "come out of her, My people..." (Revelation 18:4; Jeremiah 51:6; Zechariah 2:6).

          Again, giving up all ill-gotten wealth and then some to live as a beggar for ten years or more would be like heaven compared with 500 years of hell on earth ... 500 years of troubles, disease, pain, and afflictions of all sorts.   The wise will pay heed!

Impoverished Nations Are Being Even More
Severely Impoverished As This Scam Evolves.

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