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The Human Shepherd's
Wives And His
Queen Of Queens

          The Groom:  The Human Shepherd and his roles in the blossoming Southland are quite readily described in Scripture especially through the ancient Prophets and Patriarchs (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10; Numbers 27:16-17).

          He, of course, serves directly under Jesus at the right hand of GOD (Compare Psalm 110:5-7 with 110:1-4).   Like Jeremiah he will have had broken bones (Lamentations 3:4; Job 2:5) and is lifted from his sins and iniquities and made human high priest (Zechariah 3:1-10; Isaiah 44:21-23); therefore, he obviously cannot be confused with Jesus who has had neither broken bones nor iniquities.

          His Bride Or Brides:  The patriarchs Abraham, Gideon, Jacob, David, etc. each had several wives and concubines.   Therefore, since these patriarchs prefigure the Human Shepherd, it is expected that the Human Shepherd may also have multiple wives and perhaps concubines.   And, if he has multiple wives (Queens), one will be his Queen of Queens.   (See GOD'S MARRIAGE LAWS).

          Background:  The Human Shepherd, as prefigured by Job and others, has experienced devastation at the hands of Satan and his servants (Job 1:1 thru 3:5 et. al.; Psalm 89:38-52).   However, Job did not falter in keeping GOD'S Commands and GOD'S ways despite utterances to the contrary by those around him.   So, in the end, GOD restored unto Job double that which had been taken from him including wives and children (Job 42:7-15).   Thus, as matters progress, the Human Shepherd should acquire a number of wives.

          Boundless Opportunities For His Brides:  The Human Shepherd's wives should be amongst the Firstfruits entering the Southland; whereas, had they married another they may not enter therein until the Main Harvest or Gleanings if at all.   Much depends on the maiden's husband.

          As wives of the Human Shepherd they should be heirs to special blessings, youth, health, happiness, unlimited wealth, travel opportunities, etc.   And, the world will bow to and serve them (Isaiah 14:2; 52:10-12; 61:14; Genesis 37:5-10; Zephaniah 3:14-20).   Yes, they should have yachts, planes, summer homes, winter homes in the mountains, hired help, and the latest vehicles.   They'll have everything and then some.   Their children will be special.   Their husband will love them and they will love their husband.   Harmony, peace, and happiness will prevail.

          Even their parents may be recipients of special blessings.   After all, their daughter will be a wife of the top man under Jesus Christ at the right hand of GOD (Psalm 110:5-7 versus 110:1-4; Job 42:7-15).

          A Word To Wise Virgins:  Each will know and understand GOD'S MARRIAGE LAWS and seek to obey GOD first.   The second priority will be to search out the Human Shepherd, "Elijah" (Malachi 4:5-6) also called "David" (Psalm 89:19-37), and get your parents to betroth you unto him.   Also see THE SOUTHLAND.   Who knows, you might be chosen to be among the Human Shepherd's wives, one of whom will become the reigning Queen of Queens.

          Again, "Elijah" came before The LORD'S Day began.   So, he's here in this world.

Malachi 4:5-6
Micah 7:15

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