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Week Of Unleavened Bread


          The Week Of Unleavened Bread (Leviticus 23:6-8; Exodus 12:15-20) follows directly after Passover and extends from 15 thru 21 Abib.   And the first day (15 Abib) and the seventh day (21 Abib) are to be kept Holy.

The Week Of Unleavened Bread

          The Week Of Unleavened Bread Celebrates:

    1. The Seventh Day Of Creation Week and The Seventh Millennial Day (The LORD'S Day)(Genesis 2:2-3).   Therefore, the Week Of Unleavened Bread celebrates 7,000 years.

    2. Israel's Exodus From Egypt and True Israel's Exodus from "the land of the North" in these End Times.   The early Exodus began from Rameses on 15 Abib, the day after Passover (Numbers 33:3).   And the second great Exodus now evolving (Jeremiah 16:14-15; 23:7-8) began 40 years before the glorious Solemn Assembly (Micah 7:15).

    3. The Resurrections:  Jesus' resurrection on the first day of the Week of Unleavened Bread mirrors the resurrection of humanity that is to occur on the glorious Seventh Day, The LORD'S Day (John 5:25-29; Ezekiel 37:1-14; Daniel 12:2; Revelation 20:5-6; John 6:39-40,44,54; 11:24; Hosea 13:14; Job 5:20; Psalm 34:19; Isaiah 26:19,21; I Corinthians 15:51-52).   Subsequent resurrections are to occur later so that all will view the Messiah (Revelation 1:7) and the False Messiah (Isaiah 14:9) when each arrives.

      Unleaveded Bread Celebrations Include

      view of 3 1/2 years, 42 month, 1260 days

    4. The Betrothal of the Congregation Scripture uses seven intervals of 3 ½ years (42 months, 1260 days) to encompass a total of 24.5 years to layout the Betrothal of the Congregation (Exodus 21:2,7-11; See View #2).   The Week of Unleavened Bread is linked to the glorious Solemn Assembly by Deuteronomy 16:8.

    5. The Return Of The Glory Of GOD amongst His people.   That is, on the first day of the Week Of Unleavened Bread (15 Abib of 2538 from Creation) the Israelites departed Rameses while being protected by The Glory Of GOD in the form of a cloud by day and a shining like a flame of fire by night (Exodus 13:17-18,21-22; 14:19-20; 16:9-10; II Samuel 7:6-7).   Note:  it was not until 1 Sivan 2538, the third month of that first year, that the Israelites arrived at Sinai (Exodus 19:1).   Then, on the Third Day of that Third Month, the LORD came down in the sight of all the people (Exodus 19:1-25 espec. 19:11,15-16,19).   A whole year later, on the first day of the first month (1 Abib 2539) of the second year, the newly built Tent of the Tabernacle was completed and reared up; the new Holy Ark was placed therein; and The Glory Of GOD continued dwelling amongst, protecting, and guiding the people (Exodus 25:21-22; 40:2,17-21,34-38; II Samuel 7:6-7).   Thus, almost a full year elapsed from when The Glory Of GOD first appeared as the Exodus got underway until the Holy Ark was prepared and placed in the Tent of the Tabernacle (i.e. 15 Abib 2538 unto 1 Abib 2539).

                Now, in these last days, The Glory Of GOD once again is to return to dwell amongst His people (Isaiah 4:5; 29:6; 40:5,10; Zechariah 2:5,10-13; 5:9-11; II Maccabees 2:4-8; Leviticus 26:11-12; Amos 9:11; Isaiah 60:1-2; Zephaniah 3:17; Revelation 7:15; Nahum 2:7; Ezekiel 12:3-7; etc.).


       "Now will I rise, saith the LORD; now will I be exalted; now will I lift up Myself."

      Isaiah 33:10
      (Isaiah 28:21-22; 29:6; 31:4-5)

      "... Behold, The Tabernacle Of GOD Is With Men...."

      Revelation 21:3
      Leviticus 26:11-12

                "For I ... will be the glory in the midst of her."

      Zechariah 2:5

    6. Jesus' Seven Appearances after His resurrection included two occasions where He appeared to disciples "in Jerusalem".   That is, following His sojourn to EmmauȘ:¸˜:¼˜:Ę:ÑÊÅ(build.tripod.comundown "in Jerusalem" still on the first day of the Week of Unleavened Bread (John 20:19,19-24; Luke 24:33-52; compare John 20:1 with 20:19).   Note also, Thomas was not present (John 20:24-25).   Jesus' next appearance with his disciples "in Jerusalem" occurred on the seventh day of the Week of Unleavened Bread.   At that time Thomas was present.   Jesus now instructed them to go and teach (John 20:26-31; Mark 16:14-20).   Note:  when Scripture says "after eight days" (John 20:26) it refers back to the day before Passover (13 Abib) when the High Priest, Caiaphas, began plotting to kill Jesus.

      view of 3 1/2 years, 42 month, 1260 days

                So, "after eight days," speaks of the ninth day which would be 21 Abib, the seventh day of the Week of Unleavened Bread.

