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How Did Native Americans
Get To America?

          Humanity's Great Journey:  The Biblical Chronology Of Man describes a seven day week plus an eighth day from Creation and a three and a half day interval from the 5 BC Birth of Jesus.   Therein both situations utilize 1,000 year-days; and, both the Seventh Day from Creation and the Third Day from the 5 BC Birth of Jesus are one and the same.

          Legends Agree:  Native Americans undoubtedly originated from the preflood generations; and, during The Flood were dropped off from Noah's Ark as the "Raven" and "Dove" during that epic earth girdling journey.   Native legends of the Alaskan Kolush Indians, the Aztecs of central and Southern Mexico (Toltecs), and the Quechuan (or Inca) people of South America ... all uniquely agree with and contribute to describing events as do the myriad legends and traditions of other ancient peoples.

          Additional Evidence:  The ancient Nuzi Map (preflood) depicts the Edenic Valley as being situated beneath the modern Red Sea and the ancient city built by Cain (East of Eden) is also shown thereon.   The Scriptures (Habakkuk 3:3), the Koran (Sura 11:44), and other references link Noah's eventual landing site as being North of modern Tayma, Saudi Arabia.   Thus, when Noah's Ark is unearthed, there should be clay tablets perhaps identifying the names and details of the "Raven" and "Dove," the early families, the progenitors of the American Indians.

          The Unrecognized Reunion:  The "Raven" and the "Dove" represent two lineages, Cain's versus Adam's, which over the millennia have been thoroughly intermingled (Jeremiah 31:9,27; Amos 9:9-11).   Whereas, from The Flood (1655-1656 from Creation, 2350 BC) unto the midst of the Sixth Day (c.5500 from Creation, c.1500 AD) the native Americans had been separated from their brethren on the Eastern side of the Atlantic.   Nevertheless, both the native Americans and their brethren from across the Atlantic have common origins, separated for 3,850 years, and then were brought together in preparation for The LORD'S Day which began in the Spring of 1996.

          For More Details See:

  1. THE ANCIENT NUZI MAP:  Map of preflood Edenic Valley.   Discovered in Yorghan Tepe, Iraq in 1930-31.   This clay tablet has remained unidentified until now.   It is the oldest known map in the world.   Shows locations of cities in Edenic Valley and City of Chanoch, built by Cain, East of Eden.   Details explained.   One map is worth 10,000 words.   Compare Nuzi Map with modern map.   Clay tablet remains in Iraqi museum Baghdad.


  2. LINK TO PAGE DIRECTORY:  Details regarding Nuzi Map, Noah's Ark, City built by Cain, and Edenic Valley:  17 Items to choose from.


  3. BIBLICAL CHRONOLOGY OF MAN:  Now under construction.   Being assembled in layers and by millennial days.   Days one and two relate to Nuzi Map and should be of interest.


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