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The Eighth Day Cont.
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(For Clarity This Discussion Encompasses Both
The Eighth Day And Earlier Days

The Historic Admonition

GOD'S Admonition Forewarns People To:

"Come out of her, My People...."

Revelation 18:4

Isaiah 52:11-12; Jeremiah 3:14; 51:6; Zechariah 2:6; Nehemiah 10:28; Deuteronomy 30:1-3; Isaiah 56:1-8; Leviticus 26:1-14; Jeremiah 16:14-15; 23:7-8

But what are people instructed to come out of?

The Left Versus The Right: Again, Scripture forewarns people to carefully consider the operations of both of GOD'S hands. That is, the activities of the right hand are very significant, but the left hand is also a very important component that should not be ignored (Psalm 28:5; Isaiah 5:12). However, people must understand the left in order to "Come out of her, My people...."

The Four Great Powers: Now as part of the picture, it doesn't take even a high school education to realize that the four great powers before the throne of GOD are: Social Power, Religious Power, Spirit Power which has dominion, and Political-economic Power. Scripture goes on to identify these powers as "beasts" (destroyers) while serving the left and, later, when serving the right they are called "carpenters" (builders).

The Powers Before The Throne Of GOD: Revelation 4:6-9; 5:6,8,11,14; Beasts: Daniel 7:3-7; Jeremiah 15:3; Hosea 13:5-8; Revelation 13:2; Carpenters: Zechariah 1:18-21.

The Seven Spirits Of GOD: Similarly, it is important to know who controls the seven Spirits of GOD: Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Honors, Glory, and Blessing (Revelation 5:6,12; 7:12). Note: Luke 4:5-7; Daniel 2:28,37-38; 4:35-37.

The Kingdoms Of The North Versus The South: It is also vital to realize that humanity will have dwelt in one or more of the three successive kingdoms evolving under Satan's dominion (Revelation 17:10-11). Whereas, when the Southland materializes it will be a wholly new kingdom under Jesus' dominion (Matthew 6:10). So, in order to come out of one and enter another it is wise to know what's going on.

Satan's Dominion prevails over Three Successive Worldwide Kingdoms of the North governing this unrighteous world (Revelation 17:10-11; Jeremiah 25:11; Luke 4:5-7; Isaiah 14:24-26).

Diag. 8-3

The Sixth Kingdom Of The North
Reigned From Solomon (A) Unto When GOD'S Holy Ark Was Taken Captive (C)
And On Unto The End Of Jeremiah's 70 Years (D)

911 BC
Solomon's Children Reigned
As "Judah" And As "Canaanites"

Revelation 13:1-10
1985 AD
1988 AD








A.Solomon, the progenitor of the Sixth Kingdom called "Judah," was the seed of David but the legal son and heir of Uriah the Hittite, true husband of Bathsheba, David's concubine. Uriah, of course, was of the cursed lineage of Canaan via Heth (Hittites) son of the cursed Canaan. And due to humanity's disobedience, GOD transferred David's World Throne to the Canaanites via Solomon (Jeremiah 22:2; Ruth 4:10; Genesis 38:8-9; Deuteronomy 25:5-10; II Samuel 11:2 thru 12:25; also see: GOD'S Marriage Laws).

B.Over the millennia the Canaanites called "Judah" have been the rulers over this unrighteous world, the now defunct Sixth Kingdom (Genesis 49:1,10; II Kings 17:17-19; I Chronicles 5:1-2; Psalm 60:7; 78:68; 108:8; Jeremiah 22:1-9). However, like everyone else, "Judah" had been told to reign righteously or lose it. But "Judah" also had been set up to afflict this unrighteous world (Jeremiah 22:1-9; 5:15-17; Daniel 7:8,11,20-24). Thus, the Canaanites within Jewry (those claiming to be Solomon's descendants and Judah's descendants) have plagued this world: robbing and pillaging, even instigating and perpetuating wars, as their throne reigned worldwide from behind-the-scenes with an iron fist (Daniel 7:7; Revelation 13:1-10) even robbing and murdering their own to protect and increase their ill-gotten wealth [Isaiah 10:13-14; Jeremiah 5:15-17; etc. also see: (1.) Understanding The End Times, (2.) Scams 1-5, and (3.) The Battle (Part VI): A Prophetic Defeat].

