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Serving And
Protecting Evildoers

          Focusing On The Real Problem:   Evidence attests that agents of International Organized Crime have historically operated worldwide while being freely served and protected in the USA and elsewhere by authorities, religious power, the media, and others.   How is this possible?

          Furthermore, Scripture reiterates that in serving and protecting evil and evildoers, either directly or indirectly (even by saying and doing nothing), merits curses upon oneself and one's children for three or four generations.

          The malicious attacks by several States against Microsoft, for example, and the great debacle of Enron's deliberately engineered bankruptcy (2 December 2001) with its evolving scandle are only two significant diversions.   These are diversions from the real thieves and criminal operations via Wall Street and related markets.   This, of course, involves each of the several States who individually license brokers and dealers selling bogus, counterfeit receipts representing securities issued by the myriad corporations of this nation.   The States, therefore, are liable to each of the myriad corporations and to their individual stock and bond holders, the citizens and other entities including corporations, being defrauded and robbed by thieves acting with the cooperation and protection of the individual States including the protection of those attacking and harming whistleblowers.

          When one sees through the whitewash coverups regarding victims such as Microsoft and Enron, the true operations are very astounding and impact multitudes.   However, the examples of the orchestrated attacks against Microsoft and Enron represent only a drop in the bucket of slime and corruption being serviced and protected by the Four Great Beasts; yet, few are truly aware of the dire consequences for those serving and protecting evil.

          Allegations appear unbelievable under normally good-times, but as bankruptcies appear amongst various corporations ... the stench of slime and corruption becomes very, very real.   Who are responsible authorities, religious leaders, the media, and other entities really working for and what has GOD promised for evildoers and their supporters?

          The Common Denominator:   Matters become even more obvious that something is seriously amiss when one compares the attempted bankruptcy of Donald Trump with the Enron bankruptcy (the world's seventh largest international corporation).   Trump, of course, had been set up with a girl friend, his wife Ivanna was provided details and lawyers to break the Trump prenuptial agreement to clean Donald out, the city of New York had refused to allow Donald to develop his 100 acre property on the West Side (the old railroad yards), and the banks that freely gave Donald short term loans suddenly refused to roll over the debt and were demanding repayment thus deliberately forcing Trump into bankruptcy.   The real motivation behind-the-scenes included Trump's Taj bonds that had been grossly oversold by the Wall Street thieves acting for International Organized Crime.   That is, the public had been sold untold bogus, counterfeit receipts representing the legitimate Taj bonds issued by Trump; so, the solution was to abolish both the legitimate Taj bonds and the counterfeit copies via bankrupting Trump.   All had been set up and the noose was tightening to deliberately bankrupt Donald until Donald suddenly found out what was going on ... that his Taj bonds had been seriously oversold.   Donald found out on a Thursday or Friday afternoon and that weekend the thieving bankers gave Trump $3.3 Billion interest free, the city of New York gave Trump the necessary permits to develop his West Side property, and Ivanna's lawyers were called off and Ivanna settled for the prenuptial agreement.

          Therefore, if Donald Trump could get $3.3 Billion interest free why couldn't Enron who experienced only a $600 Million quarterly loss not avoid bankruptcy?   However, Enron's bankruptcy was deliberately engineered from the inside to serve International Organized Crime's agents thieving from the citizenry and their corporations.   In addition, consider the billion dollars a day more or less being embezzled from the National Treasury via interest on the bogus debt ... another scandal of gigantic proportions.

          What about the myriad other engineered bankruptcies to abolish untold bogus receipts sold to the naive public?   In addition to Enron what about Polaroid, Sunbeam, Kmart, and the many others?   Yes, the servants of evil and their protectors curse themselves and their children for three or four generations (Exodus 20:5; 34:7).   Why join them?   And the common denominator is International Organized Crime's war against America being serviced and protected by people purportedly protecting the interests of the citizenry.

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