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Another View On Marriage

      A marriage is actually the bonding of two souls, a bonding that can either be enhanced or destroyed during the course of events.

      Learn the difference between the betrothed wife and the true or permanent wife.   The betrothed wife or temporary, conditional wife is still a virgin and the man she has been betrothed to has three options:   1. He can go into her and make the marriage permanent, 2. Give her to his son and nobody else while she is still a virgin, or 3. He can set her free.

      If she's not a virgin to start with it's whoredom and he's to kick her out, she's already married to another.

      When she's permanently married (i.e. gives her virginity to her husband) she's married for eternity.   And the only time she can legally remarry is if her husband should die.   Then she may remarry as a concubine, a pseudo wife to bring up heirs unto the dead husband.   So, now if the true wife goes out and commits whoredom with another she's unclean to the original husband.   Therefore, the burden is on the woman to not go out and commit adultery.   A divorced woman is unclean to everybody.   And anybody who "marries" her or sleeps with her is committing adultery.   So, again the burden is on the woman to have one man and not to mess around.   It's troubles for her if she does.

      I don't know how Isaiah 1:15-20 and Ezekiel 18:20-24 fit into this picture.   Forgiveness doesn't mean one's free to start sinning again nor does it restore a woman's maidenhood.   Yes, it takes two to tango ... the man that messes with the wife of another is in just as much trouble as she is.   Yes, the male is free to have multiple wives.

      So, if a woman doesn't want to be faithful to her husband and sleeps with others she's free to do what she wants, she's free to "marry" whomever she wants because she's already in deep trouble.   It can't get much worse.

See Matthew 19:9 again and consider "... and shall marry another (man's wife) commits adultery."   Note:   Exodus 19:15 should be "wives of others."   Whoever inserted "your" in KJV didn't put it in context.

Note that there is no contract between the father and the daughter.   She is automatically his property until he gives her away (i.e. betrothes her to another).   The contract is between the father and the groom or the groom's agent.   The daughter is always the daughter of the father and when she marries she swaps lineages and loyalty and becomes the lineage of her husband's family.

This does not pervert the intention GOD had for the marriage.   If you check the betrothal in Hosea 2:19-20, The Firstfruits will be betrothed to GOD who then gives His betrothed wife unto His Son (Exodus 21:9).   That's when the Son receives the nucleus of His Kingdom (Revelation 11:15-18; Daniel 7:13-14,18).   For The Firstfruits that's still a betrothal at this point.   The consummation occurs on the Solemn Assembly.   So it behooves the Congregation not to mess around when they are betrothed because it's outsville if they do.

      Thus, Satan seduces one third of the Congregation (i.e. a third of Jesus' betrothed Brides Revelation 12:4).   They will then have to wait a thousand years for a second try like the five of the ten virgins ... that half of them don't make it as they were not prepared (i.e. they don't know what's going on or don't want to obey).

      Remember, this whole world has been dwelling under the Left Hand of GOD (i.e. in Satan's domain).   When The Firstfruits form under Jesus beneath the Right Hand of GOD, The Firstfruits, still in this world, are no longer subject to Satan or Satan's servants who will then become The Firstfruits' servants (Isaiah 14:2; etc.).   The Firstfruits as Kings and Priests will have one "Husband" (Jesus), not both Jesus and Satan as most people appear today.   That is, people proclaim loyalty to Jesus while serving Satan [i.e. ignoring GOD'S Holy Days while enjoying heathen holidays, eating the dead and drinking alcohol (Isaiah 22:13-14), living in whoredom, lying, stealing, etc., etc.].

      Another point.   The 4 Great Powers reigning in this world (Social Power, Religious Power, Spirit Power, and Political-economic Power) are called "Beasts" (destroyers) when serving the Left and "Carpenters" (builders) and "Angels" (protectors) when serving the Right.   The latter two are real new comers.   So, be aware of the "Beasts" whose errors have reduced The Firstfruits to only a Little Flock (Luke 12:32), "a very small remnant" (Isaiah 1:9).   Check it all out in the Good Book and put it all in context.

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GOD'S MARRIAGE LAWS:  These laws differ considerably from humanity's practices and understanding.   Yet, these laws even outline events of these end times and have never been abolished.

  • PART I:   Marriage & Family:  The prerequisites for marriage under GOD.

  • PART II:   GOD'S Betrothal & Marriage Laws:  Biblical references.

  • PART III:   Beware Of Living In Whoredom:  Whoredom under the cloak of marriage has its consequences.

A COMMON DILEMMA explains the consequences when a maiden gives her virginity to one male (who becomes her true husband) and then lives in whoredom with another.   Remember, the male marries the virgin when he goes into the maiden.


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