C."Judah" lost the sceptre when Canaanitish agents took GOD'S Holy Arks ("Shiloh") captive (Zechariah 5:4; Psalm 78:60; Daniel 4:30-31; Genesis 49:1,10; Jeremiah 22:1-9; 17:1-4; 24:8-10; Isaiah 14:5; Hosea 5:10; II Kings 17:19; Ezra 4:12; Amos 5:21-27; Malachi 2:11-12). Thus, the historic reign of the Canaanites came to an abrupt end as GOD withdrew His powers and gave them to another, the throne over the Seventh Kingdom (Revelation 17:10-11). Note: those agents holding GOD'S Holy Arks captive continue to do so under the reign of the throne over the Seventh Kingdom. Therefore, the throne over the Seventh Kingdom is destined for severe troubles commensurate with the captivity of GOD'S Holy Arks.

D.The end of Jeremiah's 70 years offers two options:

"And it shall come to pass, when seventy years are accomplished, that I will punish the King of Babylon, and that nation, saith the LORD, for their iniquity, and the land of the Chaldeans, and I will make it perpetual desolations."

Jeremiah 25:12
Daniel 4:30-31

"For thus saith the LORD, That after seventy years be accomplished at Babylon I will visit you, and perform My good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place."

Jeremiah 29:10

Isaiah also speaks of events relating to this same 70 years as does Zechariah (Isaiah 23:15,17; Zechariah 1:12; Revelation 18:1-24; Daniel 4:30-31; 5:25-28). However, Daniel's 70 years are much different and are displaced by 30 years (Daniel 9:2, 24-27). Note that Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Zechariah expressly speak of events after their 70 years. Whereas, Daniel 9:2,24-27 speaks only of events during Daniel's 70 years.

The Parable Of The Fig Tree forewarns people to be aware of events during Daniel's 70 year interval (Matthew 24:32-34). Note: Both 70 year intervals are linked together by "Judah's" 40 year Iniquity (Ezekiel 4:6-8). (Also, see II Chronicles 36:21).

Diag. 8-4

Special Times

1918 AD
Jeremiah, Isaiah, ZechariahSpring
1988 AD

70 Years

Judah's Iniquity

40 Years

Daniel's 70 Years

1948 AD

2018 AD

Diag. 8-5

The Seventh Kingdom Of The North

Reigns From (E) When Jeremiah's 70 Years Ended
(i.e. After GOD'S Holy Arks Were Taken Captive)
Until (G) Salvation Closes

1988 AD
The Two Witnesses Reign
Christianity And Islam
2010 AD
22 Years

Revelation 13:11-18





E.The first of the two witnesses commences to reign (see item 'D' Diagram 8-3). But their reign is very, very limited: "a short space" (Revelation 17:10).

F.The names by which the ancient prophets identified the throne over the Seventh Kingdom of the North include: the Two Witnesses, Two Families, Two Kings or Kingdoms, Two Sticks, Two Seas, Two Nations, Two Horns or Powers, the North and South, Moab and Ammon, Medes and Persians, Chaldeans and Babylonians, Two Daughters, The Lion's Whelps, etc. The names Christianity and Islam did not exist in the days of the early prophets. However, the throne over the Seventh Kingdom is also described as being occupied by the Ten Tribes of ancient Israel (Revelation 17:12-17; Daniel 7:7,20,24).

References include: Two Witnesses: Isaiah 43:10-12; Revelation 11:3; Matthew 26:60-61; Mark 14:57-59; Two Families: Jeremiah 33:24; Two Kingdoms: Daniel 11:27; Ezekiel 37:22; Revelation 13:11; Two Sticks: Ezekiel 37:15-28; Two Seas: Zechariah 14:8; Two Nations: Ezekiel 35:10; Two Horns (Powers): Daniel 8:3-7; Revelation 13:11; North and South: Psalm 89:12; Daniel 11; Moab and Ammon: Isaiah 15:1-3; 15:1-9; 16:1-14; Jeremiah 9:26; 25:21; 49:1-6; Daniel 11:41; Zephaniah 2:8-9; (numerous more); Medes and Persians: Daniel 5:25-28; Chaldeans and Babylonians: (numerous); Two Daughters: Ezekiel chapters 16 and 23; The Lions Whelps: Ezekiel 19:1-14; They shall join themselves together: Daniel 11:27; Revelation 13:11-18; Zechariah 14:7-11.