                Thus, the Week Of Unleavened Bread refers to Jesus' appearances to His disciples following His resurrection and again in these End Times.

                Note:  Jesus actually made four appearances on the first day of Unleavened Bread:  (1) and (2) to the women before and again after appearing before The Father, (3) while enroute to Emmaus, and (4) that same day in Jerusalem as evening approached.   His next appearance (5) also occurred "in Jerusalem" on the seventh day of Unleavened Bread when Thomas was present.   Later, Jesus reappeared (6) in Galilee at the Sea of Tiberias [i.e. the Third Holy Day (1st day of Pentecost) that He had appeared] and He reappeared (7) on a mountain in Galilee on the 50th day of Pentecost.   Thus, of Jesus' seven reappearances, five occurred during the Holy Days of the Week Of Unleavened Bread and two occurred on the Holy Days of Pentecost.   (See diagram under "50 Days Of Pentecost").

          The Dual Views Of Unleavened Bread: Moving the dial moved events of Passover Year (6000 FC) ten years into the future.   The new Passover (Numbers 9:6-11) now coincides with the year of Atonement (6010 FC).   Therefore, moving the dial also moved the Separation Of The Lambs (the First of the Firstfruits) (5996 FC) ten years to 6006 FC; and, the Main Harvest of the Firstfruits (6001 FC) now moved to 6011 FC which follows directly after the new Passover Year.

Moving The Dial Moved The First Of The Firstfruits

Two Views of Unleavened Bread and how UB prefigures the Biblical End Times Schedule

    1. View #1 highlights the seventh year of Unleavened Bread (6007 FC); whereas, the first year of Unleavened Bread (6001 FC) coincided with the year of Trumpets which heralded the beginning of The LORD'S Day, the Seventh Millennial Day, in the Spring of 1996 AD.   Now, since the Separation of the Lambs (not a Holy Day) moved to 6006 FC and the following year (6007 FC) represents the Holy Day of Seven Unleavened Bread ... will the Glory of GOD manifest Itself with the First of the Firstfruits in 6006 FC (2001 to 2002 AD Spring to Spring)?   And, will GOD'S Holy Ark be restored to the custody of the Human Shepherd as Seven Unleavened Bread (6007 FC) begins (Zechariah 5:9-11; Nahum 2:7; Ezekiel 12:3-7; Jeremiah 43:10-13)?

                These events are mirrored by Moses' first visitation with the Glory of GOD that appeared in the form of the burning bush.   Moses was then sent to confront Pharaoh while the Glory of GOD remained with Moses throughout Moses' subsequent ordeals.   However, on the first day of the second year the new Holy Ark was placed in the Tent of the Tabernacle and thereafter the Glory of GOD remained atop GOD'S Holy Ark while dwelling amongst the Israelites (Exodus 25:22; Leviticus 16:2).

    2. View #2 highlights the application wherein Seven Unleavened Bread begins with the year of the glorious Solemn Assembly (6022 FC).   That's when the Betrothal (temporary marriage) of the Firstfruits to the Messiah is consummated, their marriage is made permanent (Revelation 19:7-9; Zephaniah 3:18).

    3. Alternating References: Scripture speaks of: (1) Passover, (2) Unleavened Bread (View #1) (Restoration Of The Glory Of GOD Amongst Firstfruits); (3) Passover (after moving the dial), (4) Unleavened Bread (View #2) (linked to the Glorious Solemn Assembly); and (5) Passover (fire and brimstone death).

      (1) Passover (6000 FC): Exodus 12:1-14; Deuteronomy 16:1-2; Numbers 9:1-5

      (2) Unleavened Bread (View #1) (6001-6007 FC): Exodus 12:15-20; Deuteronomy 16:3-4

      (3) Passover (6010 FC): Exodus 12:21-36; Deuteronomy 16:5-7; Numbers 9:6-11

      (4) Unleavened Bread (View #2) (6001-6025 FC): Exodus 12:37-42; Deuteronomy 16:8

      (5) Passover (6027-6028): Exodus 12:43-49

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