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The Biblical Chronology Of Man
                      Part III

Calendar Conversion


Conversion Factors: The following conversion standards enable people to readily translate BC and AD dates into Years From Creation and vice versa.

Conversion Factors

(4005 For BC Years) or (4004 For AD Years)

4005 - BC = Years From Creation
4005 - Years From Creation = BC
4004 + AD = Years From Creation
Years From Creation - 4004 = AD

Always use Cardinal (completed) Years From Creation and Ordinal (years in progress) for BC and AD dates. This conveniently matches the cardinal point (the end) of the Years From Creation with the Spring of BC and AD years (Northern Hemisphere).

Cardinal And Ordinal Years: The Scriptures speak of years in either of two basic forms: (1.) Cardinal or completed years; and (2.) Ordinal or years in progress. Zero is simply a starting or reference point from which we count or move in either one direction or other. There is no zero year.

The difference between Cardinal and Ordinal years is important when converting from one counting system to another or when reconstructing the more technical details of the chronology. People, of course, use both Cardinal and Ordinal numbers daily; yet, few think of them as Cardinal or Ordinal numbers. Nevertheless, there is a significant difference.



1. John is 15 years old: i.e. he has already completed (lived) 15 years.
2. 1996 years, 6 months, 14 days, 12 hours completed.


1. John is in his 16th year: i.e. he has not yet reached his 16th birthday.
2. On July 15th 1997 the year 1997 was not completed but was in progress.


In Noah's 600th year (Ordinal) Noah was only 599 years old (Cardinal) when the great flood began.

The Biblical Year always begins with the first "New Moon" (translated "month") following the Vernal Equinox and continues for 12 and sometimes 13 lunar months. Thus, the Biblical calendar functions automatically without the necessity of human intervention or adjustment.

   Example #1:The Seventh Millennium Began in the Spring of 1996 AD when the year 6000 From Creation was completed.

6000 - 4004 = 1996 AD (Ordinal)
1996 + 4004 = 6000 Years From Creation (Cardinal)

(Ordinal) AD Years
(Ordinal) Years From Creation

6000 (Cardinal: completed) Years From Creation

   Example #2:The Birth Of Jesus

4005 - 4000 = 5 BC (Ordinal)
4005 - 5 BC = 4000 Years From Creation (Cardinal)

Birth Of Jesus
Summer Solstice
o/a 22 June 5 BC

Birth Of Jesus
Zero Reference Point


4000 (Cardinal: Completed) Years From Creation

Note: King Herod died in 4 BC (Matthew 2:13-20 and secular history).

New Style Versus Old Style

In 1752 AD much of the Western World altered the secular New Year's Day from 25 March to 1 January. Thereafter the rest of the world gradually adopted 1 January as the secular New Year's Day. Thus, New Style years begin on 1 January; whereas, prior to 1752 the secular New Year began 25 March and is called Old Style.

All diagrams herein reflect the New Style as opposed to the Old Style. Note: Old Style AD and BC Years conformed more or less with the Biblical Year which always begins with the first New Moon following the Vernal Equinox.

The day of The Vernal Equinox is identified as the time when the apparent Sun moves North across the Celestial Equator.

Confirming The Count Of Years

The Scriptures allow one to begin with Creation Week and traverse through ancient history unto the midst of the Fourth Millennium using both contiguous Biblical data and smaller time bridges. Thereafter, after the midst of the Fourth Millennia, longer time bridges link the ancient with the modern while research and secular history of the Holy Lands region fill in beneath the more extensive time bridges.

Furthermore, the calendar years from the 5 BC Birth of Jesus Christ clearly identify the Third Millennial Day from the 5 BC Birth of Jesus. Therein events describe this Third Millennial Day as being exactly the same as the Seventh Millennial Day from Creation, The LORD'S Day.

In turn, the several time bridges provide a unique link between the ancient and the modern. Thus, the Biblical time bridges compensate for possible errors in the year to year secular dates. Whereas, the count from the 5 BC Birth of Jesus confirms the time bridges. Finally, the Calendar Conversion Standards (i.e. the Conversion Factors) further confirm the count of years.

Now when one examines Biblical Prophecy coming true, it all fits like a proverbial glove. Wow!

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