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21 May 2002

Subj:   Growing World Troubles

To:   Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan
And:   All Members Of The UN

          A World Problem:   Why is it that Jewry can never have peace while remaining in the Holy Lands?   Yes, there are reasons for growing world troubles but few people and their leaders care.   Most totally ignore the cause while lamenting the results.

          Background:   However, before getting too involved with the details of a small but very significant corner of history you may wish to glimpse the overall or bigger picture.   To help there is a slide show of Biblical History And Prophecy at:


          We suggest (a) skimming through Part One, The Logo, just to get a handle on the seven day week plus an eighth day and humanity's sudden vast leap from the horse and buggy into the space age.   That was a miracle in itself.   (b) Part Two gets into the Left versus the Right, the Left being this world called the land of the North over which three successive human kingdoms of the Left (the North) will have reigned from Solomon unto the midst of the Eighth Millennial Day.   The portion most are familiar with deals with the latter 100 years of the now defunct Sixth Kingdom (See slides II-6 and II-8).   (c) Then skim down to slides II-23 thru II-25 which introduce the role of Solomon and his children whose leaders held sway over this world largely from behind-the-scenes while being served by the Ten Tribes.   The latter are now the rulers of the Seventh Kingdom wherein we presently dwell.   But Solomon's children, as Amalek the afflictors, still have a role to play throughout the rest of the Seventh and then the Eighth Kingdom.   You might now (d) jump to Part Six which deals with the Four Great Powers through which the various leaders and elements of the world kingdoms were served and given their ability to reign or exercise dominion.

          The Human Powers:   Great wealth, of course, was acquired by the ruling elements of the respective powers, by their servants, and by their organizations via thievery and obvious evil doings.   Take World War II, for example.   The true world powers were not Britain, Russia, the USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, etc. but the children of Solomon whose banking arm had oversold receipts for bonds, precious metals, etc. to the public.   The more frugal Jews during Britain and Germany's heydays were principle buyers and therefore became prime targets to be relieved of their receipts representing their stored wealth.   Thus, the deliberate destruction, concentration camps, etc. and the premature deaths of 50 million people.   Remember, Alfred Rosenberg was Hitler's right hand man responsible for setting up those camps.   And when Rosenberg woke up he turned and robbed his peer's hidden bank vaults of gold, silver, gems, etc. ... a great swag that still lays hidden.

          Seizing Wealth:   O.K., jump ahead unto today.   The basic operations of the corrupt world markets have never changed.   The market operators continue selling bogus, counterfeit receipts representing legitimate receipts issued by a specific corporation or entity.   The rub comes when those supporting and protecting thieving market operators and their behind-the-scenes confederates act to generate economic havoc, bankrupt the issuer of the legitimate receipts or otherwise induce or force the naive citizenry to sell at artificially low prices.   Similarly, nations given loans to do whatever are then induced to squander or utilize funds for non-income producing ventures.   More loans are provided.   Soon loans are provided just to pay the fees and interest.   No money leaves the thieving banks yet the principle "owed" to the bankers grows and grows through accounting notations.   As such, impoverished nations grow poorer under the banker's grasp:   national assets are seized, nations are induced to give up national resources, nations become the banker's vassals, and the great robbery goes on and on.   For more details see the Scams at:


          Blessings Versus Curses:   Now to the Middle East.   Who are those warning the Jews in Palestina claiming to be Israel while playing the role of the cursed Canaanites?   When The Firstfruits materialize they, The Firstfruits, become the true Israel.   So, what's going to happen to those afflicting their fellow man, seizing their lands, inducing economic oppression, killing their victims, etc.?   And what about the multitudes and nations that sat back and watched while doing nothing to relieve victims?   Yes, when people realize that they're stuck in Satan's Eighth Kingdom for 1,000 or 1,500 years they're not going to be too happy.   And when they realize that The Firstfruits are the highest caste and that they're destined for a lower caste, if not on the bottom, it won't be too great either.   Jewry should pay heed to Isaiah 1:15-20 and bail out of Bozrah, the sheep cote or pen.   Yes, the time to get out is now and maybe get to be amongst The Firstfruits (Again, Isaiah 1:15-20; Deuteronomy 28:1-14 Vs 28:15-68; also review slide II-25).

          Prime Sources Of World Problems:   Furthermore, Jewry worldwide should be aware that in 1985 the occupation forces took GOD'S Holy Ark captive by their threats, guns, and total failure to cooperate.   The consequences are drastic (Zechariah 5:4; Joshua 7:1-26).   Stealing from GOD is indeed stupid!   We warned people back in 1985 that, although we knew where both Arks lay hidden, we wouldn't be returning to bring forth the first one until Jewry moved out.   We got the horselaugh then but today we doubt if too many are even smiling.

          If people don't believe, so what!   People are responsible for warning their fellow man (Ezekiel 3:17-21; 33:3-16).   Nevertheless, if people continue to support and protect those playing the role of the cursed Canaanites, Scripture describes "the beginning of sorrows" as 35 years of terrible troubles, cumulative troubles, that are to grow and grow.   That's in both Leviticus 26:14-32 and in Revelation 6:1 thru 16:21.   The last 28 years are mentioned in Ezekiel, Zechariah, and the Gospels.   It's all laid out in Part Eight of the aforecited URL.   Then after that there's 1,000 years of the wrath of GOD awaiting all not amongst the Firstfruits (also called Little Flock and Remnant).

          All Has Been Foretold:   Who would have thought that Biblical prophecy written perhaps 2,500 years ago would come true.   But amazing as it is, much has been evolving before our very eyes.   Yes, today, much coming to pass is rather obvious:   even one in eight women are plucking off their breasts (mastectomies Ezekiel 23:34), the extensive robbery of the people and their treasuries continues openly while no one lifts a finger or utters a peep against the thieves (Isaiah 10:13-14; Jeremiah 5:15-17), the theft of GOD'S Holy Ark (Zechariah 5:4), wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:6-7; Mark 13:7-8; Luke 21:9-10), etc.   The list can go on and on; but, who cares?

          The Time Is Limited:   A significant aspect is that the open door to Salvation will soon be slammed shut and multitudes must wait 1,000 years or far longer for a second or third try.   But, again, who believes?   Yes, multitudes have been blinded (Isaiah 25:7-8; 44:18).

          Cleanup Time:   Perhaps if people understood and believed Scriptures:   (1) the cursed Canaanite would long ago have been removed from the Holy Lands, (2) GOD'S Holy Ark would have been brought forth, (3) the ancient Solomonic Temple's preserved remains West of the Hinnom would have been reentered (Jeremiah 19:2 KJV), (4) the cursed bankers would be forced to restore the vast riches stolen from national treasuries and the citizenry, (5) the corrupted markets would be cleaned up, etc.   However, the cursed Canaanites are to remain as a curse upon this disobedient world unto the midst of the Eighth Millennium, unto 1,500 years from now (Daniel 7:25).

          There Is Only One Choice:   Nevertheless, today people still have a choice to either "get with it" or suffer the consequences (Isaiah 1:15-20; Deuteronomy 30:1-3; etc.).   So, why are evildoers being protected?

          This open letter to "All Members Of The UN" is posted on the Internet at:


8 Slides For Your Convenience:
II-6, II-8, II-21 Thru II-25, I-9.


George & Dana Brown
A Father-Son Team

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