Also see Brian's Theatre:

    1. The Battle, Part IX: The Seventh Kingdom/with Fig. 20, The Great Escape.

    2. The Battle, Part X: The Life Of The Seventh Kingdom.

Remember, the Firstfruits of the harvest initially "come out of" or are gathered during the reign of the Seventh Kingdom which is actually part of "the land of the North." Yes, it's part of Satan's dominion (Daniel 2:28,37-38). During the reign of the throne over the Seventh Kingdom is when the Ten Tribes receive power as kings during one hour with the beast:

"And the ten horns (tribes) which thou sawest are ten kings (the ten tribes), which have received no kingdom as yet; but (during the Seventh Kingdom) receive power as kings one hour (i.e. during the 42 year-hour) with the beast."

Revelation 17:12; 17:12-17; 12:3

Meanwhile, the gathering of the Firstfruits of the Congregation forms the nucleus of "the Southland" under Jesus Christ at the right hand of GOD (Psalm 110:1; Isaiah 49:5-6; 4:2-6; Zephaniah 3:14-20; Jeremiah 23:3-8; etc.).

G.The shortlived reign of the Seventh Kingdom continues at least unto when The Gleanings of the Firstfruits enter the Kingdom. Thus, the Seventh Kingdom should continue until Salvation Closes upon the completion of Daniel's 62nd year, i.e. upon the close of 6014 from Creation in the Spring of 2010 AD (Daniel 9:2,26).

Diag. 8-6

The Eighth Kingdom Of The North

Reigns From (H) When Satan Is Cast Down
Until (L) The Great White Throne Judgment And Beyond

2005 AD
Satan Reigns As Man
Over The Tares
c. 3500 AD








H.Satan is cast out in the midst of the Thunders (Revelation 12:9-10; 14:14; Ezekiel 32:7-10; 31:16); The he-goat is sacrificed and is cast out into the wilderness on Atonement (Leviticus 16:7-10,15-22); The dead are raised to greet Satan when he is cast down (Isaiah 14:9); And, the reign of the Eighth Kingdom of the North gets underway when the false Messiah arrives (Revelation 17:10-11; Daniel 4:34-37; 10:5-6; Isaiah 44:28; 45:1-5; 14:4-19; Ezekiel 28:1-19; Daniel 11:36-45). The throne of the Seventh Kingdom is now gradually displaced (phased out). Even one-third of the Congregation will be seduced into following the false Messiah (Revelation 12:4).

I.During the Seventh Millennium Satan comes against and persecutes the woman that gave birth unto the child, the mother of the Firstfruits (Revelation 12:12-17; 14:14-20; Joel 3:13; Daniel 7:15-22). Troubles include whatever (Deuteronomy 28:15-68 including the plagues of Egypt 28:59-61; Exodus 5:1 thru 12:36).

J.The LORD'S Day has ended and the Main Harvest of the eternal Congregation now comes forth from the land of the North to enter into the Southland (Daniel 7:21-22; 11:32-35; Revelation 7:9-17; Jeremiah 31:8-17; etc.). It is now after three days and three nights from the 5 BC Birth of Jesus. Events are depicted as the whale vomiting out Jonah (Jonah 1:17; 2:10; 3:3).

K.After the Millennial Rest had ended, Satan again comes against those still amongst the Tares, especially those who may seek to enter the more righteous eternal Congregation (Revelation 20:7-9; Daniel 7:25; 12:6-7).

L."The end of these wonders" (Daniel 12:6-7) comes when The Great White Throne Judgment sits in the midst of the Eighth Millennial Day (Revelation 20:11-15). At this point the Gleanings of the Harvest enter the more righteous Kingdom Of GOD. Meanwhile, those remaining as the Tares continue as outcasts in eternal torment. Yes, this unGODly world continues to be their eternal lake of fire and Satan continues as their ruler (Daniel 4:22).

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