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Why Is It Happening?

Amazing Adversities

Thieves, Their Supporters, And Other Wrongdoers
Ought To Change Their Ways



                                          |  Seven  |       

Revelation 6:1 thru 16:21          ->| Plagues |<-

                                        |  Poured |     

                                        |   Out   |     


                              |<- Seven Thunders->|     

                              |    Voices Speak   |     


         Spring 1996 --->|<-- Seven Trumpets Sound --->|          


    |<------ Seven Seals Unleashed ------------------>|         

     |                                                 |          

     |    7    |    7    |    7    |    7    |    7    |    7    |

|                                                 |     

|<------ Previews Of Troubles ------------------->|     


        |<------- Famine ---------------------->|   


                  |<----Noisome Beasts -------->|   


                         |<-----Sword ------>|


Leviticus 26:14-33                 ->| Plagues |<-


                                                    | Solemn

                                                      | Assembly

                                                       |(6022 From

                                                       | Creation)

                                                     | Begins 

   |<------------------- 35 Years ------------------>|<-- Here


     |<----------------- 42 Year-Hour -------------------------->|

The Beginning Of Sorrows For The Lost


Tribulations Are Cumulative



          If GOD'S righteous laws did not exist there would be no good versus evil, no false prophets, no phony laws, no delusions, no punishments, no Congregation, and no Messiah.

          If GOD'S righteous laws did not exist the whole world would "legally" function on "Do what feels good" ... "Do what you want" ... "Do what you can get away with" ... "Might makes right" ... etc.   There would be no such things as conscience and discipline.

          However, GOD'S righteous laws do indeed exist and have existed from the beginning.

          Now due to humanity's continued disobedience GOD has set up a special time of reckoning for disobedient humanity as opposed to special rewards for the more obedient.

          Promised Troubles for humanity's disobedient people include:  Destruction, Storms, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods, Wars, Oppression, Disease, Infirmities, Strife, Murders, Thievery, Fires, Accidents, Bloodshed, Corruption, Injustices, Poverty, Turmoil, Famine, etc.   Today, even kids are killing kids, mothers are killing their infants, and troubles are growing in intensity and frequency.

          If people wonder why it's all happening they might consider matters very carefully.

          Blame adverse weather, floods, etc. on "El Nino" or whatever; but, nevertheless, matters are to grow worse and worse.

          Scripture describes events as being like birth pangs whereby the growing disasters and other afflictions are interspersed with breaks or respites that become shorter and shorter (Isaiah 66:6-8; Leviticus 26:14-33; Revelation 6:1 thru 16:21; etc.).   Before it's over the vast majority of people will be dwelling in temporary shelters just as prefigured by the annual Week of Tabernacles.   Yes, the 35 years of Severe Tribulations culminate with seven years of special horrors.   By then the Severe Tribulations will have doubled, doubled again, and doubled still again.   So, watch out if you're not abiding under the protective shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1-16; Isaiah 52:12).   By then salvation will be closed and everyone will see the show one way or the other.

          Eventually, the lost (including one-third of the Congregation: Revelation 12:4) will spend the remainder of the Seventh Millennium in their millennial death (Leviticus 26:34-35,43; Revelation 20:3-5) only to be resurrected for 500 more years of misery during the Eighth Millennium (Revelation 20:4-15; 12:14; Daniel 7:25).

          Therefore, it behooves everyone to find out what's going on and to act accordingly.


          Prophecies set forth more than 2,500 years ago are coming true today for all to see just as GOD promised!

          People, of course, have been given choices: if people do this then this will happen; conversely, if people chose that then the alternative will happen.

          People who scoff at Scripture and prophecy might consider the inflexible dynamic laws governing life and the living.   Who or what established them?   Who or what maintains their existence?   Then, again, examine matters under a microscope; the closer one looks the greater the precision and perfection.   Can this be happenstance and random evolution?

          A chemist, for example, can explain the 114 or so elements that form everything from the atmosphere to the vast oceans; to the human; to the vast steel and concrete supported structures; to the vast array of vehicles that facilitate transportation in space, air, the seas, and on the ground plus the fuels they operate on; etc.   However, without the basic elements the whole universe would be one vast void.

