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Battling Goliath

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8 April 2002

Subj:   Battling Goliath

Pastor - Rev. Greg A. Dixon
Editor/Pastor Emeritus - Dr. Greg J. Dixon

Greg (times two),

          Background:   My Dad has been following your battle with the corrupt crowd in Washington DC.   We too have been doing battle with Goliath while explaining Scripture on the Internet primarily with respect to the "End Times" schedule.   Dad's battle has been almost a life long exercise which began more as a strange education about the hidden mechanisms and the powers governing this world initially as the Sixth Kingdom and now the Seventh (the short lived) Kingdom (Revelation 17:10-11; 13:1-18).   Then when he got into the Scriptures in 1978 many unexpected events began coming to pass.

          A few years latter I came back from Hawaii and started helping Dad.   However, unrecognized by us at the time, the FBI, serving and protecting International Organized Crime robbing the National Treasury and the citizenry via the Nation's Markets, was also hassling us using corrupt public servants and whoever to do their dirty deeds in efforts to terminate our endeavors.   Then, in late 1984, while surviving and researching Scripture in the Ocala National Forest, strangers came and sent us to the Middle East to search out the hiding place of GOD'S Holy Ark.   During that visit we found that there's not one but two Holy Arks hidden.   And both were taken captive by the occupation forces in early 1985 by their guns, threats, and failure to cooperate (Zechariah 5:4; Joshua 7:1-26; etc.).   Since then, we've continued our studies and survival despite constant harassment and utter silence by the religious entities.   That is, if the religious authorities exercised their right and responsibility to speak up (Psalm 94:16) the evildoers serving International Organized Crime might all be in prison instead of being in positions of power and authority in government and industry such as John Ashcroft, the Bush family, Janet Reno, Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, etc.   Few betrayers of American Citizens heed Isaiah 1:15-20!

          Material Available:   Today we have a rather large Internet site called Brian's House (an arbitrary easy to remember name).   Thereon, we have a free slide show of 170 or more slides on Biblical History and Prophecy, Schedule Of Events.


          Also, pursuant to misprision laws we brought certain matters before the Florida Supreme Court who has endeavored to duck issues by using pseudo law to cloud, bamboozle, and supercede obvious superior legislated laws.   States licensing and protecting thieves are serving very, very rich criminals.   A copy of our latest 22 March 2002 renotification regarding the ongoing robbery of the citizens of the State of Florida via the sale of bogus, counterfeit receipts (Isaiah 10:13-14; Jeremiah 5:15-17) is also posted on the web as item 10 of the Site Index at:


          What may interest you most is attachment #2 to that notification titled "Payback Time Approaches."   It's really rather amusing in view of what's going on.  Stooges serving evil are due for a horrible awakening!   See:


          Obvious Evidence, Embezzling Billions:   Your letter to US Attorney General John Ashcroft published in your Jan-Apr 2002 IBT newsletter, "The Trumpet," is significant in that as Senator Ashcroft we notified him and every member of the US Senate of the ongoing criminal operations of International Organized Crime to whose benefactors, the people of this nation have been forced to pay tribute that reached 1 billion dollars a day in 1998 as bogus interest alone for "borrowing" paper money, a pseudo debt that the US Treasury could monetize without paying the thieves a dime of "principle" or "interest."   Without FBI protection such criminal thievery could not exist.   This financial record is publicly available in official records and in almanacs for anybody to see.   But people have been blinded to what really has been happening while the press, the TV media, the churches, etc. are totally silent.   When Billy Graham talked to Richard Nixon regarding the control of the media he was absolutely correct.   But he backed down when it was made public instead of backing up his statement to Nixon.   Backing up his statement is real easy when one considers the corruption in Washington, New York, and elsewhere and the utter silence of responsible parties.   Why the media's conspiracy of silence to protect thievery?

          The Cursed Canaanites:   Unfortunately, today religious and other entities ignore GOD'S marriage laws which when applied to the Testimony reveal that Solomon, although the seed of David, is actually the legal son and heir of Uriah the Hittite.   Thus, under GOD, Solomon and Solomon's children are of the lineage of the cursed Canaan and NOT Israel (See slides II-23 thru II-25).   Therefore, the Canaanitish invaders of the Holy Lands falsely claiming to be Israel, killing, destroying, oppressing, falsely claiming properties (thievery), etc. (Jeremiah 22:1-9) are only gaining more curses upon themselves and upon their supporters much like the whoremonger who sleeps with the harlot becomes one with the harlot (I Corinthians 6:16; Ezekiel 14:9-10).   Concealing truth has consequences!

          People falsely presuming to be Israel while bringing great shame and discredit upon the true name and title "Israel" are in reality bringing more curses upon themselves and their supporters serving Satan (Deuteronomy 28:15-68).

