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Why Suspect That The Lone Surviving Arrow Went To Russia?

          During my military career following graduation from the US Naval Academy, much of which was in Research and Development, USAF, I observed many strange things despite the ongoing cold war during the 1950's and 1960's.   For example:   On the Bambi Program which later was resurrected and renamed Star Wars, one of my jobs was to measure emissions from ballistic missiles to provide the necessary data to build the orbiting devices.   Now measurements from aircraft and land based sites were observing through a degree of "soup" (the atmosphere) and since the regions under study were regions of maximum absorption so the orbiting device would not see the earth ... only missiles climbing toward space would show up as a sore thumb.   Therefore, after the larger missile was launched a small solid rocket (much faster) would put up a small payload to observe the larger missile.   This was coordinated with simultaneous aircraft measurements.

          Infrared detectors in those days were highly temperature sensitive and reliable measurements required a very simple onboard calibration device.   However, verbal orders from Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) forbid the use of any onboard calibration devices making any measurements a useless effort.   A visit to the US Navy's China Lake installation revealed that they too had received the same negative instructions concerning their orbital payloads then in preparation.   Why the obvious subversion?   When ARPA's demands were disregarded, the funds for the probe portion of the program were withdrawn.   So, in order to get useable data an end run was necessary.   The probe program was classified on a need to know basis, monies were acquired from unidentified sources, laundered, and the program continued for more than 6 months until the essential data was acquired.   Then during a classified infrared symposium one glory hound on the program essentially announced to the world "we got it cold" and then detailed results.   My bosses along with the ARPA Rep. were sitting a few rows behind me.   Great troubles erupted despite the successful results that had not been achieved by many working in the area from the mid 1950's unto then (1962).

          To shorten the story:   The data was then promptly transferred to Russia (USSR) and this acquisition by Russia was eventually written up naming my program in intelligence reports which were shown to me by a friend.   Now this was in the midst of the cold war.   Bambi had earlier been cancelled:   The reason given was the absence of reliable data essential for building the orbital units.

          As Technical Area Coordinator for Reconnaissance and Surveillance one got to see a few interesting things including the directing of funds to various corporations:   helping one, bankrupting others.   This was regardless of technical qualifications which were essentially often transferred from the qualified to the less qualified.   Etc.

          What actually was happening was that the behind-the-scenes world rulers were keeping (1) the Free world, (2) the Russian, and (3) the Chinese eco systems in balance to bring two against the third should anyone be tempted to step out of line.

          Amtorg, the Russian outfit situated in New York since 1918 and on throughout the entire cold war, was in reality a technology gathering outfit.   Then what was the relationship of the Rockefeller-Rothschild International Basic Economy Corp. and the (Canadian) Eaton's Tower International ... how did they interplay with Amtorg?

          So, in the case of Canada's revolutionary Arrow Mach-2+ jet fighter, if you examine the Russian equivalent that came into production following the demise of the Arrow there's a remarkable resemblance don't you think?

          What's going on in this world is really amazing and it's all in the Scriptures.

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