          So, again, who assembled the elements, the basic units, and what gave the prophets such accurate foresight?

          Yes, nothing is left to chance, happenstance, or random evolution.   So, who or what has established and maintains the vast array of dynamic laws that govern the universe and everything in it?

          People call that all powerful force or entity "GOD" or in Arabic "Allah" (meaning "The GOD") or by any of several other names.   His Word, the Scriptures, provide both guidance, history, and prophecy for mankind.   Therein, people have been forewarned to obey a certain set of moral and respectful rules and practices.   Also, people have been appraised that there are two extremes of behavior from the more righteous (obedient) unto the very evil (the more disobedient).   And people have been encouraged to abide by the more righteous rules.   Furthermore, people have been forewarned of a series of end times events ... a time for awards and punishments wherein humanity has now entered.   And included therein is this special 35 year interval of Severe Tribulations now becoming more and more obvious as events progress (Hosea 6:1-3; Deuteronomy 30:1-3; Isaiah 56:1-8; Matthew 5:17-19).


          The basic motivation for afflictions involves humanity's disobedience and disregard (including substitutions and other perversions) for GOD'S laws and His Word (Proverbs 30:5-6; Deuteronomy 4:2; 27:14-26; 28:15-68; Leviticus 26:14-33; Revelation 6:1 thru 16:21; etc.).

          And, as the Severe Tribulations got underway, the tribulations received a very significant boost when GOD'S Holy Arks (yes, there are two hidden until these end times) were taken captive in early 1985 by the occupation forces in Palestine (Zechariah 5:4; Isaiah 29:6; Nahum 2:7; II Samuel 20:18-20).   So, like when Achan stole from GOD at Jericho, additional special troubles are being brought upon this world until "Achan" and all he possessed were destroyed (Joshua 7:1-26; Jeremiah 25:29-33; etc.).

          Thus, when sufficient special troubles have come upon this world: people might wise up, straighten out their act (i.e. start obeying), and demand that GOD'S Holy Ark be released unto GOD'S chosen custodian (Genesis 49:1,24; Nahum 2:7; Zechariah 5:9-11; Jeremiah 43:11-13; Deuteronomy 29:29; Ezekiel 12:3-8).   Then the Glory Of GOD should be restored amongst people (Isaiah 40:5; 29:6; 4:5; Leviticus 26:11-12; Genesis 49:1,10,24; Zechariah 2:5,10-13; 8:3; etc.).   But until then all people can anticipate sharing in the more severe afflictions.

          Thereafter, the more disobedient will be the principle recipients of the special afflictions.   Then, as mentioned, after their millennial rest in death, the lost will again experience tribulations to be extended for 500 more years into the Eighth Millennium unto their Great White Throne Judgment (Revelation 20:11; 12:14; Daniel 7:25).

          Therefore, it behooves all people to shun evil and to cleave to righteousness regardless of immediate potential consequences (Isaiah 59:15; Jeremiah 51:6; Revelation 18:4).   Whereas, the eventual punishments and losses for the lost are to be further deprecated, deepened, when one considers both bounties and blessings to be bestowed upon the more righteous Congregation.   So, the immediate and future consequences plus lost bounties and lost blessings are enormous for the more disobedient.   Conversely, stupendous awards promised for the more righteous are truly unbelievable.

          Thus, motivations for GOD'S role in bringing forth the amazing adversities involve punishments for human disobedience and disrespect for GOD.   In turn, motivations for people to obey involve either:  (1) an individual's desire to serve GOD in righteousness; or (2), as adversities increase, many people will obey simply in an effort to escape tribulations; whereas, (3) eventually (when the door to Salvation is closed), people will be forced to obey or suffer additional consequences.


          Again, if GOD'S righteous laws did not exist there would be no good versus evil, no false prophets, no phony laws, no delusions, no punishments, no Congregation, and no Messiah.   So, without further delay, the wise will seek to obey GOD in righteousness.


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