          Remember, people who steal from GOD (which includes seizing GOD'S Holy Ark) bring special curses upon themselves (Zechariah 5:4; Joshua 7:1-26).   And until the thieves are dealt with, special afflictions can be expected to come upon Jewry and others throughout the whole world.   Also, the admonition that those who curse Abraham will be cursed while those who bless Abraham will be blessed obviously was not bestowed upon Canaanitish imposters (Genesis 12:3; Zechariah 14:21).   So, events evolving on GOD'S schedule become more and more intriguing as time progresses.   Why conceal truth (Psalm 119:128)?

          The Watchmen:   Next time you write to J. Ashcroft, G.W. Bush, or whoever you might mention that as watchmen for the people they are responsible for telling the people the whole truth otherwise should people be harmed as a result and not having been warned ... their blood is upon the silent watchmen.   However, if the people be warned by a watchman then that watchman is not liable for such actions of evildoers (Ezekiel 33:1-6; 3:17-21; Psalm 94:16; John 7:49).

          Again, those people in the Executive (including the Justice Dept.) and the US Congress, like religious entities, are as watchmen for the people too.   If they are aware of ongoing criminal actions against the people, they are responsible for warning the people and taking corrective actions otherwise the resulting damages to the people rest upon their heads.   This includes the theft of GOD'S properties foremost of which would be GOD'S Holy Ark of the Covenant taken captive by the Canaanite invaders of the Holy Lands falsely professing to be Israel.   Helping Canaanite antiChrists doing evil is like doing the evil oneself.   Yes, antiChrists have returned to the Holy Lands, Bibles have been removed from schools, and people are being robbed because "Christians" have helped them prepare for the false Messiah.    Again, people in a position to do something but don't, like the watchmen who do nothing, must assume the liability and consequences as if they actually did the crime in the eyes of GOD.   Even secular Federal and State misprision laws require every citizen to notify authorities of ongoing criminal actions; so, why not tell the world and have everyone notifying the President, Governors, "some Judge," etc.   Yes, all law abiding citizens have a legally mandated responsibility to get busy.   Pulpits must awaken! (Psalm 94:16).    And the great day of the LORD'S wrath is not a mirage.   Again, see "Payback Time Approaches."

          Even, Luke reiterates that the thieves and their supporters, like the indolent watchman, will repay even the last mite (Luke 12:59; Proverbs 6:30-31; Isaiah 31:2).   So, the future appears very, very intriguing.

cc:   Why not!

Best Regards,

Mr. Dana E. Brown
Your Florida Neighbor

P.S.   Anyone is free to reprint this letter or excerpts therefrom as they see fit.

Petition To Defrock
"Cardinals" Of
The Church Of The Unholy Trinity Plus One

          These irreligious "angels" have been covering up the rape of their children, their flocks, by public servants in Government and others on behalf of International Organized Crime.   Why is the Media covering up this abomination?

          Cardinal Sinners include:   Peter Jennings; Mike Wallace; Dan Rather; Tom Brokaw; Brian Williams; Aaron Brown; and Mother Superior, Sister Barbara Walters.

          Why have they repeatedly reassigned their "Bishops" and "Priests" (producers, reporters, and staffs) to myriad other assignments to insure the cover up and Media silence while protecting pedophiles and perverts still continually defiling and molesting helpless children, their very own faithful flocks.   They've been doing it for years!

          Will we ever hear their public confessions?   "Bless me Father for we have sinned...."

          Can the Church Of The Unholy Trinity Plus One survive extensive lawsuits if brought by myriad victims?   Yet, the Church Of The Unholy Trinity Plus One and their Cardinal Sinners still knowingly cover up abominable conduct by their saintly hypocrites.

          To examine abominable sins and deliberate omissions start here:


          Cast your vote today and petition people everywhere to cast their votes too ... To Defrock or To Unfrock.

          Polling Stations:

ABC:   Chairman ABC Group Robert.A.Iger
CBS:   Chairman & CEO Sumner M. Redstone
NBC:   Chairman & CEO Robert Wright
CNN:   Chairman & CEO TBS Jamie Kellner
The White House:   President George W. Bush

          Vote in each polling station to make sure your vote gets counted.   To Vote just send a "forward" with either "Defrock" or "Unfrock" in the subject line.

          People may wish to help distribute this petition throughout Christendom, Islam, Judaism, and other entities worldwide.   After all, it's time that the whole truth be brought to light and the historic silence of the Media, Governments, and Religious Institutions be rectified.

Make Your Votes Count

Keep distributing this petition until everyone has voted!

Prepared By:
A Father-Son Team
          George & Dana Brown
          P.O. Box 320932
          Cocoa Beach, Florida
          USA    32932-0932

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Prepared By
Father - Son Team
          George & Dana Brown
          P.O. Box 320932
          Cocoa Beach, Florida
          USA   32932-0932
          Email: brianshouse@yahoo.com

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