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The Watchman's

       Today, the trumpet (a communication device) is sounding loud (the Internet sounds around the world) and long (the 21 year interval of the Trumpets is here: Revelation 8:1,6; and, the Internet, the trumpet, sounds continuously, 24 hours a day) (Exodus 19:11-19, espec. 19:13,19).

       Yes, the watchman's warnings come via the sound of the trumpet.  The wise will pay heed (Ezekiel 33:1-6; see 33:1-33).

       Also, as the trumpet sounds longer it get louder and louder (as more and more people go online) and the LORD comes down in the sight of all the people (Exodus 19:11-19; Leviticus 26:11-12; Isaiah 40:5; 4:5; 29:6; etc.)   Today, even GOD'S Holy Ark is being held prisoner (Zechariah 5:4).


Counting From The 5 BC Birth Of Christ
The Year 2000 Ended In 1996 AD,
The LORD'S Day Is Here

       A Broad But Detailed Discussion Of Prophetic End Times Events Lays Out The Schedule Now Unfolding.   Reality Becomes Obvious!   Matters Are No Longer Hidden.

       Slavery To International Organized Crime (Goliath) Robs Nations, People, And Corporations.   Corruption In Government And Wall Street.   Biblical History And Prophecy Coming True.   Scripture Explains End Times Events In Detail.   The 35 Years Of Severe Tribulations Are Only The Beginning For Wrongdoers.   Humanity Divides Into Two Kingdoms:  The Holy Kingdom Survives But The Tares Will Not.   Their Doomsday Is Coming.  The Temple Will Be Built.  GOD'S Holy Ark Taken Captive, The Glory Of GOD Returns, The Eternal Congregation Becomes True Israel.   The Second Exodus Is Now Underway.   Prepare For The Glorious Solemn Assembly And Utopia.

If Todays Technologies Are Stupendous,
Wait Until Ephraim's Blessings Materialize.

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